SOWER Ministry Newsletter June 2019
June!! Has your summer schedule kicked in yet? The pools are open, the garden is going, and (hopefully) the spring cleaning is done. In our “SOWER world” many of our projects are just starting their busiest seasons - Summer Camp!!! 
Cabins are being cleaned, summer staff is being trained, and it's "all hands on deck" as they anticipate the arrival of campers - young minds and hearts eager to learn more about Jesus! Let's join together in lifting these camps and retreat centers before the Throne with prayers for many lives to come to Christ and many others to be refreshed and renewed. (And if you've never worked at a camp while it's in full swing, I highly recommend it! There's nothing like seeing God in action at camp!) 

Our winter sign-ups are going well, but there are still plenty of openings and opportunities for service. And don't forget about the Trustee elections coming up. I hope you've read through the resumes of the 5 folks nominated to serve on the Board of Trustees. Ballots need to be returned to the office by July 1st, so don't delay! I encourage everyone to take the time to pray about these nominees and vote. The Board appreciates all who have willingly offered to serve, and rests in the knowledge that the LORD already knows what next year's Board of Trustees will look like. May HE get all the praise and glory!

Resting in His Grace,
Stephanie Conrad #2509
2019 Trustee Nominees
Resumes and Ballot are in the June/July Sowergram
John Barber #3365
Bill Myers #3190
Carol Nering #3100
Jeff Peace #3262
Cheri Smith #2634
Rallies Ready and Open for Sign-ups!
Whether you're an Alumni, a Seasoned SOWER or New to the Family, there's nothing like a SOWER gathering to connect with friends old and new and get recharged about the ministry. If you live in close proximity to a SOWER project, let them know you're nearby! There are often impromptu gatherings of SOWERS happening all around the country all year long! Whether you're camping together or just meeting for a meal at a local restaurant, a SOWER Gathering is always a blessing!  
September 16th- 19th .

Registration: $85.00 
Cabin rate: $25.00
RV Campsite: N/C

The registration fee includes 10 meals @ $6.00 each. We have eight (8) cabins reserved, so if you want a cabin please advise us ASAP. If additional ones are needed, we will try to obtain them, but no guarantee!

Please contact Emory Rockafellow by email or call 810-869-0826 for more information, to register or volunteer, or with additional questions. We are looking forward to seeing YOU at Michindoh!!

Minnesota Rally

Lake Beauty Camp (MN-523)
Long Prairie, MN
September 16th - 19th

RV Sites - $27.00/night
Loon Lodge - $54.00/night
Third night (18th) free
if staying for work day (19th).

Join us for a time of fellowship and an opportunity to meet SOWER President Gary Conrad

Contact Bill Cairns (320-295-3031 (T))for more information or to register!
Project Sponsor -An active SOWER couple that is familiar with a potential new project and will commit to promote and work the project for the first couple of years to help them get a better understanding of SOWERs and establish the project. 

Project sponsor opportunity

We are receiving several requests from a variety of ministries for SOWER assistance, so in an effort to introduce SOWERS to any new project, we are asking for a SOWER member to sponsor any new project. The newsletter is a way of promoting a project similar to the articles in this edition. If you have an interest in being a project sponsor, please contact Dick Howard , Bill Myers , or Kim Trivilino for additional information.

Dick Howard
V.P., Project Coordinator

French Camp Academy , (French Camp, MS) a Christ-centered home and school, exists to serve young people and families for the glory of God. Since 1885, FCA has provided children and teenagers from broken homes a safe place to live and learn. A 900-acre campus with 12 home cottages, educational buildings, a summer camp program, 100,000 watt radio station, observatory, and 19 th century log cabin village, FCA provides a host of opportunities for young people to learn new skills, mature, and be exposed to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. FCA has space for up to 8 RV’s year-round with the necessary utilities for all RV sizes.  There is work for all ages and abilities. Much of our work is focused on renovation of homes, support buildings, and there is need for electricians, plumbers, and all other types of skilled labor. Also, great fishing is available in our 30-acre spring fed lake!

