News and Updates |June 2021
Judge Joseph Woodrow Hatchett:
The First of Many, but Not the Last
The First of Many, But Not the Last – 1932-2021
By Joseline Hardrick

The death of Judge Joseph Woodrow Hatchett on April 30, 2021, came as a shock to many, especially those who knew him. Indeed, to those he had impacted, his 88 years spent on this earth seemed like a relatively short time for a man of such widespread impact.

Judge Monte Richardson posed this question at Hatchett’s May 8, 2021 funeral, which I now ask myself as I write this article: “What do you say about someone who was so impactful in so many lives?” Although I only met Hatchett once at an event several years ago in Tampa, I have felt the impact of his work in numerous ways. As many have noted, Hatchett was the first of his kind in many endeavors. So much has been written about his legal career and many accomplishments. I aim to honor his impact on the individual lives he touched and highlight some lesser-known facts about his life. I only hope these few words can do justice to such a great man and legacy.

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What was your favorite sporting event that you ever attended?
It is a tie between the 2017 All England Lawn Tennis Club Championships (a.k.a. Wimbledon) and the 2009 BCS National Championship Game (Go Gators!).

What are your hobbies?
I love spending quality time with my family especially my husband. It does not matter what we do, just that we are together. I absolutely love to play tennis, cook new recipes, read fiction and non-fiction books, and volunteer in the local community. Lastly, during the pandemic, I learned how to make floral arrangements for close family and friends celebrating special occasions like birthdays, work promotions, and weddings.
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