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June 2014
Dear Friends of MMHS,

We continue on a roll of good news as we head into the summer months. We love celebrating the Maple Leaf 150th anniversary and have more special events coming up. The School House project is also progressing, but it is mostly behind the scenes right now. We can't wait to see it rolling down Mandarin Road late this summer - you will all be invited to cheer it on to a new Walter Jones Historical Park home! And, we are thrilled to have the Fresh Market Wine Gala again this year.

Please think about getting more involved if you can. As we grow, we have more demands for volunteers  to do all of the things we want to do. It is interesting, rewarding, educational and fun to be a MMHS volunteer. We would love to have YOU on our team!

Volunteer Pam Neumann, Dennis Schutt and volunteer Kathy Schutt
Fresh Market  
Wine Gala
Now don't these folks look like they are having a great time at last year's gala? Indeed they were. Everyone loved  trying new wines, eating awesome appetizers, seeing old friends, buying cool stuff from the silent auction, meeting new friends and helping MMHS raise over $10,000 for our Director's Fund.

We are so very grateful to announce that the Fresh Market has selected Mandarin Museum & Historical Society again this year for their Mandarin Fall Wine Gala to be held on Thursday, October 23 from 8-10 PM.

Please mark your calendars now. Tickets will be available soon from Board members and at the museums, but are already available on-line.

A lot of work goes into big events like this and we could sure use your help. Please consider being part of the team that makes this such a fun and successful event.
  • Forward this email to your friends 
  • Join the planning committee
  • Donate an item for the silent auction 
  • Volunteer to help the night of the event
  • If you own a business, buy some tickets for your employees or customers as a thank you. 

If you are interested in any of these ways to help, please email us at or call Sandy at 710-6761.   


And please let the employees at Mandarin's Fresh Market know that you are also a friend of Mandarin Museum and that you appreciate their support of our community's heritage. 


Keith Holland, Lee Manley, Larry Tipping

"Meet the Maple Leaf Divers" Days  at Mandarin Museum 


Dr. Keith Holland and several of his team of divers who recovered artifacts from the Civil War shipwreck, Maple Leaf, will be present at Mandarin Museum on select dates to meet you and personally answer all of your burning questions about the shipwreck site that is Duval County's only National Historic Landmark.


Currently on display are rarely seen artifacts that represent military items, personal effects of Union soldiers and articles taken by the soldiers from plantation homes in South Carolina on the way to Florida. Hear about the ship, the archaeological expedition and the artifacts from those who know first hand - the men who actually dived into the dark waters of the St. Johns and touched every piece that was retrieved.


Also enjoy the informative 150th Anniversary exhibit, created by UNF Intern Matt Jones, see the beautiful model of the ship, view the actual diving suit of lead diver Lee Manley and listen to Mr.  Manley and Keith Holland talking to each other on a tape that was made during one of the earliest expeditions on the shipwreck site in the late 1980s.


Of special interest is the hand carved wooden pipe of Cpl. Victor Quillard, 13th Indiana Infantry. Cpl. Quillard emigrated to America from France shortly before the American Civil War. He enlisted in 1862 and his baggage was on the Maple Leaf when it was sunk by Confederate torpedoes on April 1, 1864 at Mandarin Point. Victor Quillard then left Jacksonville with his regiment to fight in Virginia and he was killed on the first day of battle at Cold Harbor - on June 1 - exactly two months to the day of losing all of his gear on the Maple Leaf.


Learn more by purchasing the book "Maple Leaf - An Extraordinary American Civil War Shipwreck". This book is the only book written about this ship, the dives and the cultural material that is so historically important. It was written and edited by Keith Holland, Jim Towart (MMHS President Emeritus) and Lee Manley and has been out of print for 20 years. Dr. Holland has generously allowed the Mandarin Museum to reprint it as a 150th Anniversary edition. Buy a copy and have it autographed by the very men you will see pictured in the book. It is a treasure that you will want to read from cover to cover  and  pass down through your family. Special wooden magnets of the ship are also available in the museum bookstore as well as beautiful note cards.


For more information call 268-0784.

