June, 2020
AEP and DP&L: Prospects for Future Funding

Dayton Power & Light’s Smart Energy Community Program (still don’t like that name) is back into the field. AEP’s Community Assistance Program is slated to reopen on July 1 st . The AEP Program got off to a slow start, spending only 13% of its funding prior to closure because of the pandemic. DP&L was at 30%. We have some work to do.

HB 246 Threatens Due Process

Representative Nino Vitale is back at it.The legislator, who was quoted last winter suggesting that poor people who couldn’t heat their homes would be motivated to work, and who has refused to wear a face mask because he was created in the image of God, is back meddling with utility policy. Vitale characterizes the bill, HB 246, as a PUCO reform bill, though that is in the eye of the beholder.  

Weatherization Programs Continue to Reopen  

First the Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) and the Electric Partnership Program reopened. Now DP&L has reopened, with AEP and FirstEnergy scheduled to reopen on July 1 st , and Columbia Gas on July 13 th . Discussions with Dominion are continuing.

Electric Partnership Program
  • Program spending is at 66.3% of budget, not including Franklin County.
  • The renewal grant for 2020-21 has been submitted.
  • OPAE did not win its appeal of the Franklin County 2020-21 award to Honeywell.
  • OPAE is working to add a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) fee to the price list.

  • Dora Tharp is participating in the national WAP continuous improvement process overseen by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

FE Community Connections
  • As of the end of May, the program was had spent 83% of its budget.
  • OPAE has requested that FE permit us to carryover the unspent funds since the program usually spends out, and was on track to do so again this year.
  • Community Connections will reopen on July 1st.
  • OPAE is working to add a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) fee to the price list.

DP&L Smart Energy Communities Program
  • Program is back in the field.
  • Spending is currently at 30% of budget.
  • OPAE is working to add a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) fee to the price list.

AEP Community Assistance Program
  • Program returns to the field on July 1st.
  • OPAE is working to add a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) fee to the price list.
  • ReCleim is no longer the refrigerator supplier for AEP CAP. CLEAResult will be managing the program going forward, and will implement a new reporting system to replace CAAR. More information to follow.

MEMBER SUCCESS STORY: Gallia-Meigs Community Action Agency
Gallia-Meigs: Energy Efficiency Job Success Story
Story written by Ramond Johnson, Gallia-Meigs Community Action Agency

Christina of Middleport, Ohio was like most individuals of the area awaiting help with heating bills from our agency. On a yearly basis, she is recertified to help stay warm. She also awaited the day when she would get her home insulated on the  HWAP program . The list is long and the work is different in every home. Unfortunately, Christina had a setback.


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