Volume 18 | July 2021
Zebra Fixed Barcode and Machine Vision, Circuit Board Inspection, Mobile Computer Shrink Sleeves, and More...
June is here! We can't believe it's already halfway through 2021. There are signs of life returning back to "normal". We are excited about these changes, but we are always here to serve our customers in whatever way you see best! Check out the articles below to hear about a big product launch, as well as some industry trends. Cheers to summer 2021!
The Day is Finally Here to Start Returning to “Normal”
A lot of things have finally thawed, winter here in the Midwest, and the Global Pandemic is slowly loosening its grip. We have been cautious during the entire pandemic, erroring on the side of caution to protect our people and all of you. All while continuing to serve vital customers with vital services, but we are ready for some signs of normalcy to return. Read below for more!
Chip Shortages Hitting Our Industry
It is a crazy little niche that we live in here at EMP. We are frequently isolated from the world at large because of the unique needs of our customers and the special capabilities of the products that we sell. So, when the chip shortages started impacting the automotive industry, we were not initially alarmed. But the alarm has started to sound in our industry now. We are now seeing a few week lead times on some of our most common items. Click on the article below to find out more!
Circuit Board Inspection
A circuit board manufacturer produces a number of different circuit boards for the HVAC industry. Each circuit board has a number of components that are manually placed. These components have been known to go missing somewhere in the manufacturing/shipping process. Check out the article below to find out how we tackled this application with a 12MP color camera and Autovision software!
Identifying Your Mobile Computers
Sometimes we get the best ideas from our customers. We have helped customers identify their mobile computer fleet in the past with asset labels. We have a “secret weapon” label material that we have used again and again for asset labels. But recently, one of our good customers showed us how they had used color, shrink sleeves on the handle of their mobile computer to easily segregate groups of mobile computers within their operations. If you are interested in learning more, click below!
Zebra Fixed Barcode and Machine Vision
Zebra has announced a few huge additions to its product portfolio; fixed mount barcode and machine vision! As you know, we have extensive knowledge in this area, and we were excited to get our hands on this product to see how it functions. Well, the reviews are in! Do you want to get our initial thoughts on this product release? Check out the article below!
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