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June Festivals & Holidays
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Summer Curriculum
Learn to Crochet
Full Strawberry Moon
Little Fireflies Fingerplay
Summer Solstice Ideas
Gardening Time
Flower Yoga Teacher Training
June Kindergarten Curriculum
Make Rose Petal Perfume
Sun Ball Circle Game
Caregiver's Meditation
June Festivals & Holidays

Father's Day - June 16th 
Full Strawberry Moon  - June 17th
International Picnic Day - June 18th (have a picnic!)
  Summer Solstice - June 21st 
Midsummer/St. John's Day - June 24th

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Celebrate the Season with These Timely Publications from Little Acorn Learning:

Crochet eCourse Trailer - Little Acorn Learning
Only $34.95 for Entire 5 Week Course
Learn to crochet a variety of projects with one hook. Beginners and those who know a bit of crochet welcome. This five week course includes step-by-step directions and inspiration in words, pictures and videos each week. 
Full Strawberry Moon, June 17 2019
Oh, give me health and freedom 
When dawn's rosy light appears,  
And the ruddy sun is beaming 
On the roses' dewy tears;  
For it is the Blossom Season, 
The Ripe Strawberry Moon, 
 The month of rhymes and roses, 
Smiling, sunny June!
The June full moon is often called the Full Strawberry Moon named by Native American tribes as a time to harvest and pick the ripe berries that are prolific this time of year. This moon was also referred to as The Honey Moon and The Rose Moon in other cultures.
Take the children berry picking this month or gather berries from the store and make fresh jam or jelly together.    
Five Little Fireflies Fingerplay

One little firefly shines very bright 
Two little fireflies show their lights 
Three little fireflies glimmer and glow 
Four little fireflies watch them go! 
Five little fireflies fly in the night 
Blink! Blink! Blink! Blink!  
(open and close fingers) 
My! What a sight! 
Celebrate the Summer Solstice
sun bread
Sara Wilson, Love in the Suburbs

Friday, June 21st is the Summer Solstice. Many of you may already feel summer time has approached with schoolwork ending and the warm days becoming more frequent. It is a really exciting time for the children in our life and there are so many ways to celebrate the start of this special season together. We have taken a few book recommendations and ideas to share with you from our Midsummer Festival Book and posted them over at Little Acorn Learning. 

The book includes 118 pages of ideas, songs, crafts, stories, fingerplays and more to help you celebrate summers for  many years to come!
Tis the Season for Gardening! We have been working hard on our veggie garden at home. 

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~ Flower Yoga ~

This Training Retreat takes place in the comfort of your own home. A unique approach to learning how to teach yoga to toddlers, children, youth, teens and families. Flower Yoga offers Teacher Training via Skype- Featuring: A 12 Day-Group Training Retreat! You will receive 2 digital manuals, a copy of It's Time for Yoga, experience Flower Yoga classes through Skype, view recorded FY videos and learn skills to last a lifetime! 

This month in our June Kindergarten program we celebrate Roses, Fireflies, Frogs and The Sun!
June Preschool/Kindergarten Themes:

Week One, June
Summer Roses, Faithfulness

Week Two, June
Fireflies, Optimism

Week Three, June
The Sun, Letting Go

Week Four, June
The Frog, Persistence
Make Rose Petal Perfume
This is such a lovely way to enjoy this time of year when the flowers are blooming with the children. These sweet fragrances can be given as gifts as perfume or even as cologne for Father's Day! It is one of the activities in our Kindergarten program for the first week of June.
Supplies Needed
2 Cups Rose Petals (organic or homegrown without pesticides) 1 Cup Vodka 
2 Cups Distilled Water 
A few drops of Allspice, Patchouli or Sandalwood Essential Oil 
  Let the children pick petals and put in jars. 
Combine all ingredients and leave covered for three days.  Strain liquid and discard petals. Move fragrance to pretty containers for gifts or personal use.

Sun Ball Circle Game 

Sit in a circle with the children and play this ball game passing the ball east to west and saying the following verse: 

"Over here the sun gets up
(show ball in front of you)  
And travels all the day, 
(move ball to the right and left in front of you)
 Now he shines above my head, 
(lift ball over head)
 But now he goes away."
(toss softly to a child next to you and 
repeat to guide them to do the same)
Caregiver's Meditation: Letting Go

"The things we love we have to learn to leave alone." Dr. Wayne Dyer

Letting go is one of the most difficult things we must do in life but without doing so we remain unable to grow and experience the new things that are meant for us.  

We have all come to a place where we find ourselves holding on to something that is no longer serving us. It could be an old habit, negative feelings, a relationship, a perception of a child in our program, work that no longer serves us or many other things.

Take time in quiet to reflect upon areas in your life that you know it is time to let go of. Breathe through any feelings you have about releasing these things and repeat a simple mantra or statement giving yourself the permission and freedom to let go and move forward,  such as;

"This is no longer mine to hold. I set it free to do what it is meant to do without my attachment. I now release completely and let go." 

Visualize your hands letting go of a very tight grasp and watching it fly away, leaving room and openness for what is now meant for you.  Continue to do this as often as necessary to move forward. 
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