Jumping Into June

Countdown To Summer! 
It's just around the corner! For most educators, summer is time off from the everyday school books and rotation bells. Here at CDL however our gears are FULL BLAST ahead. We kick off the summer with our popular STEAMM Stars Field Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the hard work, students put forth throughout the year. The day highlights some of our favorite activities, games, and crafts with free food. Students are highlighted for their individual success to our mission and goals!

The weeks following are dedicated to planning out camp. There are two programs offered, a Camp For The Arts which fosters our Full Scale Productions with enriching workshops and a show cultivated by the students, and a second based in Central Falls, where Team CDL hits the schools and the streets- educating and mentoring students to reach their full potential with our engineering, construction, and scientifically focused classrooms.

Last year Camp for the Arts was divided into weeks, where students partook in a series of workshops, learned how to bake and grow crystals, and one student even discovered her love of sewing. This year our theme: A Culture of Fairy Tales will embrace our favorite beloved stories and how they came to be ALL OVER THE WORLD! Th
ere is still time to REGISTER ! Don't miss out! Secure your spot!

In Central Falls, through a paid workforce program, 60 high school students and 5 staff took on the task of remodeling and performing the upgrades to a 20,000 square foot building (housing 3 separate companies). In the elementary school, students embraced Healthy Communities learning the history of the city with Miniatures and how to up cycle with Recycled Instruments.

These programs are extremely successful and instill a work ethic within our students, that they can be proud to be a part of. It teaches leadership and responsibility that prepares them for their future. It teaches life skills that they can carry with them. That take away, in itself, is something to celebrate
and we can't to see what this year has in store, for our staff, our students, and the community we work with! 

#Highlights from the Field
Burning water?

Isaac Chen, is a brilliant young man in the MFC II class here at CDL.  At age 15, he already knows the value of a good work ethic. He always puts his best foot forward- excelling on all our challenges. Currently he is working on his own HHO generator. This is a device that separates the molecules of water using electrical currents. As it burns, a chemical reaction takes place to turn the molecules back into water.  It's pretty neat!

Isaac researches to better understand the world around him. What materials work best, what are the tools called, how much time will this take, and what should it look like? Isaac knows it all! Most sources say that the HHO generator may be the fuel efficient choice of the future! Isaac disagrees and says it's just a fancy battery; there is nothing infinite about it.

The flame burns really hot both in the device and in Isaac's eyes. The idea for this project sprung from his curiosity to learn and test how it works. He saw a YouTube tutorial on it and started making up the plans!

Isaac holds this same ideology in all he does. He can often be found testing and experimenting in the office, for the sake of knowledge. When speaking to him it is clear where his passion lies.

What makes Isaac even more impressive is that he created his own website from scratch, using Thimble Projects (an online code editor that makes it easy to create and publish your own web pages while learning HTML, CSS & JavaScript.). The page is called Isaac's Arcade and can be used to play some of his own uniquely coded games and the old time classic, SNAKE!

Most recently, Isaac was interviewed  by Cox Northeast Charities for his academic accomplishments and latest invention in the making.  As his teachers, we are proud of the work he puts forth. He is eager for the next task, no matter what it may be. It's great to see him inspire excitement in those around him and see that light bulb go off with every new idea! Way to go Isaac! - Mr. Chris

#Show Your Stuff
Above her years, but not her peers 
This incredible young lady is always a true professional and a delight to work with. Pictured is Poppy Baldwin. She is in grade 2 @ Henry Barnard School.

Not only is she always ready to work, she advocates for herself and others. In interviews, when asked about how she would feel about a specific part, she explained that she would not like to have it - not because she wouldn't like the part - but because she felt her peer would really excel in the part and deserved her shot at it. While this was not the deciding factor in the casting, it underscored the other elements driving the casting in that direction and it was heartwarming to see a student consider the well-being and deservedness of their peers.

When casting came out, she accepted her roles without fuss even though they weren't the big ones, and even found an oversight which she brought to the director's attention.

She was always incredibly understanding when limitations on her double casting meant some lines being re-assigned, and even helped Miss Kelly problem-solve her quick change!

Always quick to act and think, she is willing to step in for missing actors, and does so without de-railing rehearsal with silliness; on one occasion, she had to stand in for her brother, and commented that she liked his part and was going to learn it ...in case he got "sick"... .

