Washington Community YMCA 

Wellman Parkside YMCA 

Message from Becky Harkema, CEO

June has been a busy month at the YMCA of Washington County! Day camp and all the baseball/softball programs began. Summer aquatics were in full swing and more YMCA members were riding their bikes to the Y! During this month I met and was involved in some really fun activities. Below are these stories:


Youth Development: On Saturday, June 22 Cris and Katie Gaughan hosted a "Butterflies & Bees" program for 3-5 year olds. This event was the cutest event that I have seen for a while. The kids made crafts that looked like butterflies and snacks that looked like bees. As I was standing outside of the room watching, one of the girls came up to her dad and stated, "Daddy, I made these just for you". The dad gave her a hug and was smiling ear to ear. I was really proud of Cris and Katie to offer this event as it truly is developing memories for the youth in our community!




Healthy Living: I have just met a new member, Nancy Hartsock. She is friendly, vibrant, encouraging, and always smiling. She has been attending the Washington Community YMCA's boot camp class since November 2012. What is amazing about Nancy is her story. She has lost 100 pounds! When I asked Josh Riffel about Nancy he stated, "When Nancy first joined our boot camp class she was shy and timid. Today she is self-confident and a leader in class". Nancy is a true example of healthy living.


Social Responsibility: On Friday, June 21 BodyWrx and the YMCA hosted a special event called "60 For Life", where all proceeds went to the American Cancer Society. I was particularly interested in doing this as both of my parents have passed away due to cancer. It also came a week behind the very successful Relay For Life event in Washington. Participants of "60 For Life" were able to sign up for an activity that they would do for sixty minutes. BodyWrx offered a spinning class. The YMCA offered Boot Camp, Circuit Training and Aqua Zumba. It was a really fun event and we even had a social together at JP's 207! I am proud to say that the combined group raised $625!! Thanks to all who participated!






Have a fun and safe 4th of July!        
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