June 2021 | The Wave

WSSD Upcoming Events (click to view full school calendar)

Thursday, June 10- Eurythmy Fairy tale Community Performance (details below)

Thursday, June 10- EC Parent Meeting

Monday, June 14- High School Senior Play

Tuesday, June 15- High School Senior Play via zoom

Wednesday, June 16- Early Childhood Last Day of School | Early Release

Wednesday, June 16- High School Senior Play

Thursday, June 17- Grades & High School Last Day of School | Early Release

Friday, June 18- 8th Grade Recognition Ceremony

Saturday, June 19- Juneteenth

Saturday, June 19- Bridge Ceremony

Saturday, June 19- High School Graduation

Sunday, June 20- Summer Solstice, Father's Day

Friday June 25- Tropical Party Gala!!


Congratulations to our 2021 Graduates!! We are so proud!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Live the life you have imagined."

~Henry David Thoreau

Daniela Arenaga

Gap Year/ Pursuing career

Los Angeles

I am going to be working over the summer and preparing for my move to Los Angeles. I will be taking a gap year to pursue a passion in voice over, and experience everything life has to offer.

Over the last 12 years at Waldorf my key memories are the friendships and transformations within this community and the family we have formed together. I see the silly first graders ready to put on their fist play, to the eighth grade projects, to weeks before our graduation. I will cherish all these memories as they have shaped us all into who we are today.

Kieran Fitzgerald

University of Portland

Portland, OR

This summer I will be working. In the fall I will be majoring in Business at the University of Portland.

I enjoyed everything about the Waldorf School of San Diego.

Morgaine McGrath

Lewis and Clark College Portland, OR

I will spend my summer working and spending time with friends. I am attending Lewis & Clark College and will be studying Environmental Studies and Biology.

My favorite memory is 7th grade track and field with all the different Waldorf Schools.

Guru Sahai Khalsa

Earlham College

Richmond, IN

I'm going to work full time during the summer at the Bread & Cie Cafe and will be attending Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana to continue my academic studies.

A favorite memory of my time at the Waldorf School of San Diego was creating an original written piece with my classmates titled “The Chronicles of Crunch Boy.”

Jack Budd

Cal Maritime

Vallejo, CA

I will be working this summer and in the fall I will be attending Cal Maritime in Vallejo, CA to study Marine Engineering Technologies.

My favorite Waldorf memory was when we watched movies at the Pasadena Waldorf School.

Milo Smallman

Cal Maritime

Vallejo, CA

This summer I plan to focus on building cars. In the fall I’m going to Cal Maritime in Vallejo, CA and am studying Engineering Technology.

My favorite Waldorf memory was the 10th grade play.

Allie Connaughton

University of San Francisco San Francisco, CA

This summer I am planning on working hard and going on an Art Internship! I will be attending the University of San Francisco and pursuing higher education. I plan on majoring in Politics, but am keeping my options open.

My favorite memory is an ongoing appreciation. It has been outstanding to watch my silly little classmates transform into incredible power inspirations.

Vanessa Barrelet

Loyola Marymount

Los Angeles, CA

This summer I will be moving to Los Angeles to have fun with my friends. I’m going to school at Loyola Marymount University and will be majoring in Studio Arts and am planning on minoring in Business.

My favorite memory is realizing how much our class has developed as people and seeing all of us getting ready to start our lives.

Rane Bjork-Kennedy

University of Puget Sound

Tacoma, WA

Over the summer I’m going to be working and hanging out with my friends. In the fall I’m going to the University of Puget Sound to pursue Art.

Tess Bjork- Kennedy

University of Colorado

Boulder, Co

This summer I will be working and then moving in August. In the fall, I’m going to the University of Colorado Boulder and am planning on majoring in either Chemistry or Linguistics.

Some of my favorite memories from Waldorf are my 8th grade trip and the 11th grade Eurythmy play in Pasadena.

Amelia Hallin

University of Vermont

Burlington, VT

I'm going to be working and traveling this summer. I'm going to attend the University of Vermont and major in psychology.

My favorite school memory is going to get fro-yo after the last performance of our 10th grade play.

Julia Miller

University of California

Santa Cruz

This summer, I plan on working as a camp counselor and taking two road trips. Next year I will go to UC Santa Cruz and plan to study Psychology, though I have many interests.

I have so many wonderful Waldorf memories, but my 8th grade trip holds a special place in my heart.

Itamar Oren-Naftolovich

I will be attending college for Computer Science in the fall.

Over the past year I've been learning Japanese.

