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June 2017   

Happy Summer!  The long awaited season is here and we hope with it comes some warm, sunny days and great Canada Day Celebrations.

Here are a few quick Canadian Family statistics we thought were interesting:
  • 16% are single parent families, 17% are common law relationships and 67% are married couple families
  • $363,000 multi-generation homes and $53,000 'skip' generation households (where grandparents are raising grandchildren)
  • 1.9 is the average number of children per family in 2011.
  • $253,947 is the average cost of raising a child from birth to age 18.
  • 42% of young adults, age 20-29, are still living at home with their parents.
  • Over 2 million Canadians are part of the "sandwich generation", providing care to an elderly family member while raising children.

We have included a few articles on both ends of the family spectrum we hope you will enjoy.


Wishing you a fantastic summer!  


Karen, Richard, Jeff, Janet, Ingrid and Sheila 
Expecting a Baby?

A new addition can have a big impact on your finances.  Help get financially ready with these five(5) strategies.

T aking the Financial Reins 
from Mom or Dad

This is one of the most difficult tasks we as children may have to deal with, but is so very important to know when we should step in and what we need to look for.

Consolidated Investment Reporting
We have some very unfortunate news.   Recent changes in compliance and the securities regulations no longer allow us the ability to show 'outside' investment assets on our Spectrum Statements.  Only those assets that are overseen by our investment dealer, Worldsource Financial can be shown.  This means that we can no longer illustrate your common shares, GIC's, or Company/Group investments under the external assets heading.  

We will however continue to track these investments and be sure to include them in our planning discussions.  If these investments are not managed by our office, please continue to provide us with current Statements so that we can indeed coordinate with your overall plan.  If you hold GIC's through our office, we will continue to manage them as before. We will just have to rely on the individual company Statements.

If you have any questions concerning this news, please reach out to us so that we can discuss the impact this may have on your personal situation.
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Richard's  75th  Birthday Celebration !

Thank you so much for a ll those that came out
and/or sent greetin
gs to Richard!  

It was a fabulous event!  He was overjoyed to see and hear from so many of you. 

     CHEERS to 75 amazing years Richard  !!

Karen begins her term
as President of the
Simcoe Muskoka Chapter of ADVOCIS - The Financial Advisors Association of Canada. 
ADVOCIS is the definitive voice of the profession advocating for professionalism and consumer protection. 

Karen is attending the ADVOCIS leadership conference in Ottawa from June 26-29th
Improving Technology
In order to continue to provide exceptional support, our Investment Dealer, Worldsource Financial Management will be upgrading our computer platform in the fall.   They have partnered with Broadridge Financial Solutions, one of the industry leaders of technology driven solutions for financial advisors. It is key that we stay current with the ever advancing world of information technology so that we improve our efficiencies and quality ot service to you, our valued client.
Market Watch

Market Watch   
For those with more of an interest in what has happened in the markets this past week, click here for an update.
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