June Newsletter 2018
Wishing You a Safe & Happy July 4th
A note from Juliette
It's very important to enjoy life and July 4th is a great reminder of how far our nation has come. As an immigrant from the island of Barbados, I am a living example of the promise of "the American Dream."

Each of us owes it to ourselves, to our children, loved ones and to those we care about, to take time to recharge. Regardless of your political views, I think we can all agree that life is short and is a gift to be cherished.

Even if you're working, take some time to appreciate your surroundings and the people in your life. That's exactly what I did during my recent business trip to London. Check out my pics below. I wish you and yours a fabulous 4th of July holiday!
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London Pics
Did You Know About Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Services?
Inspiration Zone works directly with senior leaders to create and communicate D&I strategy and plans in ways that resonate with executive teams and associates. We make the complex simple through articulation of strategic frameworks, effective utilization of your existing resources and integration with business plans. Services include strategy development, multicultural marketing and workplace assessments.
“NHP hired Juliette to do an end-to-end assessment of our diversity and inclusion program. Starting by conducting a stakeholder assessment and heavily engaging with key NHP stakeholders. Juliette did a phenomenal job of identifying NHP’s successes in the diversity and inclusion space, as well as identifying key strategic and tactical opportunities for moving NHP’s agenda forward. We also asked Juliette to be a speaker on a health disparities panel. She clearly demonstrated her deep knowledge, spoke eloquently and was awesome!”
Dave Segal, President & CEO, Neighborhood Health Plan, Boston
About Inspiration Zone

Founded by Juliette C. Mayers, Inspiration Zone offers strategic leadership advisory services for organizations seeking to elevate the workplace experience, engage  all  employees and those wishing to motivate and inspire leadership teams. To schedule a free consultation, call ( 617) 328-0953 or email:

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