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A Few Words from Mary Ellen
What is a community?  I looked it up.  It can be geographical or cultural.  A group with a common interest, place or background.  The Latin root is the word communis meaning common.  A community is a group or place where people have something in common.
After the Pulse massacre in June, 2016 Orlando showed that it is a true community.  A place where we believe that coming together to show the truth about our world is important.  The truth being that love overcomes hate.  On the one year anniversary of the Pulse shootings, the City of Orlando declared June 12 to be a day of love and kindness.  I understand why they did this and it is a lovely thought.  But my thought was; shouldn't every day be a day of love and kindness?  After all, who is against love and kindness?  And yet, bad things keep happening both in Orlando and all over the world.  Why?
Granted, I am not the smartest person in the world but I have a theory.  I think people often focus outward looking at things like politics, world affairs, bad things we see on the nightly news.  These are things that the average person cannot control but are still bothered by.  Clearly there are bad people in the world.  We feel strong negative emotions and we have nowhere to put them.  These negative emotions include anger and hatred.  Anger and hatred are the opposite of love and kindness.
So what is the alternative?  Should we not watch the news or read the paper?  I don't think that is the solution.  I believe the solution is to focus our concern as close to home as possible.   It can be your family, your faith home, your neighborhood - your community however you choose to define it.  To focus on the ones you love and care for each day.  Kiss your mother good bye in the morning.  Praise your children for time well spent.  Smile at your neighbors.  Be nice to the checkout girl at your local grocery store.  All of these things occur in what I call "my bubble."  If you think about it you have a bubble too.  In our bubble we actually do have control - of ourselves and how we behave.
There is a caregiving community too.  It is made up of the caregiver and the person they care for and their extended family.  Also included are those the caregiver comes in contact with; care workers, social workers, nurses.  Support groups are a great source of community allowing families to meet other caregivers and realize they are not alone in their journey. Think of all of these, and the ones unique to you, as your personal caregiving bubble.  Remember that in this bubble you have, at least some, control.  You can reach out to someone or allow them to reach out to you.  You can attend the caregiver forum on September 7 - 9 and extend your bubble even further.  Hint, Hint.
In the end, what if everyone chose to concentrate on making their community a better place through their own behavior?  I think the evening news would be a lot more pleasant to watch.  Maybe everyday would be a day of love and kindness.
Mary Ellen  

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18th Annual Caregiver Forum
A Cornucopia of Caregiving

September 7-9, 2017
Mission Inn Resort

Join us for 3 days and 2 nights of inspirational speakers, breakout sessions, great food and plenty of fun. Registration is open to family caregivers and respite for the person for whom you care is available. 

Speakers include Joshua Vickery from Central Florida Community Arts, Dr. Robert Cohen, Yvonne Vassel, and local lawmakers. Breakout sessions include cooking, nutrition, brain fitness, spirituality and caregiving, painting, and line dancing. 

Start thinking of creative costumes for the Trick-or-Treat Welcome Reception. Friday evening's dinner will be a Harvest Ball.

Do you provide services to family caregivers?
Promote your company to 150 family caregivers at the Caregiver Forum by sponsoring the event or hosting a vendor exhibit table. 

Pre-Conference Intensive
Caregiving with Faith

Thursday, Sept. 7, 10 am - 4 pm.
Mission Inn Resort

Share the Care, the Catholic Charities of Central Florida, and the Secretariat of Laity, Family and Life of the Diocese of Orlando are organizing an event to help faith communities start and/or sustain caregiver support programs.  All people in faith communities who either have a current caregiving program or would like to develop one and need resources to do so are invited to attend.  Family caregivers are invited to attend as well.
Registration: $30, includes lunch
  * caregivers can register for the entire event for $30 or just the last hour of roundtable discussions at no cost.
Register by calling Share the Care at 407-423-5311.

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Adult Day Care Center Updates
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Caregiver Forum
Caregiving with Faith
Adult Day Care Center Updates

We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found that the answer is community.

Dorothy Day

Hurricane Preparedness 

Its summer and that means Hurricane Season is upon us.  Make sure you and those you care for are prepared with a disaster preparedness plan. 

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs has compiled a Disaster Preparedness Guide for Elders. 

Did you know that each county in Florida has a Special Needs Registry to ensure you have access to shelters and resources which meet your needs during a disaster? 

Plan Ahead

Share the Care adult day centers and the administrative office will be closed on July 3 & 4.
Caregiver Support Group
Join us for our monthly caregiver support group on the second Friday of each month, from 1:30 - 3:00 pm. The group meets at the College Park center at 1524 Formosa Avenue, Winter Park. Contact us for more details.
Celebrating Flag Day at STC Maitland

To see what other activities are happening at our adult day centers, check out their monthly activity calendars at
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