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Pastor Jeff Smith
"All things are permissible for me,
but not everything is beneficial."
1 Corinthians 6:12 (CSB)

1.    Reason. Wesley was an intellectual who didn’t believe you should check your brains at the door of the church.
2.    Tradition. Our traditions in how we do church have shaped us and made us what we are as followers of God. While there is no need to rigidly adhere to them, thus turning them into idols, they should nevertheless be respected.
3.    Experience. Wesley struggled with this one. He was referring to something that can be categorized as a direct experience from God. Moses at the burning bush? Pretty direct. Mary being visited by an angel who told her she was going to be a momma while yet still a virgin. Doesn’t get any more direct. Wesley experienced a direct encounter with God on his way to a bible study when he felt “his heart strangely warmed.” 

4.    Scripture. For Wesley, this was the most important frame of reference for looking at the world. He saw scripture as foundational. As for the other three, they may lead to compelling encounters, but if they are not lifted up and supported by scripture, they are not of God. 
I recently read this quote: “The bible belongs to those who read it.” John Wesley would have given this statement a big, "Amen!" If Wesley were around today, I think he would be alarmed at the number of theologians and clergy who seem to place reason and experience ahead of what’s in scripture. In fact, I think he would double down on the importance of scripture and its paramount nature in how to look at the world. To do anything less is a dangerous thing. It takes us down a path where we make the bible say what we want it to say. In my humble opinion, if scripture is not foundational, then eventually it all falls apart. The faith becomes just one more special interest group, just one more approach among many. Scripture, and our adherence to it as the Word of God Himself, is what sets us apart.  And without that, I would just as soon become a principled pagan. It would be more honest. And it would sure be a lot easier. But where is it written that it's supposed to be easy following Jesus?
Pastor Jeff
Habitat for Humanity Build

Do you want to make a difference in someone’s life?

You can do just that on Thursday, July 7, or Saturday, July 9, by helping to build a house with Habitat for Humanity!

No construction skills? Don’t worry!! If you want to learn about constructing a home, there are skilled workers there who will show you how you can help even without knowing what you are doing.

And if you don’t want to be Bob Vila, we need people to help donate food for snacks and lunch, people to stop by and cheer on the workers, and others to prayer walk the neighborhood.

Habitat’s minimum age is 16 years old. Those who are 16 and 17 must have a minor waiver form signed and parent/guardian with them at all times on the site.

If you are interested in doing the construction work, please go to the following website to register:

If you wish to provide food or other support, please contact Debbie Smith at or (260)466-0310.

On Sunday, May 8, prayers and blessings were offered over items made by our Missions Sewing Group before being sent to the Midwest Mission Distribution Center.
Totals: 622 bags, 40 quilts, 30 layette kits, 445 diapers,
122 receiving blankets, 48 items of boy's clothing, & 246 items girl's clothing!
Tapio School

Dear Friends of the Tapio School,

Progress is being made on the construction of the two additional school rooms. These rooms should be completed in time for the start of the school year in the Fall. Joseph Jean, who heads the school, reported this last November that the school has 283 enrolled students. Not all students attend every school day, but attendance is good. The school employs 1 school director, 13 teachers and 5 support staff. The school continues to provide lunch each school day for the students and staff. This is all due to the kind support of our donors, the majority of whom are members of Leo UMC.
I want to share some exciting news. We have created a separate 501c3 for the Tapio school so we can accept funds from donors outside our church. The name of the charity is Friends of Tapio School. There are post cards in the hallway outside the sanctuary that include information on how individuals outside our church can donate to support the school. With the addition of another class this Fall we anticipate the monthly cost to operate the school being in excess of $3,000 per month. Accordingly, it is important that we expand our base of support for the school. Please take some of these post cards and share them with friends and family as you share the story of this school in the mountains of Haiti and how God has provided Leo UMC the blessing of helping in its formation and support.
As you may have read in the media, there is much turmoil in Haiti right now. Gang members have taken over the streets of Port-au-Prince and their influence is expanding outside the city. Inflation is also high running over 20% per year. This school provides a source of hope in an area that greatly needs it. I have a friend who is Haitian but lives here in Fort Wayne. I asked him to check on the school during one of his visits to Haiti. Upon his return he indicated to me that even by Haitian standards, a country deemed the poorest in the Western Hemisphere, the people of Tapio were among the poorest. God’s work continues with our help. “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Eph. 2:10

Thank you for choosing to walk in this good work that has been prepared for us by God.
---Mark Warsco
Meijer Double Match - June 18

The Meijer Store on Maysville Road will have a
Double Match Day to support the Grabill Food Bank
on June 18!
In the checkout line, look for the "Simply Give" cards available
for purchase. On June 18, double that amount will be sent specifically to the Grabill Food Bank 

Your donation will be twice as nice and, as always, greatly appreciated!
Hospitality Needs!

  • Greeter(s) for the north door on the third Sunday of the month before the first service
  • Greeter(s) for the front door on the fourth Sunday of the month before the first service
  • Greeters for the north doors before the second service
  • People to clean up the coffee pots after Sunday School

Ministries to our church family that don't take a lot of time,
but make a world of difference!
Please contact Connie Bowman, 627-2710, or the church office to volunteer!
American Red Cross Blood Drive

Wednesday, June 22, 1:30-6:30PM
Each blood donor receives
a FREE Cedar Point or Kings Island ticket!

Please help save a life!
June Youth Group

June 5 5:00 pm – 7:00  pm, at the church
(A busy weekend with graduation parties, but Connie & John Bowman will be at the church between 5:00 and 7:00pm for any youth that want to come at any time. There will be a Lego building contest.)

