June 2018
How economic developers can apply the tenets of conscious capitalism to their own communities
By Noelle Salerno, Senior Consultant
Here at Avalanche, our mission and passion is to make communities more vibrant and prosperous - and the most effective way to achieve that is by embracing a holistic perspective that examines the interconnectivity of regional dynamics. Rather than working in silos, high-performing communities facilitate stronger, more inclusive collaboration and find win-win solutions to propel their economy forward.
The book Conscious Capitalism captures a similar sentiment, which was written to "inspire the creation of businesses galvanized by higher purposes that serve and align the interests of all their major stakeholders." We believe economic developers can not only partner with conscious businesses located in their communities, but can also apply these tenets to their own organization and programs. Read more about Conscious Capitalism's four tenets and how you can apply them to you community.

By Jennifer Vernon, Consultant
In this second installation of our 2018 ED Index series, we dive deeper into the finding that local and state economic policies rank more favorably than federal policies. To further explore this, we share insights from the newly released book, Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America by authors Deborah Fallows and Jim Fallows.  

According to the 2018 ED Index survey of more than 100 EDOs, nearly half of survey respondents describe their local economic policies as 'good' while less than 25% say the same for federal economic policy.

When looking back over the last 5 years of ED Index responses, local economic policy has maintained the steadiest position with an average of 54% for 'good' responses. The national economic policy has actually seen the greatest increase, from only 2% of 'good' responses in 2013 to 24% in 2018.
So why is local economic policy looked upon so much more favorably than at the federal or state level? Read the rest of our blog to find out. 


Headlight Data just released its Annual Economic Scorecard, Quarterly Economic Scorecard and Monthly Economic Scorecard. These scorecards are online tools that track a metro's economic performance on a variety of measurements. They provide the most up-to-date data available and reflect a community's current economic health. The Scorecard includes over 100 communities, and is free to access and download. We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource, and utilize it to track your community's economic prosperity.


Another month of positive news stories prove that our clients are some of the best performing, most creative communities in the nation!

New Partnership Aims to Increase Number of College Grads in Texas -  A new partnership between Amarillo EDC, Amarillo ISD, Amarillo College, and the Amarillo Area Foundation was created to fund the THRIVE scholarship. The scholarship will help over 8,500 students in Amarillo attend Amarillo College free for two years. The THRIVE scholarship was created based on findings from the Align Amarillo strategic plan that we created for AEDC in 2017.

Looking for work? From San Jose to Charleston, these are the 10 best markets for jobs - Two clients made USA TODAY's 10 best markets for jobs. Charleston came in at #5, and Roanoke at #10.

These are the 15 US cities attracting the most millennials-LA and New York didn't make the list - Two clients made CNBC Make It's list of the 15 cities attracting the most millennials. Charlotte was ranked #11, and Jacksonville was ranked #5.


Thanks to our clients for giving us a great excuse to escape the Texas heat a few times this month. Columbus OH was nice and cool as we kicked off our research process and indulged in Jeni's ice cream. It was great to be reunited with the Columbus 2020 team. Scott Darnell of Paducah Economic Development visited us in our ATX office for brainstorming and tacos (we love the Partake in Paducah t-shirts!). Amy had a fabulous annual check-up trip to Charleston
 SC where the One Region Strategy is in full swing. W e concluded the month with a trip to  Jacksonville   and Northeast Florida to talk research findings, strategy, and meatballs.  

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We just updated our events listing to include IEDC's Annual Conference later this year. If you're attending any of these events, please let us know. We would love to connect with you.
  • ACCE Annual Convention Des Moines, IA, on July 18 - Avalanche will moderate a discussion on chambers' roles in re-engaging displaced and disengaged workers. 
  • Ag & Animal Science Conference Willmar, MN, on September 25 at the MinnWest Technology Campus - Tony DeLisi will speak about economic development trends and innovation in the animal and food manufacturing industries.
  • IEDC 2018 Annual Conference Atlanta, GA, on September 30 - October 3 - Amy Holloway will be leading a TED Talk on Monday, October 1, and our team will host an idea exchange brunch for clients on Sunday, September 30.

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