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 Customer Highlight: Welch Publishing


Established in 1980 by Robert and Dorothy Welch, Welch Publishing Company, Perrysburg, Ohio is best known for its four weekly newspapers; the Perrysburg Messenger Journal, Rossford Record Journal, Point & Shoreland Journal and Holland-Springfield Journal, reaching approximately 40,000 homes.


Welch Publishing has continuously used WebPress   equipment since 1980, starting with a basic 3-unit Web Leader press and folder, soon after adding a similar press line along with a Quadra-Color. In 1998 they expanded their building and revamped their press lines to configure 2 sets of 2-highs as well as 5 new mono units and a folder, twinning their press lines together. In 2005, as the demand for color from advertisers and other publications increased, they purchased a Quad-Stack unit.


"We appreciate that WebPress equipment is easy to use, and are amazed with the fast make ready and registration that the Quad-Stack produces," states Adam Welch, Plant Manager. "We continue to be impressed with how great WebPress has been to work with through the years, both through the installations, and now with the technical support we receive."


Besides their own publications, Welch Publishing  provides printing for local schools as well as some weekly and monthly publications, with an average impression count of 70,000 per month.

 National Doughnut (Donut) Day
June 2nd (this year) is National Donut Day.  Really!  And not only that, it's the Centennial Year for the celebration.
Each year on the first Friday in June, people participate in National Doughnut (or Donut) Day.    
In 1917, the original "Salvation Army Doughnut" was first served by the ladies of the Salvation Army.  It was during WWI that the Salvation Army Lassies went to the front lines of Europe.  Home cooked foods, provided by these brave volunteers, were a morale boost to the troops.
Some sources try to equate the term "doughboy" with the donuts served during the war, but the term can actually be found referring to soldiers (especially infantry) in both Britain and the USA as much as a century earlier.

Donuts kept their comforting reputation into the next world war, when the American Red Cross outfitted trucks with donut machines and gramophones. Young women volunteers drove the jalopies to the front lines where they made fresh donuts and spun the likes of Jimmy Dorsey and Duke Ellington for the war-weary GIs.

During the depths of the Great Depression in 1934, the Salvation Army, still known for producing donuts in WWI, fed the homeless with the inexpensive yet filling pastry along with coffee - adding up to many as 2.5 million donuts in a single month in New York City alone.
Now, just in case you need a serious reason to go out and participate in National Donut Day: the Guinness World Record for eating a jelly donut off a plate without using your hands is 33 seconds...  

Looking for a Good Pressman?

Editor and Publisher recently published an extremely helpful article regarding pressmen that outlines:

  • Skill sets to look for when hiring  
  • Suggested hierarchy levels within your press crew
  • Duties within those levels
  • When to promote and why
  • Who to keep, and who might not be suited
Now available in "Worth Reading" in our user group, this in-depth article is well worth the read for owners, publishers, & production managers.  It can even be used as a self-evaluation  tool for pressmen to see if their perceptions meet up to general industry-wide expectations for their current position.
Remember, you don't have to "sign in" to read articles stored in the "Worth Reading".
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Parts Manual Updates
In early May, we updated pages in the Single Oscillator and Double Oscillator Quad-Stack parts manuals, as well as the Atlas Folder parts manual.  Please make sure you check the latest version (which will always be stored in the User Group) when ordering parts.
Worth Downloading
We've added a link in "Worth Reading" to the specific site on "TwoSides.org" where you can find 4 different download-able infographics regarding the benefits of paper and sustainability that can be printed in a variety of sizes for use in newspapers, as supplements, as handouts, or even printed as posters.  Bleed-marked versions are available.  Some are available in both English and French.  Click the picture...
 Parting Thought
Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. 
The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!
  Oscar Wilde   

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