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Solstice greetings beloved community,

This month we offer you step-by-step instructions for creating a Spirit Renewal Despacho ceremony contributed by Robin Flynn, PMT sanctioned teacher. The intention within the creation of this ofrenda is to: radically purify the recipient's poqpo from internal and external hucha; seal any places within the luminous body that have become tattered or torn; once sealed, infuse them with renewing energies of sami sonqo, sami uma, kawsay, and k’anchay. This is considered an advanced practice and we encourage all of you who are called to add it to your healing rituals. Thank you Robin for your exquisite inspiration and example of making the lineage practices your own. 

We also recommend you rea d the following articles in the Writer’s Forum to enhance your understanding of the Spirit Renewal Despacho ceremony: Medicine for an Age of Endless Ache by Carolyn Chlebowski and On Suffering and the Kaliedoscope of Love by Rebecca Snyder.

New RESOURCES page on the THOTH website. You will find recommended sources to purchase Ritual Supplies, Music, Books and DVD’s. All of these resources are of the highest quality and directly related to supporting your Pachakuti Mesa Tradition practice. Please visit our Resources Page and tell us how you like it at cindy@heartofthehealer.org.

It is a great privilege to serve you! With gratitude,
Cindy, Michele, Marin and Amy

PS Be sure check out the many Solstice gatherings in our community calendar!
Despacho photo courtesy of Christina-Jensema
“Healing is a progressive unfolding towards wholeness.”
~ don Oscar Miro-Quesada
Upcoming Community Events

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Gatherings and Workshops are being offered by our community in California | Kansas | Missouri | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | Pennsylvania | Quebec | United Kingdom | and Virginia. Please follow the links for event information and MULTIPLE gatherings and locations within each region, AND check back on the calendar as events may be added during the month.

Wednesday Night Link-Up Gatherings this month are being offered in Kansas | Missouri | New York | Pennsylvania | Utah | and Virginia. Be sure to check the calendar as more may be added.

Retreats and Pilgrimages: Upcoming journeys to Peru include Amazon Jungle Medicine Journey with Alan Waugh; and Qayllata Hatarichiy: Evolving Presence led by Susan Bookman. Retreats include Resonance Retreat: The Blessed Mother with Robin Flynn & Darcy Kopas and the Sāmi Brothers in British Columbia; Pachamama Rising! in California; and Antisuyu September Gathering in New York.
The Kuntisuyu Regional Council Presents
Pachamama Rising!
September 19-22, 2019
A Pachakuti Mesa Tradition-inspired weekend in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains featuring Earth-honoring rituals, music, crafts and ancestral wisdom practices. Family friendly and open to anyone interested in learning more about the shamanic arts. To be notified as soon as registration opens sign up here.
Five-part Apprenticeship Series Starting Soon
The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition : Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal


Darcy Kopas & Robin Flynn

Cynthia Greer

Barbara Hallnan, PhD

Autumn Paige Moler & Daniel Moler

Mona Rain

Mona Rain

Yola Dunne
Bring an apprenticeship to your region! To learn more about the benefits of sponsoring a PMT Five-part Apprenticeship, visit our new sponsorship page.

Photos on right courtesy (top) Robin Flynn, (bottom) Deb Epstein
Featured Teacher

Gabriella Galvan is an avid student of the Great Mystery, which has expanded her awareness into the realization that every moment is a masterful teacher and part of the dreaming/quantum world that we all are steeped in, and have access to. Listening with awareness to the heartbeat of Pachamama, the whisperings of Spirit, and the pulse of the Cosmos, has brought her home within the tribal community of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, where she is joyful to be sharing these wisdom teachings for our future.

Gabriella has a zest for life, traveling to natural sacred places, and spends considerable time upon the belly of Pachamama, where she has found great healing and wisdom. In her free time she enjoys reading about anything that is esoteric, cutting edge science, otherworldly and everything about our Ancient peoples, Cosmos and Star Relatives. When she isn’t spending her time in quiet solitude, you can find her off on some adventure, living freely, and enjoying the experiences that this beautiful life and world have to offer. She currently lives in Brownsville, Texas, on the border of Mexico and a short drive to the beautiful waters of Mama Qocha, Gulf of Mexico, a place which holds much power and guidance for her.

Gabriella is available to travel should you want to sponsor her to come to your region. Learn more about Gabriella . Learn more about becoming a PMT sponsor .
We are pleased to extend a warm welcome to Sanctioned Teacher Barbara Hallnan, PhD . Barbara will be starting a new Five-part Apprenticeship hoop in East Aurora, NY next month.
PROGRAMS with don Oscar Miro-Quesada

THE PATH OF THE UNIVERSAL SHAMAN: Transform Your World Through Shamanic Ritual, Heart Wisdom & Sacred Living Perhaps you felt shamanic healing wisdom was reserved for those who were ‘born into it’. However, these ancient skills are available to all! Here is the essential introductory course for anyone interested in exploring The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.

REVERENCE, RITUAL & RENEWAL: Being a Shamanic Evolutionary Healing Force for Our World Become the medicine the world needs! Discover how to work with the energies, intentions, and spirits of nature. Learn shamanic rituals related to the proper ceremonial activation of spirit bridges into Pachamama’s subtle energy body. Recommended for those already familiar with the mesa or who are willing to do preliminary study.
BECOMING A SHINING ONE: A Shamanic Initiation into the Ancestral Energy Healing Practices of Peru Are you seeking to maximize your presence as a source of healing light in the world? Activate your light body for healing, vitality, and spiritual awakening. You’ll practic e hands-on ritual arts of prayerful invocation, evocation, and decree empowered through shamanic breathwork, Quechua sacred words, and more.

See more of don Oscar’s offerings:  free podcasts, and  products.
In the Writer′s Forum

Medicine for an Age of Endless Ache by Carolyn Chlebowski

The Heart of the Healer Writer’s Forum features gifted writers inspired by the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Lineage. Check in often for thought-provoking reading.

We are are pleased to announce we have added a Resources page to The Heart of the Healer website. Here you can find trusted sources for ritual supplies, music, books & DVDs for education, inspiration and practical support in your healing work and Earth-honoring PMT practices. Find it under the Community menu or simply click here.

The Antisuyu, the Northeast Region of Turtle Island and beyond, invites you to join us and let us know who you are by visiting our new website www.antisuyu.org and completing our brief survey. Welcome one and all!
Featured Video

Is Shamanism for Me?
Many people question whether those of us not living in traditional tribal cultures can practice shamanism. Don Oscar addresses this often debated topic and offers a simple explanation of the essentials.

View more from don Oscar and THOTH community videos and become a subscriber to don Oscar’s YouTube channel.