PODS Technical Training: Pipeline & Centerline;
Hierarchy and LRS

August 10, 2021 @ 9 AM - 10 AM Central

PODS is pleased to have Patricia Dulban of Integrity Mapping lead this technical training. She has been teaching PODS groups for over 12 years and is well-versed in PODS 7. This course will cover the differences between how PODS Legacy (PODS 6.1 and prior) and PODS 7 handle pipeline and centerline, hierarchy, and LRS. 

There is no cost for the training.
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It is more important now than ever that pipeline integrity and location be well-documented with high-quality accessible data. The 2021 Fall PODS Conference brings together thought leaders across the operator and service provider communities to collaborate and share ideas about how we can elevate our data management effort to that end because “it matters.”


David Ramsden-Woods

David is an executive, entrepreneur, energy industry expert, author, and podcast host of #hottakeoftheday.

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Technical Committee for Data Modeling Recruitment (TCDM):
2 volunteers needed

The Technical Committee for Data Modeling (TCDM) is responsible for modeling developed PODS 7.0 modules per the PODS documentation policies and guidelines. Modeling is done in the PODS testing environment by one or two committee members and then presented to the full TCDM committee for comment and review. 

This committee convenes upon completion of modules by PODS technical committees and generally requires volunteers to spend 3-8 hours per month.

Volunteers must have three or more years of experience in data modeling and be familiar with PODS. Interested individuals submit a resume or statement of qualifications to Kathy Mayo, Executive Director, kathy.mayo@pods.org.

generally requires volunteers spend 3-8 hours per month.
PODS Strategic Plan Adopted by the Board

PODS Association Board of Directors has been working on the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, including outcomes and tactics.

The plan was finalized in June and can be viewed HERE.

“PODS Strategic Plan builds on the previous plan, particularly the approach to PODS 7 testing and development,” states Kathy Mayo, Executive Director of PODS Association. “The Association strengthened the approach to testing the data model and standard, using sample pipeline data. We are excited to be near completion of this phase.”