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We trust that you are doing very well and that God continues to bless and prosper you in every way. We pray that we are walking in all that we learnt at the last Kingdom Foundation course in Lagos. For those who left empowered or received their healing, we pray that you have held unto all your blessings. Fond memories of God's divine grace continues to flow into us, so please join us to pray for how we can host this again, next year.
Announcing: In His Presence
In His Presence is fullness of joy and pleasures for ever more. (Psalm.16v11.)
The Holy Spirit came on Jesus like a dove at his Water Baptism and remained on Him. He was empowered and he healed the sick, raised the dead, and preached about the Kingdom of God having come near. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, after his crucifixion and resurrection, he told the disciples not to leave Jerusalem, but wait for the Holy Spirit to empower them. On the day of Pentecost, they were filled with the Holy Spirit, they were empowered and Peter gave the speech. (See Acts 2:1-36. ) The people repented, were baptised and the Church was birthed.
The most important task we have as sons and daughters of The most High God is to receive and keep being filled by The Holy Spirit, so we can impact the world around us. This involves spending time in His Presence. This is where we are ministered to, empowered, and our hearts are transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ.
Once a month, I will share on the website something that I have received from my time in His Presence. Our prayer is that it will bless you enormously.
Mina Bajomo
Upcoming Events: Watch Out
Rev. Michele Bauermann: We are co-hosting an event to bring Rev. Michele Bauermann to Lagos, Nigeria. She was born in the Hague and studied at Azusa Theologische Hogeschool. She began her ministry in 1975, and has served the body of Christ in various capacities. 
In 1993, she became the Pastor of Assemblies of God Church (VPE) in Bunschoten Spakenburg, where in 1997, she started a school of Charismatic Gifts "KLAAR VOOR DE OOGST" (Ready for Harvest).
She is very Prophetic and an Itinerant Missionary to many nations among which are the Middle East, Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, The Caribbean, USA and Canada.
She has a burden for Nigeria at this time. We plan to hold an event on Friday and Saturday, June 20 - 21, 2014. The Friday event will be held from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM and Saturday event will be held between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM with breaks in between. The details of this event are still being worked out but please put the dates in your diaries as you expect the full announcement. She is coming to encourage the body of Christ to identify its various giftings for the equipping of the saints for the work of Ministry. 
Voice of Apostles, Orlando USA - August 11 - 15, 2014
This great event is one not to be missed.....!!!! It is organised by Global Awakening , the ministry founded by Dr. Randy Clark. Great Speakers, such as, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, among others are invited from all over the world and it is a five day intensive spiritual feast. There is healing and prophecies by different speakers. It can be made into a family fun holiday as children have their teaching too.
Please see the website www.voa2014.com and make your arrangements.
After making your arrangements (conference fee, airline ticket and accommodation) do get in touch with us at Lapis Lazuli Ministries as we plan to arrange a ministry time with Dr. Randy Clark,so would love to have you benefit from this as well.
Join us at Voice of the Apostles 2014
Join us at Voice of the Apostles 2014
Testimonies from Kingdom Foundations Course

Healed of Short SightednessFor over 20 years, Levi Olukayode Afolayan couldn't see small letter characters without squinting his eyes but now he can see clearer.


Rheumatic ArthritisUzoka Uzoamaka had Rheumatic Arthritis in her legs and suffered excruciating   pains for more than a decade but now she can feel the pains no more.


Kidney, Liver and Shoulder healedBryant Olufolarin Oluwole got prayed for and received his healing from high creatinine level in his kidney. Shoulder pain has also gone and he suffered all these for about a year. He is going for a blood test to know his kidney and liver readings to confirm what the Lord has done.


Astigmatism and Short SightednessFor 5 years, Ejine Nzeribe could not read without his reading glasses but says miraculously, he can now see words clearly.



Nigeria - A man is healed after a brain hemorrhage and stroke
Nigeria - A man is healed after a brain hemorrhage and stroke

We ask you to continue to pray for our ministry and look out for more information from us. Please continue to stay in touch with us. 

Femi and Mina Bajomo
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We ask you all to join us to pray for the release of the Chibok girls who were kidnapped from their schools. We pray that families continue to stand on the fact that Jesus answers prayers. 
We pray that the Lord will heal their memories, and emotional hurts, and bring complete restoration to them. 
We also thank God for the news of the impending release of Miriam in Sudan and pray for the reuniting of her family.

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