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Sleeping Bag Care and Repair

Once you get home from a trip, you will not want to keep your bag in its compression sack. Instead store the sleeping bag either laying flat or hanging in a dry, temperature controlled environment or in the large mesh bags that come with some sleeping bags. Don't store your bag in an attic, garage, or damp basement! Synthetic insulation can be damaged and down insulation can lose its loft if compressed too tightly during extended storage. You should only wash a sleeping bag when it needs it because it is dirty or stinky. Avoid washing your bag more than necessary.   


So you got a tear in your sleeping bag and you are out in the wilderness with insulation poking out. The first thing we Alaskans head for is duct tape, it works on everything, right? Unfortunately, sleeping bag manufactures do not recommend repairing your gear with duct tape. Duct tape has a strong adhesive that can be a quick and easy fix in the short term, however, the residue left behind is difficult to remove and can clog sewing machines should the product need to be stitched back together. NAO carries repair kits for many different uses, that are small and easy to carry. We can also send your Marmot and Big Agnes sleeping bags to the manufacturer for repairs.  

Choosing a Sleeping Pad

In our last newsletter we talked about the Big Agnes Sleep systems which combine a ? insulated bag with an insulated pad. Big Agnes offers several pads to choose from. We also carry Therm-a-Rest pads and will soon be carrying Sea to Summit pads. So how do you choose the perfect pad, when there are so many choices?  


Basically there are three different types of pads: air pads, self inflating pads and foam pads. Air pads are the thickest of the three 2.5-4 inches and usually come with insulation, but they must be inflated manually. Some models include an external battery operated pump or have an integrated hand pump to help inflate the pad. Air pads are comfortable and lightweight. Most are fine for backpacking or camping in warm conditions and insulated models can be used year-round. Self-inflating pads pioneered by Therm-a-Rest? offer a combination of open-cell foam insulation and air. Open the pad's valve and air fills the vacuum, as they age they may need a little help though - don't we all! These pads are comfortable, compact and offer insulation. Foam pads are made of dense foam that is filled with tiny closed air cells. They're lightweight, inexpensive, durable and offer excellent insulation, but they can be less comfortable and tend to be bulky.  


The main things to look for when choosing a pad are: insulation (R value), size, weight, pack size, and thickness. These will vary according to use. If you are hiking long distances and want to minimize weight than you will want to look for the lightest possible pad and a small pack size. For those who prefer more comfort when backpacking, look for pads with a greater thickness and durability and for winter camping you will want a pad with more insulation. The higher a pad's R-value, the better it will insulate you from cold surfaces.


New to NAO Sea to Summit Sleeping Pads

Our new Insulated sleeping mats from Sea to Summit have a dual layer construction that provides the most effective system for fine-tuning the level of comfort available in any air mattress today. The two independent high-resolution cell layers give excellent support by distributing your body weight and shape over more cells. Both layers are also offset for more uniform insulation and cushioning. Because the two layers can be pressurized independently, the top layer can be inflated to your personal comfort, while maintaining a high-pressure base layer for protection from rough or uneven terrain. Both layers can be adjusted independently using the fine tune valve to get just the right level of softness and support. The top layer has Exkin? Platinum, a quiet non-woven fabric, to reflect radiant heat loss back to the user and Thermolite? insulation to prevent convective heat loss between your body and the ground.


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