Zack's Place June 2017 Newsletter
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May in Review
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Zack's Place Upcoming Renovation
Zack's Place would like to give a big hug and thank you to the staff and Board at Pentangle Arts for Hosting ou
r musical May 31st at Town Hall Theater! We are so grateful!  

Our Upcoming Renovation
 In September of last year we realized that our art room and kitchen were getting a bit snug with more than 4 people in wheel chairs and classes of over 20 people. We talked to our board member Ron Jaynes a retired local builder and he helped us redesign our art room and change our kitchen so it was more accessible. In the fall of 2016 we applied for a grant to renovate our space and we were granted $25,000 from Timken and also received a $2500.00 Grant.
On June 14th we will be renovating our art room and kitchen.  In the meantime we will be running our programs out of Woodstock Elementary School from the 15th of June-31st of July. We will keep you posted as to the progress.

May in Review

The month of May was a busy month at Zack's Place! Although we were dodging in and out of the rain drops, we still managed to indulge in a lot of fun indoor and outdoor activities. We are welcoming the slow start of summer, enjoying the green grass and the fresh flowers popping up all over town.
In the mornings we enjoyed crafts with Kitty, fitness with Bari, nutrition and meditation with Vince, bowling at Maple Lanes, a variety of art classes with Marissa, Lolly and Bonnie(most of which involved making wonderful props for our play) and we took a couple of "dips" at the aquatic center. This month we were also blessed with some great theater productions, seeing the movie "Beauty and the Beast" and the production "Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun" at Pentangle, both of which were wonderful, a big thank you to Pentangle!                                                                                                                                             A theater highlight for us this month was going to WRJ's Northern Stage to see the musical "Mama Mia," it was an unbelievable performance, which everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy! We started our adventure at Annie O'Neill's apartment where we did a yoga class with Jess and then had lunch and a great birthday celebration for Annie! Thank you to Dana, Dave and Annie for a wonderful time. In the mornings we also did a few "farm programs" at Billings Farm and met up with Vermont Adaptive for some fabulous hiking and cycling along the Lebanon rail trail.
In the afternoons we had pottery with Fiona, science with Corinna, movement and music with Kathleen and Mark, singing with Kerry and a onetime cameo singing session with Sara Norcross and Suzy Malerich, we had yoga at ZP with one of our many yogi teachers (Lalita, Tita, Jamie and Jess), games with Carl Hurd, Hiking on Mount Tom and at Frates Farm, Gardening with Martha, and dancing with Jen.
We also spent a great deal of time this month practicing and working on our ZP musical "Charlotte's Web" which takes place this Wednesday May 31st at 5:30 at the Woodstock town Hall Theater.         One last exciting trip that only a few of us embraced (because it involved leaving Woodstock at 6am) was going to Stowe Elementary school to receive a monetary gift from Chelsea Stetson's 3rd grade class, who fundraised over $2,000.00 in a cross country ski race for ZP. A HUGE thank you to Chelsea and her class!
Overall, a very busy and wonderful month for all of us at ZP!
Enjoying the view at Frates Family Farm 

Ed petting the friendly chickens 

Deb cycles for the first time ever!!!!  
Jessa and Molly cycling on rail trail 
Oscar swimming at UVAC with ZP 
The WPD doing yoga with us!!! 
Jess and Erin in yoga class 
Lindsey celebrating her birthday 
Our weekly yoga class with Fiona at ArtisTree!!! We love it!!! 
Chelsea Stetson's Stowe Elementary 3rd grade class raises 2332.75 for Zack's Place!  
Yoga class 
Bowling at Maple Lanes! Molly go! 
Nutrition class with Vince 
Girls just want to have fun! 
Big Dog has the best smile! 
  Click Here for a printable June Calendar
June 2017
Notes: We will be moving to Woodstock Elementary School for 6 weeks to renovate our Kitchen and art room on June 14, 2017
We will be moving to WES on June 15th and there until the end of July
1 11A-cooking with Sarah
1PM-Woodstock Elementary School Show at Pentangle
3PM-yoga with Jess
2 Leave ZP at 10A-Swim at UVAC Return at 11:45A from UVAC
1PM-Cooking with Sarah
3PM-Movie at Pentangle
11A-Walk around town
1PM-art with Fiona at Zack's Place
3PM-Cooking with Dail
415P-Reading with anne swanson
6 1 0A-Maple Lanes bowling Return 1:15P from Bowling alley arrive ZP at 2PM
1pm-Cooking with Holly
3PM-Yoga with Lalita
4:15P-Reading with Diane Dugan
11a-Crafts with Kitty Make décor for Baby Shower
1PM-Science with Corinna
3PM-Singing with Papa
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
8 11am Nutrition with Vince
1PM-yoga with Jess
2PM-Baby shower for Nicole
3PM-Art with Ben Fox
11am Fitness with Bari
1PM-cooking with Sarah
3PM-Help pack and clean out art room for move.
Meet at the Little Theater at 10A
1PM-Art with Finne at WES
3PM-Movie at Pentangle.. Pick up at Pentangle.
415P-Reading with anne swanson
13 Meet at ZP
10A-Leave to Cycle the Rail Trail /Lunch
Return to Dail's House 2P
Yoga by the pond or on the porch.
Pick up at 205 Britton Lane
3PM-Yoga with Jamie
4:15P-Reading with Diane Dugan
5PM- or sooner Pickup at Frates Family Farm
10AM-Farm Program at Billings Farm Return to the Little Theater at the REC Center
1PM-Science with Corrina at the rec center Little Theater
3PM-Singing with Kerry at Pentangle
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
15 Move to WES
11A-Photography with Holly
1PM-yoga with Jess
3PM-Arts and Crafts with Sarah
16 WES
11A-Story telling with Jools
1PM-fun time on the play ground
3PM-Visit Norman Williams Library and read story with Sarah
1 9 WES
11A-Art with Lolly and Bonnie
1PM-Games with Carl
3PM-photography with Holly
415P-Reading with anne
20 9:30A-Bus to Toonerville Rail Trail in Springfield, VT. Sioux St. and Clinton Rd (RTE 11. Start walk at 10:15A 3mile walk bring lunch. Return to Woodstock Elementary at 130pm.
3Pm-Yoga with Tita
4:15P-Reading with Diane Dugan
11A- Crafts with Kitty
12PM-Cast Party at WES and walk over to Pentangle at 12:45P to view Play
3PM-Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11am Nutrition with Vince
1PM-yoga with Jess
3PM-Art with Finnie
10:30A-Riding at Moonrise Farm return at 1:45P.
2:15P-Art with Finnie
26 10A-Hike on Mt. Tom Prosper rd. return at 12p.
1PM-Art with Fiona at WES
3PM-Golf at Woodstock Country Club
415P-Reading with anne
27 10:30A-Swim at Silver Lake Return 2PM
3PM-Yoga with Jamie
28 11A- Play ground fun time with Kitty
1PM-Science at Woodstock Elementary School
33PM-Singing with Kerry
4:15P-reading with Bettyanne
\ 9:00A-Leave for Christa McAuliff Space Center Must RSVP Return 2PM-arrive Zp at 3:30P
30 11am Fitness with Bari
Leave at 12PM for VINS have lunch at Picnic tables
1PM-Inclosure tour, 2PM- Reptile program return to WES 3PM.
3PM-Visit Norman Williams Library

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