Volume 08 | June 2020
June Newsletter
Welcome Back, Families!

We are so excited to welcome children and families back to Skip-a-Long! We truly missed our school family and the learning, laughter, and love that happens everyday at our centers. We hope your family was able to spend a little more quality time together during the break, but we're sure you're ready to get back into the swing of things - and so are we!

Above all, our first priority is the safety of all of our children, staff, and the families we serve. We will continue to provide the high-quality learning experience for your children, while keeping their health and safety at the forefront of our decisions.

As we transition into a new routine, things will look a little different at our centers. We will continually be working to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all the children in our care. We have implemented several new health policies and procedures that will change and adapt as the pandemic restrictions change. We will continue to keep you updated on any updates to our policies and procedures.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Center Director or Family Service Provider. Thank you for being part of our Skip-a-Long family!
Health and Wellness: Talking to Your Child About COVID-19
The current health crisis is uncharted territory for all of us. While we continue to adapt to all the changes and a "new normal", it is important to keep in mind that children are doing the same. Communicating with your children about what is going on is an important part of supporting their emotional health.

Refer a Family and Earn $100!
We are now enrolling! The highest compliment our program can receive is a referral of a family to our center. Refer a family, and as a way to say thank you, we will give you $100 after that family stays for 60 days! Thank you for helping us grow!

*This offer is only available for currently enrolled Skip-a-Long families and Skip-a-Long staff*
The Importance of Diversity
The importance of diversity and embracing differences in our community is always embedded into our curriculum at Skip-a-Long. However, there are times when these topics are brought to the forefront of our society and may need extra attention. Here are some great tips for teaching diversity and raising tolerant humans.

  • Practice Unity. Be a living example of interacting in a kind way with people who appear different from you.

  • Use Kind Language. Be neutral or affirming when it comes to different groups.

  • Be Kind in Action. Increase your awareness of your nonverbal behaviors.

  • Have Multicultural Experiences. Introduce your children to diverse groups and experiences.

  • Redirect Intolerant Behavior. Address judgmental and unkind behavior with your child.
Health Screening Volunteers Needed
We are looking for volunteers to help with our health screening process in the mornings at our Moline and Milan campuses. This would be a great volunteer opportunity for nursing students or retired health workers!

Find more information here for Milan Health Screener or Moline Health Screener.

Thank you for helping us spread the word!
Birdies for Charity is Still Happening!
You may have heard that the John Deere Classic has been cancelled this year. While we are saddened by this news, we are excited to hear that Birdies for Charity is still happening!

When you donate to Bird #27 through Birdies for Charity, 100% of your donation comes back to Skip-a-Long PLUS a 5% match from the John Deere Classic!

Your support through Birdies for Charity will allow us to continue offering high-quality early care and education services to Quad Cities' children and families. Thank you for supporting Skip-a-Long!