Newsletter Article June 2019:
           A Year ago, First Christian Church went through “New Beginnings.” You probably remember it for the small groups that met, where you were asked to talk about the past, present, and future of our church. Maybe you also remember talking about the difference between a “membership” and “discipleship” church. The whole program ended with a decision to move forward with a redefinition of our mission as church. And then, maybe you noticed…things paused. I’ll admit, I was a part of that pause. Well, not me, but the need to hire a minister. A steering committee came together in the early fall of last year, but after a couple of meetings it was decided to take a pause and wait for the new minister. And now I’m here!
           A few months ago the New Beginnings steering committee came back together to talk about where First Christian Church is at. Over a couple of meetings, we’ve discussed how to redirect the mission of the church towards our community using the resources we have available. Becoming “missional” means, above everything else, learning to connect with the world around us in meaningful, mission driven ways. New Beginnings helps start the conversation towards transformation, but it is just the beginning, and there is more work to be done!
           One of the opportunities that the church is pursuing is partnering with a local musician to pursue the creation of a community based music academy. Bonnie Yeager, a musician with a background working with these kinds of programs, is interested in working with us to get something started. What she needs is space, and a congregation dedicated to music and our community. This is the perfect example of ways that the work and conversations of New Beginnings will be playing out in the future.
           But of course, there is no “silver bullet” solution that will transform this place over night. New Beginnings was not meant to produce a solution that would be easy to implement, but rather the beginning of a process that will take a while to fully come to fruition, and that will require changing many of the structures and attitudes of the church. This takes time and dedication, but after nearly 6 months of being here, it’s clear we’re heading in that direction! The New Beginnings group meetings a year ago started a conversation among all of us about the future, and the results and decision to think about our mission is the beginning of a process of transformation that will require us to be attuned to the way the spirit is leading us.
           Keep praying for this process and everyone on the New Beginnings steering committee.
Blessings, Pastor Andrew
(Congregational prayer requests will remain in the bulletin for 2 weeks unless office is otherwise notified.)
Blickenstaff, Channing & Janet—University Place (313)
Peters, Flo—Friendship House (320) Prather, Ann--home
Reagan, John—Westminster (2102) Sharp, Wanda--Indianapolis Ward, Ralph—Five Star Residences (87) Ward, Ruby—son’s home Zarzour, Connie--home Bowman, M Charlene--Mulberry Brunger, Sally—Mulberry (324) Curtis, Marylou—Westminster (3404) Linda Edwards - home England, Sue—Signature Health (104) Fairfield, Charles—Signature H (229) Galloway, Marilyn—Creasy Springs (201 Hamilton, Gordon & Joyce--home Harvey, Barbara--home Leslie, Edna—Glasswater Creek (200) Lynn, Vernetta—Five Star Residences Maris, Lucille—Westminster (3201) Mounts, Suzie—Elmcroft (124)
CONGREGATIONAL REQUESTS: Nancy Eberhard – cancer; Calvin Hilgediek and family; Sue England— shoulder surgery 5/28; Linda Edwards— heart surgery 5/29
Dear Church,
Nancy and I want to express our thanks and appreciation for your kindness and thoughtful generosity. We our most grateful for all the cards, food, and gift cards to restaurants we have received. We our especially grateful for the prayers you are offering on behalf of Nancy and me. All your prayers, love, and support have meant more to us than can be expressed in words. Simply, we thank God for the wonderful friends and family that God has blessed us during this very challenging time in Nancy’s life. 
Let me share with you the ongoing process Nancy is in:
1.    Nancy has completed her first round of three chemotherapy treatments. She will be scheduled for a second round after her surgery.
2.   Nancy’s is scheduled for surgery at Mayo Clinic sometime during the week of June 9 th . We anticipate that the surgery will take place June 11 th or 12 th . We will most likely be there one week (June 9 th -June 16 th .)
3.   Nancy will most likely begin her second round of chemo sometime in early July.
We are asking that you specifically pray that the chemotherapy that she has had to this point is successfully working so that she can have the surgery as planned.
 Nancy has done well managing the side effects of her therapy and has been able to stay active, including being able to baby sit our new granddaughter Bonnie a few times. And the way she feels has improved since therapy and we are thankful for that. AGAIN, THANK YOU FOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS! WE LOVE YOU! PEACE, NANCY AND GREG
June Jenkins our church secretary would like to thank Dave Schluttenhofer, Letcher Floyd, John Schluttenhofer, Christiana Tully, Don Lindstrom and Michelle Schluttenhofer for rearranging her office. It looks so nice!
Michelle will be placing an order for First Christian Church shirts in June. The cut off date to order is June 10th. Please email Michelle at or call the church office at 765-742-4058 with your name and size. The cost is $10 for a shirt and $20 for a hooded sweatshirt.

June Events
Contact Michelle with questions at 765-490-92397
June 9th - VBS hosted at Central Presbyterian Church. Dinner from 5:30-6pm followed by VBS activities from 6-8pm. You can register at the
Gathering Place or the day of. This is for all ages . There is an
adult VBS that will meet during the kids time from 6-8pm.
Each night a different pastor will lead the devotion/fellowship time.
June16th - Graduation Recognition during both services.
Contact the church at 765-742-4058 with your grads name!

June 23rd - Bowling at Arrowhead Bowling Alley at 11:30am . Cost: $10

June 29th - Aviator Baseball game at 7:05pm.
Contact the church at 7656-742-4058 for a ticket.

Summer Camp Info is on the youth board by the Parlor or contact Michelle