June 12 4:00 pm until finished, painting at Richters

June 19  NO youth group – Father's Day; spend time with dad

June 26  5:00 pm – 7:00 pm, at the church

The schedule is always subject to last minute changes; please watch you email.
Gateway Woods -
Summer Produce Subscriptions

As a Summer Produce Subscriber, you’ll receive eight (8) bins every two (2) weeks, June through September, of seasonal greens, berries, tomatoes, herbs and more, all grown by the youth on the Gateway Woods Farm. Each bin includes about 10 seasonal produce items as well as a half dozen eggs from pastured hens. A few bins will include from-scratch baked goods, utilizing and showcasing their fresh produce.

Your $250 subscription helps grow the GW Farms program, supports the local economy, and encourages residents-turned-farmers on their journey to hope restored.
Thank you for supporting Gateway Woods!
Men's Prayer Breakfast
Thursday, June 9
7:00AM in the gym

All men are welcome to join in for a wonderful breakfast and an hour of faith-filled fellowship! Please mark your calendars!

As of March 7, 2022, United Methodist Women became
United Women in Faith!
We are still the same Methodist organization
focusing on women and children! 
The Leo United Women in Faith
"Knitted Together for God's Good Work"
Be a part of the UMF this fall 2022!

Thursday, September 8
Circle meeting in the Jr-Sr Room at noon
Fall Fundraiser Cinnamon Rolls Pre-Orders By Sept. 28
Customers pickup on Oct. 1
Thursday, October 13
Circle meeting in the Jr-Sr Room at noon
                  Christmas cards for charity
Saturday, October 29
Coffee, Cider and Chatter returns - 9:30 am
Come, enjoy fellowship with other ladies!
Bring a friend!
Junk in Your Trunk Flea Market

A BIG "Thank you!" to everyone for making the flea market a success!

A special thank you to Becky Rhodes for all her help, ideas and support in the planning of this event. Thank you to all the United Methodist ladies who coordinated different aspects of the market: Virginia Ruby and Gerry Carner for the rummage sale; Pam Roy and Marilyn Toops for the plant sale; Marianne Neuhauser and Virginia Jones for the bake sale. Thank you to all the other ladies who helped throughout the day - your help was greatly appreciated. Thank you to Kathy and Bob Fruchey for the flea market sign out in front of the church. Philip Murden, Dave Beatty, Earl Toops and Jake Ruby for set up and tear down. Thank you, too, Jake, for your special sales skills.

A special thank you to Sophia Couey who helped out to earn community service points for school. She was a blessing and great helper.

Thank you to Rob Hartley for getting us the tables, chairs, trash containers and anything else we needed for the flea market. I hope I have not missed anyone!

For those who missed all the great vendors, plants, baked goods and wonderful items for sale, you need to attend next year on May 13, 2023. Hope to see you there.
Thank you to everyone!
---Joyce Murden

We had an energetic group of workers at the Spring Clean-Up Day,
Saturday, May 21, most of them pictured here! THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Windows were washed, mulch spread, weeds pulled, bushes trimmed, walls painted, and many more tasks accomplished, accentuated by lots of laughter and dirt! Watch for another opportunity this Fall to join in the fellowship
that helps make our church property shine!
June Birthdays

6/01 Melinda Conley
6/01 Sam Schlosser
6/02 Jeff Finton
6/03 Helen Hobson
6/05 Mary McCormack
6/05 Cain Wright
6/06 Leah Shappell
6/09 Timothy Fruchey
6/10 Brian Carpenter
6/11 Richard Garren
6/17 Audrea Anderson

6/19 Connie Rose
6/21 Eli Okeson
6/22 Rebecca Losey
6/23 Pete Werth
6/25 Carol Cox
6/25 Kathy Douglas
6/26 Bob Christlieb
6/27 Robert Fruchey
6/27 Becky Rhodes
6/28 Bob Richter
6/29 Claire Martin

June Anniversaries
6/01 Jackie & Mike Baker
6/03 Sharon & Gary Tieben
6/04 Diana & Duane Hankey
6/04 Jennifer & Greg Schlosser
6/10 Carol & Bish Hathaway
6/14 Karen & Richard Butt
6/19 Karie & Gene Harding
6/24 Kathy & Bob Fruchey
6/24 Carrie & Ben Shappell
6/24 Jill & Denny Wright
6/29 Debbie & Eric Smith
6/30 Vicki & Steve Bahls
Prayer Requests
Jeannine & Chuck Arnett
Callen Fech
Helen Hobson
June Litzenberg
Loring McCay
Sue Ellen Moyer
Linda Reinsch
Denise Stump
Pete Werth
Alan Wietlisbach
Glenda, sister of Angela Losey
Vernon Burkett
Dean Daily
Merton Deventer
Pat Henderson
Sue Roberts
Maureen Strauss

Our Military

Jesse Adams, U.S. Air Force
Kyle Cserep, U.S. Marines
Benjamin Eager, U.S. Army
Julie Gorney, U.S. Navy
Gene Harding, U.S. Army National Guard
Greg Myers, Jr., U.S. Marines
Stephen Wierzbowski, U.S. Navy
Jacob Wolfe, U.S. Army National Guard
David Wright, U.S. Air Force
The Church Office is Open...

...but it would be extremely helpful if you called the office (627-2161) prior to coming to the front door. Church office hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:30am until 3:00pm; please come to Entrance 1.

And you can always reach us via email:
Pastor Jeff Smith -
Bonnie Adams - - tithing, contributions, monetary donations, everything financial
Diana Kuebler - - scheduling meetings/events, reserving/renting church space, newsletter articles, prayer concerns, general questions
Meetings, activities and special events are posted in real time on the Leo UMC website. Simply go to and click on "Calendar" to see a calendar updated with the most current information as it is obtained.
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