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June 2016

In the early hours of Sunday, June 5, 2016, the worst mass shooting in our nation's history occurred. A lone gunman took the lives of 49 people and injured at least 53 others at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL.  This tragedy has broken the hearts of individuals world-wide and has brought many together in support of the victims and the LGBT community. It has also mobilized our Orlando Trauma Recovery Network who immediately sprung to action.

We are so thankful to Orlando volunteers who were already organized as a part of the Trauma Recovery Network. Within days they had set up probono treatment, a referral system and a free Recent Traumatic Event Protocol (R-TEP) refresher course lead by Bill Brislin. Cherilyn Rowland Petrie fielded the massive response and inquiries from the community. Our office worked tirelessly to keep up the pace and coordinate with the TRN several training opportunities for the Orlando community.

Fortunately, an EMDR Therapy Basic Training Part 1 had already been scheduled in the area on July 8th. Because of support to the Disaster Recovery Fund, we were able to quickly to offer a significantly discounted price for additional registrants from agencies working with the populations touched by this tragedy who will attend the training. We also reduced the price for those already registered. This has doubled the size of the training and we are happy to say that after the training there will be 60 EMDR therapy trained clinicians ready to help those suffering locally. Stetson University has generously agreed to donate the space for all three training events. In fact, they will donate space for all three trainings. Both Lynda Ruf and Reg Morrow Robinson will be volunteering as trainers for the event. Two participants from Hispanic Family Services, an agency that has been aiding many suffering trauma as a result of the shooting, will receive full scholarships for the training. The EMDR Therapy Basic Training Part 2 training has been scheduled for August allowing the clinicians to complete their Basic Training in a much shorter time frame than usual. Reg will also be appealing to Trauma Recovery/HAP Consultants to provide pro bono consultation hours to these participants. More information for those interested will be available in the near future.

In addition to the Basic Training, an EMDR R-TEP training was also quickly scheduled and filled for that same weekend. Our Orlando volunteers asked that we organize this training after recognizing such a need for it. This training will also be offered at a reduced price making it more accessible to those locally. Bill Brislin will lead the training with facilitation by Larry Shrier. The R-TEP teaches how to apply EMDR for early intervention in emergent trauma situations. This is why it was so important to get this training scheduled as soon as possible.

It has taken the considerable efforts of many volunteers working with Trauma Recovery/HAP to arrive at this juncture. The Trauma Recovery Network has grown significantly in the past few years and it has helped communities to organize. We want to acknowledge Orlando's group for being well formed and established. When disaster struck they knew who to contact and how, helping to facilitate their fast response. Our ability to support these efforts and offer discounted training was due to resources available in our Disaster Recovery Fund. Thank you to all who gave to this fund! If you wish to contribute, please click here. Your giving allows us to organize efforts to help those suffering in the wake of tragedy. We commend the Orlando TRN especially, Cherilyn, Claire, Larry, Lynda, Reg and Bill for their efforts and will continue to work with them to bring healing to those suffering in the Greater Orlando area.

Trauma Recovery for Nepal: First Training Efforts

After nearly a year of planning with EMDR Asia's president, Dr. Sushma Mehrotra, our Trauma Recovery for Nepal efforts have begun with the first EMDR therapy training of our ongoing project. The training was held in Kathmandu on June 1st through June 5th. The team was led by Dr. Parul Tank of EMDR Asia. It was comprised of EMDR therapy trained clinicians from India and Nepal. The World Health Organization and Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal (TPO Nepal) have collaborated with our organizations, providing ground support such as a training location, food and communication with the prospective attendees.
HAP at EMDRIA 2016

This year's EMDRIA Conference is fast upon us!   It will be held on August 26-28 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. Each year EMDRIA features presentations by trailblazers in the ever growing field of EMDR therapy. It allows us the opportunity to see many of our volunteers at once!  
Dance Ticket Pre-Sale 
Trauma Recovery/HAP invites you to join us at our Annual Fundraising Dance at the EMDRIA Conference in Minneapolis.  This year's entertainment will be provided by the very talented band, A Girl's Journey.  Join us immediately after the EMDRIA Award's Dinner in the Ballroom to let loose and enjoy a night of dancing!  While this is a fundraiser we want to encourage all to attend so we are offering a discounted presale of tickets.  This pricing will be available until the end of day on August 14th.  Tickets will be available for the full price of $30 at our booth during the conference.

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