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To the Glory of God and for the Common Good, we make God's love known now and for generations to come through worship and service to all.
June Newsletter
Highlights from Vestry
Cynthia Oakes
  • There will be an Education meeting on June 13 in the Oratory.
  • Ross reported that the audit report will be ready for September.
  • July 17th is the next Bar Harbor Bank and Trust Meeting with our Investment Committee in the Bangor Room of the Parish House. All are welcome.
  • Spring Clean Up will be on Saturday, June 3, 2017.
  • Alisa Wing reported on current needs within outreach along with opportunities for engagement.  The ministry partners for Evensong collections was approved.
  • Tim reported that the hot water heater has been replaced and Burn's Construction will come to finish the asphalt walk.  Roof Systems will fix repairs to the flat roof at their own cost.  The decision to place siding on the south wall by the Parish house was affirmed and it was agreed to first seek professional opinion to confirm the structural integrity of the wall and foundation.
  • Vanessa reported that we will use Bonney Staffing to supply a candidate for the job of Bookkeeper and for our immediate needs.
  • There is interest from the Bangor Historical Society in partnering with us on our Holiday House Tour.
  • An October date from John Bakst for a possible Talent Show or Gospel Concert will be forthcoming.  We are looking for interested volunteers.
The Opiate Crisis; It Affects Us All
Patty Hamilton

Editor's Note: Patty Hamilton is the Public Health director for the city of Bangor and is diligently working to address this issue with multiple partners in our community.

The Opioid Epidemic is real...
A 2014 study done by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) found that 1.9 million people had a substance use disorder involving prescription opioids.
There is no evidence that opioids benefit those with chronic pain, but there is plenty of evidence that shows that these drugs lead to increased risk of heart disease, accidental overdose, and a 35 percent risk of addiction.  Oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine - the list goes on.  In 2014 there were 47,055 lethal drug overdoses. Deaths related to prescription pain relievers accounted for 18,893 of them.
The United States is the biggest consumer of prescription opioids. We account for almost 100 percent of the global total for hydrocodone and 81 percent for oxycodone, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  Knowing all the pain treatment options available to you is the difference between being overpowered, and being empowered. Safer, effective treatment options do exist.  They come in forms that you might not recognize.  Chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, massage therapy, nerve blocks, trigger points injections - this list goes on, too, but those who use opioids may not be aware they have so many options. So the next time you are offered an opioid consider having a conversation and asking about other alternatives. Educate yourself about prescription opioids, their addictive qualities, and other options.
Let your doctor know that you would like to hear about non-opioid treatment options for your pain. They may have suggestions for your specific type of pain and other options available to you. The Centers for Disease Control reports that "clinicians should consider the full range of therapeutic options for the treatment of chronic pain. However, it is hard to estimate the number of persons who could potentially benefit from opioid pain medication long term."
Your doctor will be the best person to go to with questions. They may refer you to trusted sources for alternative pain management. If they suggest that you use prescription opioids for your pain, but if you would like a second opinion, you have that option as well. 
Summer Music at St. John's
Robert Ludwig
Like most churches throughout America, during the summer months our music program at St. John's changes shape. Instead of having a choir leading and supporting the congregation from the chancel, our choir members sit in the nave on Sundays and do not have weekly rehearsals to prepare anthems. Recent years have seen a steady decline in the number of musicians pursuing pipe organ study, both as an avocation and in degree programs. At. St. John's, we are fortunate to have a parishioner, Kay Lindstrom, who has played the organ for a number of years and will be serving as substitute organist for several summer Sundays. For the past several years we have also enhanced our summer music by having music interns - high school students who are very capable pianists and are learning the skills of leading musical worship. This summer we welcome Alex Mower, who graduates from Brewer High School this June. She is a private piano student of Amy Maier, has been playing piano for eight years, and has accompanied the Bangor Symphony Youth Orchestra's Prelude group, as well as the Brew Community School's Elementary Chorus. Alex is planning on attending the University of Maine in the fall to pursue degrees in psychology and women's and gender studies. Please introduce yourself to Alex this summer, and welcome her to our worship life at St. John's.

Rite I Project
Bruce Mallonee

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Rite I project:  by reading the essays, coming to the presentations, speaking to me, or otherwise taking an interest.  The events were varied and informative and will, I hope, stimulate further exploration in the next year.  Stay tuned!
St. John's Stained Glass Windows
Sheila Stratton
This is the second step in the tour of St. John's stained glass windows, all made by Charles J. Connick Studios. A bit of history on the Connick Society quoted from the online Guide to the Charles J. Connick Stained Glass Foundation collection.
"Charles J. Connick (1875-1945) was a preeminent American stained glass artist, whose work may be found in cities all across the United States. Connick's work in the Arts and Crafts movement and beyond, uniquely combined ancient and modern techniques, and also sparked the revival of medieval European stained glass craftsmanship. Connick methodically studied symbols and interaction between light, color and glass, as well as the crucial connection between the stained glass window and its surrounding architecture."
As you step through the doors from the narthex into the sanctuary and turn to the right you will be facing the south wall and the Children's Corner. To quote Margharetta E Beitzell in St. John's Episcopal Church, Bangor , Maine, 1835-1985, a Sesquicentennial History, "The first window in the south wall is the one mentioned in connection with the Children's Corner, Christ blessing the children." It was created about 1930 and was, as were several of the windows and gifts, given by the parish.
This is perhaps, a little known and surprising treat. As you enter the church proper from the narthex "... a round marble-topped table  is seen behind the last pew on the right. It holds the Communion elements each Sunday, before they are carried to the alter for the celebration of the Eucharist, and was given in loving memory of Kenneth Day by his wife. On sunny days the window above the Children's Corner, showing Christ blessing the children is reflected in the table top.
The stained glass window tour will continue in next month's newsletter...
Inez Toothaker

Beyond the edge of lawn and hedge
   The sugar berry grows
Untended by the hand of man
   Bouquets of white it throws.

Its florets flare in bursts of light
   Its perfume sweetens air
Its branchlets wave in graceful fans
   So gaily debonair.

As leaves unfold in symmetry
   With trust in nature's plan
This child of wilderness is free
   To be the best it can.
Announcements & Looking Ahead
There is an opportunity for someone, who has extra time, and would like to help the Altar Guild by washing and ironing the Altar Clothes and fair linen . If you are interested please contact Mother Rita or Lois Bergmans (843-1095). You will be instructed in the correct care of the linens! Thank you, Lois

Education for Ministry (EfM) enrollment is now open .  Students study Old and New Testaments, Christian history, ethics, and theology, and learn methods of theological reflection to find connections between our faith and our lives.  For more information, please speak to Nancy Ludwig or Pat Sprague ( EfM meets Wednesday nights (6 pm - 8:30 pm) beginning September 6 th The deadline for registration is July 2nd .

Extra help is needed for our monthly serving at Second Saturday, hosted here in the Undercroft.  We are scheduled to serve next on July 8th from 11:30 am-1:30 pm.  For more information, please see Nancy Henry

Calling all men!  Do you love a great breakfast and spending time with others?  Come join the Men's Breakfast group this Wednesday, July 12th,  at the Coach House restaurant in Brewer at 7 am .  We look forward to seeing you there!
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