Volume 06 | June 2020
Distributed Printing, Wearable Scanners, Barcode Symbology, and More!
It's crazy to think that half of the year is almost complete! The last few months have been a blur, but we continue to evolve to offer ideas and solutions for the ever changing business environment.

  • Installing kiosks, that are traditionally for the retail space, onto the manufacturing floor
  • Moving towards single user wearable devices
  • Designing distributed printing to increase social distancing
  • Creating custom products to solve your shop floor problems.

Is there something we haven't thought of, or a topic you would like us to discuss in July? Let us know!
Website Updates
Service is the heart of what we do here at the EMP Tech Group, label printer service, in particular.  But our web site did not do a very good job of telling the story of our printer service capabilities. Well, that has now changed. Our web site now shows all the options that you, our customer has for printer repair service. We can come to you, you can send printers to us, we can service them as they break or we can do a full preventative maintenance program for you. Check it out on our web site at:
EMP Custom Products
Speaking of our web site, one of the areas that needed a makeover was our EMP Products. Over the years we have developed products that are exclusive to the EMP Tech Group. These have all come from customer needs, some are custom hardware, and some are systems that combine off the shelf products with custom programming. Check out our EMP Products here:
Distributed Printing = Social Distancing

If you thought the office water cooler was bad for social distancing, think about a group of printers continuously printing labels. If your printer station looks similar to the one to the right, check out the article below on some solutions to improve you employee's social distance.

Zebra Kiosk in Manufacturing Environment
Earlier this year, we highlighted the Zebra Kiosk product in our monthly newsletter. These are intended by Zebra to e used in retail settings as a price check tool. But to us in the inudustrial space, we see a light manufacturing, data collection terminal. Reasonably priced, a barcode scanner with touch screen, Wi-Fi, and Zebra's rugged version of Android, makes for a winning product in many applications! Want to see how we used it? Click below!

Barcode Selection
Barcodes are everywhere these days! One of the questions we are most frequently asked is, "What barcode symbology should a customer choose?". Sometimes the answer to this is simple and sometimes it is more complex. Do you need some help in deciding which barcode is right for your application? Click on the article below...

Wearable Scanners - Are They Dead?

It is a provocative headline to be sure. But in the age of Covid-19 can you expect your employees to wear a mobile computer or barcode scanner that another employee just wore for a shift? COVID-19 has challenged all of us to rethink our daily interactions both in our personal and professional life. Do you want to rethink how your employees are using their wearable scanners...?

Back to Work - Printers a bit "Rusty"?

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