Launching PodiatryExpo 2020
August 12-13, 2020
PodiatryExpo has been created to provide a much-needed
VIRTUAL EXHIBIT HALL  to keep DPMs connected with their trusted vendors… and to introduce DPMs to new products and services available – directly from the home and/or office!

This two-day live event (followed by two-weeks of on-demand access) will feature an interactive exhibit hall where DPMs can:
  • Browse Exhibit Virtual Booths
  • Download Exhibitor Collateral
  • Chat With Booth Representative(s)

Additionally, our PodiatryExpo Sponsors will be offering live webinars showcasing the latest developments and research that will help you better understand how and why they can enhance your patient and practice goals.

All webinars will later be available on demand for a limited time, but receive increased opportunities to  WIN PodiatryExpo PRIZES when you attend the webinar(s) live!

This event is LIMITED TO 150 DPMs.
What Else Is In It For You?
  • Access to this exclusive expo with extreme discounts on the podiatric products and services you use often
  • Enter to win BINGO prizes that you actually want
  • Awesome Expo Survival Kit in the mail from us (limited quantity available, must register by July 24)
  • Virtual Swag Bag filled with free goodies such as:
  • templates
  • free trials
  • samples
  • coupons
  • courses
  • and much more
  • Downloadable resources to help your practice patient care and/or mgmt (i.e. patient marketing resources for the products and services you offer from your favorite vendors)
Are you a vendor interested in exhibiting at PodiatryExpo 2020?
Voice of the DPM
How Can Exhibitors Effectively Draw DPMs to Their Booth Spaces?

Thank you to the following physicians who took the time to be interviewed this month for Voice of the DPM:
Dr. TJ Ahn (Chicago, IL)
Dr. Jacob Reinkraut (Ridgewood, NJ)
Dr. Jennifer Spector (Drexel Hill, PA)
Dr. Jarrod Shapiro (Pomona, CA)
90-Day Meeting Outlook
Like you, the team at are providing information as we receive it. Again, we have our COVID-19 meeting updates webpage ; but the following events are scheduled as proceeding in the next 90 days.
JULY 2020

CME Online | Wound Care Series |2021 E/M Changes | Online | 7/15

SAWC | Spring Seminar | Virtual/Online | 7/24-26

IFAF | Scotland Seminar| Virtual/Online | 8/7-8

Presented by Conference Partner

VPMA | Summer Scientific Meeting | Virginia Beach, VA | 8/20-23

IFAF | Ankle Arthroscopy Course| Mendota Heights, MN | 8/21-22

ALPMA | Beachside Scientific Seminar | Destin, FL | 8/26-30

MPMA | Annual Scientific Meeting | Kansas City, MO | 8/27-30

Goldfarb| Montana Meeting | Missoula, MT | 9/2-6

AOFAS |Annual Meeting |Seattle, WA | 9/9-12

OSC | Spring Conference | Ontario, Canada | 9/10-11

IFAF | Annual Seminar | Las Vegas, NV | 9/10-12

ACFAS | On The Road - Fixing a Flat| Charlotte, NC | 9/11-12

Podiatry Institute | Insights & Advancements in Foot & Ankle Surgery | Philadelphia, PA | 9/11-13

AENS | Advanced Peripheral Nerve Course | Portland, ME | 9/11-12

Burkman Consulting | Mastermind Practice Management Retreat | Costa Rica | 9/16-19

Dr. TJ Ahn | Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery Cadaver Lab | Rosemont, IL | 9/18-19

TX PMA | Southwest Foot and Ankle Conference | Irving, TX | 9/24-26 Conference Partner
Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
DPM Trick of the Trade
To get the most from your next conference create a
"5 Ways to Get the Most of This Meeting" Checklist!

And Good News! We've already created a check list for you!
Click the button below to download yours.
Exhibitor Trick of the Trade
Your online lead capture tools have to be on point...
now more than ever!

As a podiatric vendor who has likely spent thousands of dollars on various types of marketing channels, how many times did you feel you didn't get the ROI you were hoping for? Now... be honest. How many times did you blame the channel (i.e. newsletter, website, magazine, or conference) for the lack of return?

Now... be honest again.... was it really the channel that failed, or was it the ad itself... or maybe even the landing page that you lead them to???

I'm not saying that every channel is perfect and it's "all your fault," but what I am saying is that as marketers in an overloaded media world, we have to take accountability for our advertising success.

Often, when we (and I say we, because I'm with you in this game!) send an advertisement to a certain channel/publication, we think it's the best ad and message in the world.... "there's no way hundreds of DPMs won't respond to this masterpiece!" But then, low and behold, the response just isn't there.

Something we have to remember is.... the channel that is showcasing your advertisement... it's only job is to get your advertisement in front of your audience - those DPMs! If your ad is being seen by hundreds (or maybe even thousands depending on the publication) of DPMs and you aren't getting a response - you need to evaluate two things:

  1. The ad and all it's parts (design, copy, offer, call to action)
  2. The webpage (or otherwise) that you're sending them to

Always take some time to step into the shoes (mind the industry pun) of your audience; and try to go in as blind as you can. Ask yourself these questions before you submit an ad and eliminate dollars from your marketing budget....

What is the goal of this ad?

Please don't say "more money." That's way too broad. Keep it much more simple than that... the goal of the ad may be, "The goal of this ad is to point out a common DPM problem, and generate enough interest that the DPM is included to click on it."

Remember - the first step is to get them to go further... not to close the sale!

Next, when they click on the ad where are you sending them? Ask yourself:

Does this landing page take them to where they expected?

Meaning... don't take them to your home page if they expect to find information for a SPECIFIC product or service. If you take them to your home page, you've given them a lot of opportunities to get distracted and lost.

Next, once they are where they want to be....

Does the information on my landing page provide enough information for them to know how my product/service solves their problem?

And finally...

Does my landing page provide an area of contact information capture?

Websites are not like email marketing campaigns; you don't know who is visiting and who is clicking! The most successful landing pages have an area where you can capture lead information.

You should probably also offer a "lead magnet." Which is just a fun way of saying.... "Give me your email address and I'll send you something!" Your lead magnet might be an interesting research article... or a valuable checklist... something that they find valuable enough to feel OK about giving up their email address.

So in short - before you evaluate your advertising success and are ready to point fingers at the channel getting your name in front of your target audience, be sure you do your due diligence to ensure a successful campaign!
Meeting Planner Trick of the Trade
Don’t forget! CPME document 720 changes take effect July 1!
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PodiatryExpo Sponsor Webinars
The first-ever PodiatryExpo is sponsored by five industry vendors...
and they are going to be providing our DPM attendees valuable and educational information regarding their products and services!

Make sure you do not miss this exciting event and REGISTER NOW in order to have access to our 5 SPONSOR WEBINARS, provided by:
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