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Mainely OEI

June Newsletter 2022

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Happy Summer!

We hope that everyone is finding some time to get outside and enjoy all that summer in Maine has to offer. 

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Rising Stars Therapeutic Farm

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Greetings from the farm!

Now that the weather is agreeable, work on the sensory trails has begun! A big shoutout to team Wilton for building the informational discovery boxes.

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The Cupcakery Cafe & Bake Shop

It's summertime at the bakery!

 Our summers are full of good times and getting together in the backyard and beach. What goes better with BBQ than cupcakes... and other delicious treats? You take care of the grilling and let us handle dessert. Call ahead to place custom orders or stop by and grab something from the case. We also have a variety of grab-and-go items in our freezer!  


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Starfish Greenhouse

Garden Clean-Up Day!

A huge "THANK YOU!" to everyone who participated in our garden clean-up day in Searsport. So many things were accomplished as we all worked together as a team. Stay tuned for pictures of the brand new farm stand!

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Our star magnolia tree is filling the air with the sweetest fragrance!

Maine has a variety of hardy shade trees and flowering trees that compliment any lush landscape and can add beauty and magnificent color to your front or back yard. Learn more by clicking the botton below. 

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10 Magnificent Flowering Trees For Maine

Out & About In The Community

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Hiking is even better with a buddy 

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Just enjoying the beautiful weather 

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Embden (Ela) State Fish Rearing Station

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Going for a stroll in the neighborhood is fun even when the sun is hiding

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SO bowling team, "Shining Stars"

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Honoring our veterans for Memorial Day 2022

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Fort Williams

Cape Elizabeth, ME

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Strolling along the beautiful river in Augusta...not a cloud in the sky!

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Posing for a quick photo on the walking bridge

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Feeling the majesty of our fine Maine coast

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Portland Head Light

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Collecting sea glass

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Enjoying a delicious snack!

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Gone Fishin'

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Pausing for a photo opp. on the way to Portland Head

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The (Wilton) gang is all here!

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Enjoying the scenic beauty of Maine

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Admiring the beautiful greenhouse flora


Exploring the historic forts at, Fort Williams Park

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A new season calls for a new haircut! 

SO Games 2022 @Bates 

Team "Shining Stars"

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Way to go team!! 

Welcome New Team Members

Tiffany Wilks – APM at Skips Way

Nahiya Liban – DSP at Skips Way

Faith Pagan – DSP at Nash

Kaylynn Glover-Worcester – DSP at Franklin Co. CS

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Employee Highlight

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Judy and Julie-Wilton

 Judy and Julie are an unstoppable duo! The positive energy they bring to the team is invaluable! They are hardworking and organized but above all, they are caring and always put the individuals, we support first! They go above and beyond to cultivate and foster relationships with community partners and do everything in their power to make all community activities valuable, affordable, and attainable for all! They exhibit kindness every day in the work they do and are role models for the importance of giving back to the communities in which we provide services.  We are beyond lucky to have both of them as part of the OEI family. Thank you, Judy and Julie, we appreciate ALL that you do!   

Kindness Activity

Elder Appreciation Month 2022 .jpg

May recap:

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Showing kindness to our local P.D. (Augusta)

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Showing kindness to Mother Earth by adding some beautiful blooms to our environment (Bath)

In May, we continued our commitment to kindness by performing random acts of kindness and inspiring others to pay it forward.

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“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

~Mother Teresa

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