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Are Our Children Worth the Investment?

Learn more about what researchers have concluded about our children being one of the largest investment we will make.

-Tom Holmes

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BIG NEWS! Funding for Child Care Providers


Are you a childcare provider that needs additional help financially due to COVID-19? Check out the new grants being offered for those providers. 

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Make Your Vote Count


Support the Children of South Dakota by Voting

This November, South Dakota voters will elect candidates for important public offices at the national, state, and local levels. Those elected will be positioned to determine public policy that will affect the development and well-being of South Dakota’s babies, young children, and families.

Don't just sit back and hope that changes will happen. STAND UP for our South Dakota children. The time is now!

Early Learner South Dakota has developed a toolkit along with social media posts to help you and your network be advocates.


ReadyNation Recap

By Nancy Fishman, National Director, ReadyNation

"It was an honor to attend the conference and speak at the business pre-conference session about why business leaders should care about child care. A lack of child care for working parents in South Dakota is negatively impacting businesses, families, and children. That’s the reason we are assisting efforts in South Dakota to support child care. Our research report, Want to Strengthen South Dakota’s Economy? Fix the Child Care Crisis outlines the hefty child care challenges faced by South Dakota families as the state emerges from a pandemic and aims to grow its economy. South Dakota families are also struggling with child care affordability: Infant care in a center in South Dakota averages $6,500 per year, not much less than public college tuition ($8,700). This high cost makes child care unaffordable for many families, particularly those with low incomes."

“Business leaders of ReadyNation South Dakota call on state and local policymakers to support families’ access to affordable, high-quality infant-and-toddler care,” the report states. “Businesses can play a role as well, through on-site child care, funding for employees or to child care providers, and advocating for sound child care policies. Effective, well-funded policy initiatives, as well as continuing innovations at the state and local levels, will yield a child care system that will support a more productive workforce and economy for South Dakota, both now and in the future.”

ReadyNation is an organization that leverages the experience, influence, and expertise of more than 3,000 business executives across industry sectors from around the country to promote public policies and programs that build a stronger workforce and economy

Black Hills Gather to Grow | Kids and Family Yoga Festival


BH Gather to Grow is a family-friendly, community-centered event that synthesizes literacy, art, yoga and fun. Visit Lead, July 15-17 this Spring to grow with us. The focus is on early learners, children of all ages, families, and the professionals who support them. By promoting a variety of intentional movement and educational sessions, we commit to building a strong foundation for children and community relationships.

Please email Cary: bhgathertogrow@gmail.com for inquiries.

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In response to the recent tragedy in Texas, we are providing these resources to assist in helping early learners navigate through difficult times.


Helping Children with Tragic Events in the News

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When Something Scary Happens

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Helping Children Navigate Scary News Stories

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Traumatic Experiences

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Helping Kids Grieve

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