Memorial Day at Mandarin Cemetery


This year flags were placed at the all of the graves that had U. S. A. military service information on the markers. The effort was led by Mandarin Museum & Historical Society volunteer Don Carter and Cemetery Association volunteer Joe Walsh. Two Boy Scout troops who meet near the cemetery helped place the flags: Troop 321 from Mandarin Presbyterian Church and Troop 110 from the Church of Our Saviour. Many thanks to all of these volunteers who gave their time to remember and honor those who once lived in Mandarin and served their country.


If you know someone who is buried at Mandarin Cemetery and served, but does not have it listed on his/her marker, please get in touch with so they can be included on Veteran's Day in November.


Troop 321


Troop 110


Hurricane Dora 
Fifty Years Ago

Those of you who lived in the small village of Mandarin in 1964 have lots of memories of the only full force hurricane to strike Jacksonville. You can visualize huge oak trees laying across the yards and roads, flooded properties, frightening winds, the loss of the famous Stowe window at the Church of Our Saviour and a whole week without electricity. It was a huge mess, but thankfully there were no deaths and everybody pitched in to help each other and share what they had. At the time there were only a few thousand residents in the area and the land was mostly rural. One can only imagine the devastation that would take place now in the sprawling and dense suburb of Mandarin and the surrounding area.  


The Mandarin Museum & Historical Society and Mandarin Community Club will be remembering Hurricane Dora at the Third Thursday Lecture on August 21 from 6:30-8:00. This evening will include a special taped discussion of the storm by George Winterling, famous and beloved WJXT meteorologist. Mr. Winterling was the only weather expert to correctly predict that Dora was coming our way. The event will also include some residents who lived through it sharing their memories and answering questions.


In preparation for this anniversary, the museum would love to see your photos and hear your stories. The organization will have a special Dora photographic display and will compile the collection of memories for the archives. If you have anything to share, please contact the museum at or 268-0784 as soon as possible.


Mandarin Road after Dora

What fun this street party must have been! If you were there...please call or send your memories to: 268-0784 or
Billy Barwald
Thank you to our WWII vets 

With the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and soon the 4th of July, we would like to say "thank you" to these three vets who have been featured in our WWII exhibit for the last 18 months. We will soon be removing the exhibit to place a Hurricane Dora display in that area of the museum.

If you haven't seen it yet, come on in soon and take a look at the ration coupons, photos, the Mandarin airplane spotting tower and the aircraft carrier  practice field that was in Switzerland.

Our gratitude to these long time Mandarin residents for serving our country : Billy Barwald, George Waldoch and Bill well as all of you who also served  any time in your life.

Bill Potter
George Waldoch

Story Time at the museum

Please join the Mandarin Museum & Historical Society on Saturday, June 21 and July 19 at 1pm for Children's Story Time. Each month three books will be read followed by a related themed and simple craft activity.  This program is ideally for children ages 3 through 6, but please feel free to bring the siblings as we read our way through some age appropriate picture books, get active with music and movement, and create a fun craft.

Thanks to volunteer Sarah Miller for presenting this special program for kids. 

June 19 - Third Thursday Lecture -Maple Leaf Lecture by Keith Holland 
June 21 - Story Time at Mandarin Museum
June 28 - Meet the Maple Leaf Divers 11-4
July 5 - Meet the Maple Leaf Divers 11-4
July 20 - Meet the Maple Leaf Divers 11-4 
July 9-30 - UNF OLLI class by Keith Holland and tour
July 19 -  Story Time at Mandarin Museum
August 16 - Story Time at Mandarin Museum
August 17 - Meet the Maple Leaf Divers 11-4 
August 6-27 - UNF OLLI class by Keith Holland and tour
August 21 - Third Thursday Lecture - Remembering Hurricane Dora   
August 30 - Meet the Maple Leaf Divers 11-4
September 7 - Meet the Maple Leaf Divers 11-4 
September 27 - Museum Day LIVE (Smithsonian Magazine). 10th Anniversary of Mandarin Museum in Walter Jones Historical Park, Meet the Maple Leaf Divers, all buildings open
October 5 - Meet the Maple Leaf Divers 11-4
October 23 - Fresh Market Wine Gala
October 25 - Meet the Maple Leaf Divers
November 16 - Meet the Maple Leaf Divers
November 20 - Third Thursday Lecture 
December 6 - Winter Celebration

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Old Time Jam Band performing during Summer Celebration 2013 

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