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Pastor Jeff Smith
"... sign of new life for the church." --- a Friend
Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? --- Matthew 6:26
Leo Methodist Church
What's In A Name?
"Your name is Simon, Son of John - but you shall be called Cephas." John 1:42

What’s in a name? The question implies that one name is as good as another. I’m quite sure that’s not true. Early in the Gospel story, Jesus met a fisherman named Simon. While we don’t know all the details, he would in all likelihood have been introduced as Simon, son of John. When Jesus met Simon, he may have been a leader in his small community. But beyond it, he was no big deal. But then Jesus changed his name to Cephas, which means Peter. Why? Well, I don’t think it was because he simply liked the name Peter better than the name Simon. Jesus changed the man’s name to match the vision he had for him. The name Peter means “rock” and Jesus, in changing Simon’s name, cast a vision for Peter: “Because you are the rock upon which the church shall be built.” 
God had something very similar in mind for a couple of nomads who lived many centuries before Jesus walked the earth. He changed their names, too. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the names “Abram” or “Sari,” it’s just that God wanted them to have new names that matched the God-sized vision he was asking them to embrace. God wanted Abraham and Sarah to found a great nation, and He wanted them to have names that matched the size of that vision. 
What’s in a name as it applies to us here in our church family has recently taken on interesting connotations. After July 1st, we can no longer be known as Leo United Methodist church. We have to have a new name. The question is, “What should that name be?” In a recent survey, some of our church family came up with some suggestions. The most popular one so far is “Leo Methodist Church.” There is something both historical and comforting in that. I’m not sure it matches the God-sized vision that God has in mind for us though. The most unique? “Just not something artificial sounding like most mega church names.” The name I found most intriguing was Road One Methodist Church. Presumably the name has a double meaning. We are located on Highway 1, but also that there is only "one road" to the Father and that’s through the Son. 
Naturally, these are just a few of the responses and all of them will be prayerfully considered. I invite you to keep praying about what our new name should be, and that it will match the God-sized vision that God has for us. 
Jesus gave a colorful, but obscure fisherman a new name, unleashing a spiritual power unprecedented and unequaled on the face of the earth - a power that is still transforming human history and culture as we speak. 
God changed Abram and Sari, an unassuming and unremarkable couple, to Abraham and Sarah, and a great nation was started that literally changed the world and everything in it forever. 
Friends, my biggest fear is not that we won’t have a vision beyond just keeping the doors of our church open. My biggest fear is that the vision we have won’t be big enough to see what God wants to do with us for His kingdom. Whatever our new name is, may it reflect what God sees in us, what maybe only God can see in us at this point in time. 
I don’t know about you, but it gives me chills to think of the implications that can come from the right new name. 
Pastor Jeff
ABS - Another Bible Study

Beginning Sunday, June 4, 10:15 AM in the Music Room

ABS - Another Bible Study - starts off with an examination of the book of Titus, a small book with a powerful message to the churches of today. Led by John Bowman, sessions will use Right Now Media for a video, after which the class will discuss and explore each lesson. If you have any questions, please contact John at or call 260-557-8696. Everyone is invited!
Missions Moment: Gideons Ministries

God’s word is effective, and it will not return void. This ministry places scripture all over the world and is active in 199 countries. Last year the Gideons placed over 45 million scriptures. Locally our Allen County Gideons placed over 6,000 copies of God’s word locally in hotel rooms, in distributions at college campuses, at the Rescue Mission and at other shelters. God is affecting lives right here in Allen County through the placement of his word. I have seen it.

Our church participates in the work of this ministry through our prayer support, the work of members of our congregation who are Gideons and through our financial support. On June 11 we will have a Gideon speaker make a presentation and an offering will be collected to support the Gideons. The average cost of a Gideon New Testament is $1.56, and the average cost of a Hotel Bible is $5.00. The funds to buy these scriptures come from three sources: supporting churches, the Gideon Bible Card program and donations from Gideon members. Church support is a very critical element for this ministry to succeed in reaching those who do not know Jesus as their personal savior.

Please come to service on the June 11 prepared to hear stories of how God is using his word to change lives, and to financially support this ministry. As always if you cannot attend in person, but God is leading you to support this ministry, you can send your contribution to the church office. Please be sure to indicate on the donation that it is for the Gideons. Thank you!
---Mark Warsco
Tapio Update

As you may have read or heard, the situation in Haiti right now is awful. The gangs have taken over most of the neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince and are expanding their territory outside the city. I did receive a recent report from Joseph that the gang activity had not made its way to Tapio yet. Apparently Tapio is too remote.

