Longer days, longer range! & Higher gas prices?
Utah Clean Cities is working with multiple partners on the Live Electric campaign, are you interested in learning more about range confidence and how to get involved? Read more about what we can do to help your fleets diversify here .

Check out this great video by the Live Electric Team!

"The projects we have selected will make the biggest impact on our air quality at the lowest cost, allowing Utah to maximize the air-quality benefits of this settlement,” said Utah Department of Environmental Quality Executive Director Alan Matheson. “By targeting government-owned fleets, taxpayers receive a double benefit.”
Electric Vehicle Fuel Cost Savings by state
"Electric vehicles are more efficient than internal combustion vehicles, but fuel cost comparisons can be complicated because the price of gasoline and residential electricity vary considerably by state. To address this, the Department of Energy developed an  eGallon tool  that shows the fuel cost of operating a vehicle on regular gasoline versus electricity for any given distance. Using this tool and comparing the cost difference between gasoline operation and electric operation, all states showed cost savings for electric operation. The average fuel cost savings for all states was 60% and each of the states except for Hawaii had savings of greater than 20%. The state of Washington provided the greatest fuel cost savings (74%) for electric vehicle owners. Residential electricity rates, which are high in Hawaii and low in Washington state, greatly influence the level of savings."

"The inevitable end result of this increased demand for diesel from the marine sector and the industry’s lack of refining capacity to meet this upswing in demand will be higher prices for everyone. According to Wood Mackenzie, the shipping industry alone can expect its fuel bill  to increase  by $24 to $60 billion in 2020.

Few researchers have dared to project the impact on land-based diesel prices, but if the recent run up is any indication, a 20% to 30% increase from today’s prices would not be out of the question. This would push motor vehicle pump prices to levels not seen since the summer of 2014, when some parts of the country were suffering under the weight of $5/gallon diesel"
This program is an exciting and financially appealing opportunity for Utah fleets to add electric vehicles and charging infrastructure with great incentives- up to $5,000 off EV vehicles and 75% saving on charging equipment*

How much does your car cost you each month?

How could this relate to your business's fleet?
We have been here before ...
fuel prices are uncertain. 

Why Utah Clean Cities promotes domestic and local fuels.

Read about what determines oil prices here

Ryder reserved 500 new Chanje Energy medium-duty electric panel vans with the intention of growing its North American electric commercial truck rental fleet. These vehicles will join the existing 125 Chanje EVs in Ryder’s fleet.

UPS Is Adding 730 Alternative-Fuel Trucks to Its Fleet

Delivery company is ramping up use of natural gas vehicles as a way to trim fuel costs and emissions

Hear stories from real consumers about how well propane is working for their fleets, light-duty, heavy-duty and School Transportation.
  • EL-51245-A 16 Amp chargers with a 12-foot cord for $477.00
  • EL-51253-A a 30 AMP charger with a 18-foot cord for $599.00
Together with the Lancer Group, Utah Clean Cities can now offer you Bosch chargers at a reduced price!

How it works:

  • Purchase a Bosch charger from Utah Clean Cities for $100 less than anywhere else
  • $25 goes back to the Utah Clean Cities Idle Free school program
  • Carry a one-year warranty that can be extended to three years if installed by The Lance Group or other certified installer.
  • Pricing on other Bosch models are available

Landi Renzo USA is pleased to announce CARB certification for the Ford E-350/450 6.2L V8 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) product. This is the ONLY OEM/Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) recognized product available in the market and demonstrates Landi Renzo USA's commitment to expanding our CNG product offerings.

Landi Renzo's CNG E-350/450 6.2L V8 now certified to CARB standards
"Over two years of legal wrangling, negotiations, and stakeholder outreach and it all comes down to this – the final VW settlement plans are being finalized and funds are finally hitting the streets. The $2.925 billion, with each state receiving a share of the pot, provides an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate deployments of advanced clean transportation technologies and reduce harmful emissions"
Work Electric (June 27)
This is for our members, stakeholders and partners south of the Wasatch Front to come learn and find opportunities to incorporate Electric Vehicles into your fleet
& drive your fleet into the transportation future

(July 18th + August 14th)
Line up stars Utah's key players in the advanced fuel game.
Join us for a informal workshop for fleet managers and top mechanics.
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