June Newsletter
Alamo 180 is a community of motivated men and women ready to make positive lifestyle changes.

Take a look at our athletes setting their 180 goals and accomplishing them!

Are you ready to achieve your 180 goal? Do it in a supportive community! Achieve more, together!
Athlete Accomplishments!
Triathlon Race Day!
Congrats to all of our triathletes that raced the CapTex Triathlon on Memorial Day!

For two of them, it was their first triathlon (they are in the Rookie to Race program), three had podium finishes and so many had personal best performances!

Achieve more, together!
Rookie To Race Accomplishments!
Rookie to Race triathletes are entering race week! Over the 6 week program, they have learned freestyle, breaststroke, worked on bike skills, improved run efficiency, mastered transitions, and more! They are ready for race day!

Also, check out this video on how supportive this beginner triathlon community is! Race simulation swim video
CrossFit Athletes at Spartan Race!
Check out a couple of our CrossFit athletes that showed up to Spartan race!

CrossFit is a way of training that prepares you for ANY obstacle in life!
CrossFit + Triathlon Programs
Intelligent Design CrossFit
CrossFit with a team of individuals on the same journey to health and fitness as you! Achieve more, together.

Lots of convenient membership options to pick from! Learn how our Intelligent Design CrossFit program can benefit you

Are you new to CrossFit? Check out our Beginner CrossFit program
Beginner CrossFit Series
The BEST introduction to CrossFit is our Beginner CrossFit program.

Learn the movement names, how to do them correctly, how to read the workout on the board, and more. We go over the basics so you can show up to CrossFit classes confident and ready!

Our Beginner CrossFit program is the best place to start your CrossFit journey!

Reach out to Coach Jeff at jeff@alamo180.com to book your appointment and get started!
Triathlon Training
Swim, bike and run with a team of triathletes on the same journey to health and fitness as you! Achieve more, together.

Learn more about joining the team! Lots of convenient membership options to pick from!

Training start dates this month:
Dam 09 Sprint Tri starts June 3
Kerrville Half Tri starts June 24

Are you new to triathlon? Check out our Rookie to Race program #2 starting July 17! Learn about Rookie to Race
Rookie to Race Program #2
Learn all the ins and outs of triathlon with a team of beginner triathletes with the same goal as you - the finish line! Achieve more, together.

Lay the right foundation of which to build your triathlon lifestyle. Learn the right way the first time!

Rookie to Race Program #2 starts July 17!

Learn about Rookie to Race and how you can get started on an exciting triathlon journey!
Save the Dates for Upcoming Programs & Events:

Rookie to Race Program #2 | starts July 17
Kerrville Sprint & Quarter | starts July 8
Ironman 70.3 Waco | starts July 22

Beginner CrossFit | make an appointment & get started!

Swim Series:
Beginner Swim Series | starts September 4!
Beyond Beginner Swim Series | starts September 5!
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  • For CrossFit, message Coach Jeff at jeff@alamo180.com.
  • For Triathlon, message Coach Bree at bree@alamo180.com
  • For Custom Run coaching, message Coach Lexa at lexa@alamo180.com


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