Milt & Paula Palmer (3522)
Project Sponsors

French Camp Academy (MS-541) is asking for six (6) SOWERS for the months of July through November. They are located right off the Natchez Trace and are in close proximity to Pineview Camp (MS-535). It's a great opportunity to check out both of these new projects without burning a lot of fuel!
New Life Ranch - Frontier Cove
We are excited to sponsor a brand new SOWER project in Oklahoma! Many of you are familiar and have served at New Life Ranch in Colcord, OK. For the past several summers, they have had to turn away hundreds of kids because their facility was full. So, they began to pray about how to have more kids every year; try to expand where they are or buy another camp. The decision was reached to buy another camp. Their desire was that it would become one camp, two locations, one mission so they wanted whatever they bought to be no more than an hour from Colcord.  
After many God-incidences, they purchased a camp which had been started by a pastor in Tulsa at Adair, OK called Dry Gulch. This facility met and exceeded the desires of New Life Ranch to reach more kids during summer camps and other groups all year long. It is now a SOWER project - New Life Ranch, Frontier Cove (OK-542). The other location is now known as New Life Ranch, Flint Valley. New Life Ranch, Frontier Cove is one hour from Colcord and one hour from Tulsa, so the location is great! You will now see it listed in the Project Listing Sheet for sign-up. Check it out and pray about when you can volunteer at OK-542 New Life Ranch-Frontier Cove near Adair, OK. You will be blessed when you hear the story of how God brought about the purchase of this beautiful camp with no debt.

Dale & Cheryl Curtis (3253)
Project Sponsors

New Life Ranch, Frontier Cove (OK-542) has requested 5 SOWERS each month for June through December. It joins two other Oklahoma projects (Oakridge Ministries, OK-503, and New Life Ranch - Flint Valley (OK-230), so it's one more opportunity to 'bundle' these projects!
Seen recently on Facebook
Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing about the work and fellowship at Flying H Youth Ranch (WA-190). The Flying H Youth Ranch is a Christian residential program for Troubled Teenage Boys who are struggling within their families. This projects asks for 6 SOWERS from May through September and is a great place to serve!
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I'm still waiting for YOUR story!!!
Do you have sweet memories from your first SOWER project? Or maybe you'd like to share how you learned about SOWERS and how the LORD led you to this ministry?
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This photo was taken at Dry Creek Camp (LA-287)during the March 2019 project. L-R are Ron & Becky Hylink (3525), Ralph & Julie Spratt (2929), Gary & Mattie House (3417), and Tony & Amy Vejar (3039). Thanks to Amy Vejar for the photo. (Dry Creek has some big projects coming up and have opened up several more months for SOWERS to come. Check it out in the latest PLS!)

Header Photo - Camp Li-Wa (AK-288) taken by Donna Folker (3238)

Opening Paragraph Photo - Oakridge Ministries (OK-503)

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There is NO LOTTERY this year.
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Dear Sam and Sally...
Dear Sam and Sally,
I am bringing a heavy concern to your door step. A lovely dear friend, a SOWER widow, has been hurt by the unwelcoming attitude of her fellow SOWERs. Her hurt has wounded me to the quick.
The Bible admonishes us as Christians to care for the widows among us. Today, with faithful stewardship and government programs, many of the widows have the financial question addressed adequately. But, and this is the big issue, does our tender care end there?
I have spoken to other single SOWERs and they have also experienced cold and inhospitable treatment from fellow SOWERs. I was told by a retired single SOWER, “You have to be hardened to being snubbed and overlooked by some SOWER couples and GLs.” I was surprised and saddened to hear this. Further, as I spoke with these lovely SOWER sisters, I was convicted by the fact over our 15 years as SOWERs and working with single SOWERs serving this ministry, it never occurred to me to ask how they fared as single SOWERs. Had I just asked years ago the current hurts might have been avoided? What can we do to remedy this situation?
My heart is heavy

Dear Heavy Heart,
 When a precious SOWER sister or brother has put themselves forth to serve our Lord after the loss of their loved one, we, as God’s children, are instructed by God to extend His grace beyond the bounds of common hospitality. Unfortunately sometimes we fall far below that mark.
While the Board cannot legislate “appropriate behavior”, perhaps a timely reminder that everyone, whether a couple or a single, needs to be welcomed and included in all activities would help. We individually need to affirm to God that as Christians we will include our widows and widowers in all outings and gatherings, offering transportation to church, shopping, dinners, etc. as we are able and extend invitations cheerfully to game nights and other group activities.  Sharing God’s love to our brothers and sisters in Christ is an important part of our ministry in His Kingdom on earth. 
Thank you for sharing this heartfelt concern and we pray that we all do better in the future in sharing the love of Jesus to all our fellow servants.
Sam & Sally

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