At the next rehearsal, she and her brother asked if they could switch their roles; they were both happy with it and assured the director they would learn the lines and teach each other the blocking. What was impressive about this was that it meant that Poppy was actually taking on a smaller role than she originally had planned, as the new part did not have double-casting.

She comes in each day ready to work, and giving each thing her all. I hope she keeps coming back so we can continue to see her bloom! - Miss Kelly

#risingstar #deservedness 
The scientific Force is strong at West Broadway!  
The students of West Broadway were apprehensive in regards to learning about the Periodic Table.  Many of them complained that since they hadn't learned it in their classes, it wasn't fair to dive head first into Mendelev's Masterpiece. 

Despite this initial unwillingness to learn something new, the students enjoyed learning about the Periodic Table.  We didn't go too in depth, as a solid lesson on the Periodic Table of Elements would take at least three classes, but the students were introduced the elements, learning their abbreviations and their atomic numbers, well enough to play several rousing rounds of BINGO. 

At the end of our class, they left with a better understanding of one of the strongholds of modern chemistry tables. 

The next class, one of my students informed me that she and her sister were quizzing each other on the elements the night before. 

Even if I only reached one student with this lesson, she was filled with an excitement for the basis of chemistry, and for science in general, that was maybe not as strong before.
- Miss Meg
#chemistry #scienceinthemaking #failforward 

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Who's who at CDL!? 

Meet Miss Meg Kane!  
A Rhode Island native, Meg Kane has extensive experience in the arts and theatre. She has worked with and taught students ranging from elementary school to college.

She has worked in the professional theatre community since 2010. Meg holds a BFA in theatre from URI. She is very happy to be working with the Center for Dynamic Learning and looks forward to serving her community.

Currently she is teaching our Picasso's Playground and Weird Science programs! We love all the energy she brings to her youth and all the new ideas she has to share. Keep shining Meg!

We Heard it's your birthday!  

Zia Fadil                              June 2nd
Emma DiPardo                  June 6th
Kate DiPardo                     June 6th
Sofia Cacchiotti                 June 8th
Fathia Obabiyl                   June 13th
Trinity Vang                        June 15th
Miss Beth Cunha               June 17th
Audrey McQuade              June 20th
Savannah Paquin               June 22nd
Anna Crohan-O'Grady      June 23rd
Diurys Arias                         June 25th
Olivia Gilbert                       June 28th
Carrleigh Pira                      June 30th
Hey Families, Did you Know?
  • On June 1st 1926, actress Marilyn Monroe and actor Andy Griffith were born 
  • On June 6th 1833 Andrew Jackson became the first US President to ride a train.
  • The YMCA was founded June 6th 1844
  • On June 8th 1789 James Madison introduced the Bill of Rights to Congress
  • Donald Duck made his first appearance on June 9th 1934
  • The first public zoo opened in Paris, France on June 10th 1793  
  • June 12th 1929, Anne Frank was born; June 14th 1942 began keeping her diary of hiding from the Nazis
  • June 13th 1983 Pioneer 10 is the first man-made object to leave the solar system
  • June 14th 1775 United States Army is first established
  • June 14th 1777 The Stars and Stripes is adopted as the national flag of the United States
  • June 15th 1752 Benjamin Franklin showed that lightning is electricity.
  • June 16th 1884 first roller coaster opened in US at Coney Island
  • June 18th 1983 Sally Ride was the first American women in outer space and returned June 24th 1983
  • June 19th 1978 Garfield comic strip began
  • June 21st 2004 The first privately funded spacecraft, SpaceShipOne, reaches space
  • June 22nd 1949 Meryl Streep, was born
  • June 22nd 1953 Cindy Lauper's birthday
  • June 25th 1929 Eric Carle, children's author, was born
  • June 26th 1997 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is first published
  • June 26th 1977 Elvis, the King Of Rock and Roll, gives his last concert
  • June 27th 1880 Helen Keller, deaf and blind activist, is born
  • June 28th 1894 Labor day is made an official holiday in the US

FAST FORWARD to 2017 >> 

  • June is National Rose month, National Dairy month , and National Candy month!
  • National iced tea day, in part of national iced tea month, is June 10th
  •  June is national African-American music month. It was initiated by President Jimmy Carter, on June 7, 1979


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