12th Grade Play, "The Miser"

Moliere's comedy about a miserly father and his exasperated family may be 350 years old but it feels alive and fresh in the hands of our ridiculously talented and resilient 12th grade.  

All are welcome to log on and enjoy the 12th grade play next week, Tuesday June 15 at 6:30 pm via the zoom link below. 


Meeting ID: 858 0339 6710

Passcode: 071213

Join via Zoom:


Meeting ID: 844 2040 9033

Passcode: 486950

11th grade Eurythmy Fairy Tale

Please join us for a community performance of "The Most Precious Light of All" this THURSDAY 6/10 at Harry Griffen Park in La Mesa at 3 pm. 

All ages welcome!

Admission Free (donations welcome)

Harry Griffen Park Amphitheater

9550 Milden St, La Mesa, CA 91942

In addition, we will be zooming the High School Performance on Friday 6/11 @ 8:45 am.

 Zoom Link


Meeting ID: 847 4023 4215

Passcode: 887597


Meeting ID: 834 3484 0733

Passcode: 739671

In the Classroom

Grade 4

Grade 4 sculpted clay into elephants and lions during our second block of The Human Being and the Animal World. Next come independent reports and visits to school by pets. (photos next month...)

Grade 4 painting exercise.

Grade 5 Pentathalon

All across North America during the month of May Waldorf schools gather fifth graders for the annual Pentathlon...A Pentathlon by definition is an event that comprises five athletic components. Most Waldorf Pentathlons include: the long jump; the javelin throw; the discus throw; wrestling; and a relay race


Grade 7 presented Jeanne D'Arc

In the History curriculum for seventh and eighth grades in a Waldorf school the focus is on the developing individual human biography and consciousness, from the Renaissance and Age of Discovery to the great upheavals and new inventions in modern times. At any given time there are both backward-looking and forward-looking elements.

Grades 1 and 7 celebrated Festa Junina!

Festa Junina is the term used to describe the traditional festivities that happen at the

beginning of the Brazilian winter in June. Those attending are treated to typical Brazilian food, enjoy bonfires and dance the quadrilha. Men and women dress up as farm rural people, with large straw hats, fake freckles, and women wear pigtails.

High School


9th Grade Industrial Arts

9th Grade Students recently finished a Metals Seminar where they explored various metals through metal working activities and took advantage of scrap metal donations that came in. Students raised copper bowls through hammering of thick copper sheeting, created artwork by soldering copper piping, and melted metal from soda cans and copper piping donations. We were able to cast aluminum and copper stars, and a small copper axe head.

Thanks for donating your trash for us to turn into treasure!

Mr Johnson


Students increase their sense of social responsibility by working collaboratively with one another and gaining a better understanding of how craftsmanship is used to build and design the world around us. Respect for reasoning is fostered through the use of specialized tools and the design of copper and steel projects. Reverence arises by experiencing the beauty of metal properties and seeing the potential of metals.

Go Robowaves!

On April 25, the WSSD Robotics Teams competed in the San Diego Regional Robotics Competition. The team set a new high score of 80 points and doubled the overall score from the previous competition! They did amazing- so amazing they won a judge's award for their hard work!

Check out the videos from the six matches on the YouTube channel link below.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOymmG9q32waVWs6YX76nAw/videos

Website: https://robotics24.wixsite.com/robowaves18236

Instagram: @robowaves18236


11th Grade at Camp Stevens!

Class trips bring real-world experiences into the curriculum and provides the opportunity to deepen our relationship with nature while removing ourselves from the fast-paced technological world of today.

Join us for a fun night in the tropics as we celebrate and support The Waldorf School of San Diego! This fun fundraising event -- with a "Tropical Nights" theme -- will take place Friday, June 25th, 2021 at the iconic Lafayette Hotel & Bungalows.

Sponsorship and tickets are available for purchase, along with at-home grazing boxes available for pick-up or delivery. Online auction will be open and available for all. 

The express purpose of this event is to raise critical operating dollars to support teacher salaries, campus facilities improvement and maintenance, offer tuition adjustment funding, and enact timely school priorities.



Registration info: http://www.waldorfinstitute.com/

 Summer 2021 Renewal courses from the Center for Anthroposophy

These week-long virtual classes are carefully considered to nourish teachers, leaders, parents and all community members across Waldorf Education, particularly during times of continual growth and adaptation.  

Classes will take place virtually this summer increasing the accessibility to members of the Waldorf School of San Diego community! 

Explore week long course offerings (July 4th-9th) including: 

Please note, you have the opportunity to select one, week long course per week. 

We hope we will have the opportunity to support the development and nourishment of the Waldorf School of San Diego this summer. 

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