June, the month of champions.
What a time to be alive, The rain is slowing, the work keeps flowing, and the NBA Champions are from our beautiful city! We've been keeping busy by, patching drywall, repairing gates, building a shed, fixing screen doors and decks. Erik went to the parade to honour the boys that won our first major championship in 26 years. This next month is filling up fast, with decks, drywalling, and much much more.
Tip Of The Month: Organizing Your Garage
What better time to do this dreaded task than early in the summer. It's not too hot or cold and the sun is out nice and long, so you can take a little more time. In fact, in our free time we've been organizing our garage. Which is a Herculean task when you have as many materials and tools as we do.

Maximize space by storing as much as you can on or along the walls. Use a combination of hooks and shelves to organize your most frequently used tools. Store away lesser used items in bins that can be placed on upper level shelves, and as always try to store like minded items together this will help you find all the the items you need to do a job quickly.
One More Joins the Ranks!
Vaughan Stucco Systems One more wonderful tradesman is joining the rank of our Trade affiliates this month and they are the best stucco repairmen we've ever seen. Joseph and crew will literally make your stucco problems disappear.
Words of New Found Wisdom
Do you have a fridge that dispenses water or makes ice? Heck maybe it does both. if that is the case, you likely have a filter in your fridge the water runs through. Now many people including us have been guilty of leaving the filter a little longer than maybe we should, but did you know that can clog your filter leading to a leak that can cost thousands. That's right, believe it or not we've seen this happen twice this June. Don't trust your insurance company to help either, in both cases they've only caused more stress and headaches. So change your fridges water filter when it tells you todo so. A little money now, will save you a lot of money later.
Backsplash With a Twist
Another one of our patented (almost) before and after shots. This funky pattern was a trick to lay out but extremely fun to implement. Our client found this idea online and decided it would be a good way to break up all the red they had in the powder room. We think it looks pretty cool.