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A point to consider leading up to the fourth of July
Many employees across the country reaped the benefits of Juneteenth with paid time off. However, according to recent data by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Black people in America have historically experienced higher unemployment rates than any other reported race or ethnicity. This raises a few questions: Considering unemployment rates in America, how do we address the obvious fact that white employees across the country will benefit more than Black people on Juneteenth? As consultants and organizational leaders with a focus on equity and inclusion, how can we better support Black communities commemorating Juneteenth? White Americans have been advantaged by slavery since the founding of this country. As we journey forward, let's work to respectfully acknowledge pivotal contributions of Black Americans and work to ensure that the new Federal holiday is not altered in a way that favors, features, or cater to white people in America.

The Alliance 2021 Strategic Plan was created with a focus to build equity in our sector. As outlined in the plan, our collective and individual values requires us to take responsibility to acknowledge and respectively address historical, cumulative, and ongoing harm towards Black people in America.

This requires the tenacity to unlearn, relearn, and practice critical questioning of white norms as accepted norms.
While observing America's freedom from Great Britain, we should acknowledge all people in America weren't free and learn more about Juneteenth and its impact on Black communities. We must take time to reflect on the work forward to challenge white supremacist systems and practices and make radical, equitable change.

What do you think about this reflection? Share your thoughts on freedom, independence, and equity by emailing us.
Download Alliance Strategic Plan
Alliance for Nonprofit Management Strategic Plan outlines the future direction of the Alliance over the next three to five years.

We have reimagined our organizational values and the implementation of anti-racists, anti-oppression principles.

We encourage all Alliance members to become familiar with the plan and use it as a guide to support our goals of building equity in our sector.
Why every meeting should mention race and equity
Dr. Renee Rubin Ross (she/her) is a recognized leader on board and organizational development and strategy and the founder of 
The Ross Collective, a consulting firm that designs and leads inclusive, participatory processes for social sector boards and staff.

Committed to racial equity in the nonprofit sector, Dr. Ross supports organizations and individuals in practices that celebrate and amplify diverse voices and perspectives.

Dr. Ross published an essay for Community Centric Fundraising that explores the fear of white people talking about race and how it can impact equitable outcomes.

"What I’ve learned over the past few years is that we each need to start unlearning our traditional views on the subject — stat. In order to stop causing harm, white people must talk about race and equity in every meeting."
Dr. Renee Rubin Ross
Are you a nonprofit consultant?
Nonprofit consultants, it's time to expand your knowledge base, strengthen your consulting practice and develop your skills with an exclusive professional development opportunity!

The Standards for Excellence Institute’s Licensed Consultant Training is an exclusive professional development initiative that gives independent consultants and nonprofit leaders the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to work with nonprofit organizations across the country interested in learning about, implementing, and becoming accredited by the Standards for Excellence Program.
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Peer Coaching Sessions
Join facilitated discussion of Interim "challenges" with your peers throughout the country and share issues, practices, experiences, and "lessons learned." Offered bi-monthly and facilitated by Alliance Community of Practice members, these sessions offer practicing interims the opportunity to confidentially share specific issues or dilemmas from current or recent engagements, and benefit from the insight, feedback, and advice of experienced peers.

One of the challenges we will all discuss at the upcoming session involves one of our Interims sharing a recent challenge that led to the question: How do you prepare for DEI issues that may or will surface in an organization before you begin the assignment? What can you do that enables you to be successful?
If you have a challenge to share at this session and gather insight from other Interims, please describe it briefly when you register. (It would help the facilitators greatly if you could do so by the Friday before the session.) All interim practitioners are welcome to join this discussion, whether you have a current dilemma or not.
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