I wish I could say the same for another ministry I am affiliated with in Haiti, Jesus in Haiti. Jesus in Haiti is located along the main roadway heading north outside Port-au-Prince along the coast. I received a recent report from the Director for Jesus in Haiti that they had to evacuate the school. The gangs had invaded a city that is less than a half mile away and there were open gun battles in the streets. I was told that the parents of some of the students had been killed in the fighting. Jesus in Haiti is trying to aid as best it can to the students and their families who are refugees from this violence.

Again, Tapio for the time being is fine. The school is functioning. The main effect on the Tapio school has been that two of the teachers have not been able to come to the school to teach due to gang activity in the city where they live. Please pray for Haiti, pray for the safety of the Tapio school, its teachers, staff, students and their families.
---Mark Warsco
Missions "Save The Date!"


For more information on Project 216, click here
Celebrating our Graduates - June 11
Congratulations and God's Blessings for a bright future!

Sophia Couey, daughter of Stephanie Murden Couey, granddaughter of Philip & Joyce Murden. 
Graduated from Leo High School. Will attend Purdue University and major in genetics.
Joylin McCloskey, daughter of EJ and April Wright. Graduated from Leo High School. Will attend Purdue Fort Wayne and major in drama with a minor in criminal justice psychology.
Camden Myers, son of Ryan & Theresa Myers, grandson of Philip & Joyce Murden. Graduated from Leo High School. Will attend Purdue Fort Wayne and major in Polytechnic.
Olivia Myers, daughter of Ryan & Theresa Myers, granddaughter of Philip & Joyce Murden. Graduated from Leo High School. Will attend Indiana University and major in speech pathology.
Leo Schlechty, son of Lisa Schlechty. Graduated from Leo High School. Will attend Indiana University Fort Wayne and pursue a BS in nursing.
Sam Schlosser, son of Greg and Jennifer Schlosser. Graduated from Ball State University with a degree in economics. He is working as a general contractor and reclamation specialist for a new start-up company in Indianapolis.
Henry Scruggs, son of Tommy and Natalie Scruggs. Graduated from Concordia Lutheran High School. Will attend Hope College and play football.
Stella Scruggs, daughter of Tommy and Natalie Scruggs. Graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion design.
Family Movie Night Returns!

Family-Friendly Fun... Friday, June 30!

Doors open at 6:00PM... movie starts at 6:30PM in the gym!
Movie is Free; Popcorn, Juice are 50 cents each!

Bring your favorite seat of choice... cushion, pillow, blanket, bean bag or lawn chair... and come
enjoy a great movie with family and friends!

Our first movie will be Disney's "Finding Nemo,"
the story of an over-protective clown fish father (Marlin)
setting out to find his lost son (Nemo), with the 'help'
of a forgetful regal blue tang (Dory).

Future Dates: Jul 21, Aug 18, Sep 15, Oct 27, Nov 17 & Dec 15
Taste of Thursday!

June 1, 10AM-12PM in the Youth Room

Becky has another fantastic recipe to share this month!
Come visit, taste, and enjoy!

Taste of Thursday! The first Thursday of each month!
We hope you'll join us!
Men’s Ministry

The next Men's Breakfast will be Thursday, June 8, 7AM in the gym. Always an enjoyable time of fellowship and prayer, we hope you will join us! 
Pray As You Are

Pray As You Are meets in the sanctuary from 12:00-12:30AM on Tuesdays. We hope you will come join others in this reflective time of worship together, or just take time to pray wherever you are.
Remembrance and Appreciation

Toward the end of March, Bish was sitting at the island. He seemed extra despondent that day. I sat down beside him and took his hands. I said to him, "Do you know what losses that you have had that make me the saddest?"

"First of all, I miss your posture. You used to be so very strong and always stood up so straight. I miss your voice. You had a beautiful bass voice and loved singing in all sorts of choirs for all sorts of occasions. Now sometimes you have difficulty simply speaking. And your hands. They delivered babies, sutured your patients with nary a visible scar, you were able to fix everything the kids broke and enjoyed inventing gadgets to make life easier. Now your hands tremble."

I have read and believe "eyes are the mirror of the soul." I have seen so many manifestations of beautiful souls in this congregation. I have seen empathy, sympathy, understanding and the desire to help and love. I and the rest of my family cannot thank you enough.

