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Issue: #29 June 2016

We have much to reflect upon this month... 

Read CCCR's statement on the Orlando Massacre.  Read about  Kathryn Lien's Open Forum presentation, "Experiencing Liturgical and Sacramental Life"--part of the pastoral recommendation. Read about the advisory board Pope Francis appointed June 4th.

Read on, learn more, and be involved. . . 

Orlando Massacre of LGBTQ Persons 
Catholic Coalition for Church Reform and Council of the Baptized stand in solidarity with the LGBT QA community in mourning the dead and praying for the recovery of the wounded in Orlando.

We call upon all to challenge our all-pervading culture of violence.   We call for an end to homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, racism, or any other ism, which harms others.

We call for a culture of tolerance, which embraces the diverse religious and cultural groups that are the American people.

We need to acknowledge our own responsibility in preventing future tragedies. This includes our silence to speak against acts of violence and hatred.   

As reformers, we call on our religious and spiritual leaders to come out of hiding and to speak out forcefully against assault weapons.  We must strengthen our faith that love will prevail over the volatile mix of intolerance, violence, and political rhetoric.
Robert Beutel, Co-chair
Catholic Coalition for Church Reform

CCCR and the CoB News

Open Forums, which are held before our monthly CoB meetings at Gloria Dei from 7pm-8pm, are designed to present topics of current interest and action in our Archdiocese.  To date, there have been two Open Forum presentations regarding the Pastoral Recommendations project.  If you missed the previous Open Forums, which discussed some of the PRP recommendations, you may find drafts of them at  PRP Recommendations To Date .       

Open Forum: Experiencing Liturgical and Sacramental Life  Held on June 14, 2016
K athryn Lien led the  "Experiencing Liturgical and Sacramental Life" Open Forum.  Kathryn has been coordinating the drafting of this section within the PRP--liturgical and sacramental life.  She discussed the five recommendations in this section of the PRP:

1.  On Community Worship and Sacraments
2.  Lay Preaching and Lay-led Liturgies
3.  Education
4.  Sacrament of Penance
5.  5-Star Parishes

You will find the paper at PRP Recommendations Project.

Upcoming Open Forum Presentations
There will not be an open forum during July.  Rest up.  Join us in August.  The next Open Forum will be held on August 9th, 7-8pm at Gloria Dei, which is located at 700 Snelling Ave. S., 55116.  The August Open Forum will be a continuing discussion of the Pastoral Recommendations Project.  So, come join us.  Read the Pastoral Recommendations Project cited throughout this newsletter.   Then, determine where you would like to contribute to this effort. At the very least, stimulate your mind.

New Position Paper Proposal:   Priestly Ordination of Women 
T he Council of the Baptized has formed a research and development team to draft a position paper.  It posits that "Catholic ordination to the priesthood should be open to women."  Rather than addressing the topic in relation to women deacons, or the shortage of priests, this paper will address the issue of ordaining women on its own merits.    Watch the CCCR Newsletter for future developments.  If you are interested in joining in the position paper research and development team:

Mary Beth Stein
Council of the Baptized

Pastoral Recommendations Project Progress

P rogress is being made on several fronts. The Pastoral Recommendations Project steering committee is requesting a meeting with Archbishop Hebda.  Over 100 individuals have been involved in the drafting of the recommendations.  The PRP team is currently finalizing a draft of the full recommendations document.  You may find it at Pastoral Recommendations Project.

Now we need to work together to implement the recommendations in our individual parishes in the following seven topical areas listed below:

1. Personal Growth and Community Health
2. Developing the Parish Community
3. Experiencing Liturgical and Sacramental Life
4. Supporting Social Justice Outreach
5. Developing Servant Leadership
6. Building Structures for Communication
7. Archdiocesan Healing

Discern how  you  may help to collaborate with others to implement the recommendations in your parish.

Ed Walsh, Pastoral Recommendations Project

Pope Appoints Advisory Board...

A s reported in the June 9th Catholic Spirit issue, Pope Francis published an  apostolic letter, dated June 4th, in which he articulates what constitutes a basis for a bishop to be removed from service.  Effective September 5, 2016, the pope says that, "The decision of the Congregation as stated in articles 3-4 must be submitted for the specific approval of the Roman Pontiff, who before making a definitive decision will take counsel with a special College of Jurists designated for this purpose."

Recommended Reading

Editorial: Orlando surfaces issues of moral urgency  - NCR Editorial Staff (National Catholic Reporter, June 23, 2016).

Apostolic letter   - Pope Francis ( Vatican , June 4, 2016).

Pope to appoint advisory board for removing negligent bishops - Carol Glatz ( Catholic Spirit,  June 9, 2016).

Experiencing liturgical and sacramental life  - Kathryn Lien  (Council of the Baptized , May 9, 2016).

It's time to be honest about Pope Francis and women - Jamie Manson ( National Catholic Reporter, May 19, 2016).

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