Gratefully and lovingly,
Carol Hathaway
Five Crowns - Fellowship & Fun!
Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00PM
Fellowship Hall

Ages 18-99.... or even 105! Love to play a game that favors luck/chance more than cunning/skills... so you can concentrate more on fun than strategy? This is the game for you! And you can learn it in five minutes or less - guaranteed! Come join the fun for the whole evening or just slip in for a hand or two! If you have questions, contact Rhonda Smith or Vickie-Lynn Kennerk, or just show up on Wednesday at 6:30PM!
2023 Women in Faith Gatherings

Thursday, June 8 - LUNCHEON - Noon at Halls Deck
RSVP to Becky Rhodes
Meet at church at 11:15AM if you wish to car pool.

Thursday, August 3 - Executive Board Meeting
Noon in Youth Room

FALL 2023

Thursday, September 14 - Circle Meeting
Noon in the Youth Room
Program: Marilynn Toops

Sunday, September 17 - Tentative date Project 216

Fall Fundraiser: Cinnamon Rolls
Pre-order by Wednesday, October 4
Pick up on Saturday, October 7

Thursday, October 12 - Circle Meeting
Noon in the Youth Room

Thursday, November 9 - Circle Meeting
Noon in the Youth Room; Book Reviews

Thursday, December 14 - Christmas Potluck
11:30AM in the Youth Room
Thank you!

A big thanks to all who donated baby items and money to the Associated Churches' "A Baby's Closet" during our Mothers' Day mission project. The congregation was very generous and your efforts will benefit many struggling mothers.  

--- United Women in Faith
Another "THANK YOU!!"

A BIG "Thank you!" to everyone for making the Spring Bazaar and Flea Market a success!

Thank you to all the United Women in Faith who helped manage the rummage, plant and bake sales. We had a steady flow of customers through the booths and positive feedback from the vendors about the event. The three food trucks of Wildwood Grill (who sold out of every menu item he brought), Kona Ice and Leo’s Frozen Spoon all said they had good sales.

Thank you to Rob Hartley for helping us set up the tables, chairs, and anything else we needed for the flea market. Rob, you are so appreciated. Thank you to the Church office for your help whenever we needed printing and vendor contact. Thank you to Kara Harding, Kelly Hand and Daisy Brownie Troop for manning the popcorn and drink booth.

Leftover items were sent to The Lighthouse (thank you Jacob Lewis for transporting the items) and Cross Borders (thank you Bev And Dave Beatty). The Grabill Library took leftover books and Rosie's Resources clothing to the homeless. We appreciate being able to help other missions with our project.

If you missed the Spring Bazaar and Flea Market, you missed many wonderful vendors and purchasing opportunities! Hopefully you can come next year!
June Birthdays

06/01 Sam Schlosser
06/02 Jeff Finton
06/03 Helen Hobson
06/05 Mary McCormack
06/05 Cain Wright
06/06 Leah Shappell
06/10 Brian Carpenter
06/10 Rhonda Memmer
06/11 Rick Memmer
06/11 Lisa Schlechty
06/19 Connie Rose

06/21 Elijah Okeson
06/22 Rebecca Losey
06/23 Pete Werth
06/25 Carol Cox
06/25 Kathy Douglas
06/26 Bob Christlieb
06/27 Bob Fruchey
06/27 Becky Rhodes
06/28 Bob Richter
06/29 Claire Martin
June Anniversaries
06/01 Jackie & Mike Baker
06/03 Sharon & Gary Tieben
06/04 Jenny & Greg Schlosser
06/09 Jana & Barry Gerardot
06/14 Karen & Bob Richter
06/19 Karie & Gene Harding
06/24 Kathy & Bob Fruchey
06/24 Carrie & Ben Shappell
06/30 Vicki & Steve Bahls
Prayer Requests
Hal Coxson
Bev Fiedler
Nicole Fech
Marilyn Gallatin
Brian Inman
Dave Kechel
Bonnetta Lantz
Grace Lahr
Mike Losey
Shirley Rigor
Sue Roberts
Louis Stump
Tony VanAttenhoven
Mark Warsco
Gerry Weesner
Pete Werth
Janet Yager

(Names remain on Prayer Requests for two months unless otherwise notified.)
Merton Deventer
Pat Henderson
Helen Hobson (Michigan)
Sue Roberts
Maureen Strauss

Pray for the Family of
Nancy Johnson
(friend of Bob & Sharon Christlieb)
Our Military

Jesse Adams, U.S. Air Force
Benjamin Eager, U.S. Army
Julie Gorney, U.S. Navy
Gene Harding, U.S. Army National Guard
Stephen Wierzbowski, U.S. Navy
Jacob Wolfe, U.S. Army National Guard
David Wright, U.S. Air Force
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