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April 2022 Newsletter

May in Review

During the month of May, River City Domestic Violence Center worked hard assisting survivors in securing permanent housing, obtaining protection orders, safety planning, learning new life skills, finding employment, and developing safe, secure independence. We also worked to reach out to neighboring communities to offer support and began planning our fundraising and awareness event, Walk A Mile!

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We are excited to be facilitating meaningful conversations that work to stop and prevent interpersonal violence and societal stigmas in Yankton and surrounding communities.

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School's Out!

Summer is here, but that doesn't mean that learning has to stop! This month, consider learning or trying something new and, if you have kids, involve them, too! Encouraging happy, healthy lifestyles with youth is an important protective factor that follows them forever. 

Model healthy relationships and boundaries.

  • Adolescents are likely to end up in relationships similar to those modeled for them by adults they trust. 

Set expectations and clear consequences.

  • Ensure your child understands the rules you set for them: curfew, who they can be with and where they can be.
  • Help your child decide what behavior they expect from their date and how to get out of the situation if their date does something unacceptable.  

Meet your child's date.

  • Know who your child is spending their time with. Ask the date questions and explain to them what your rules are.

Stay calm if your child discloses personal information.

  • If your child comes to you with intimate details, do your best to maintain your composure, even if it is something you don't want to hear. Being calm will increase the likelihood that your child will continue to come to you. 

It is hard to talk about dating and relationships with adolescents. If you are interested in more information, check out this link: Dating Matters: Strategies to Promote Health Teen Relationships (

For Facts and Stats, go to Fast Facts: Preventing Teen Dating Violence |Violence Prevention|Injury Center|CDC

Walk A Mile


Family Fun Day

The 15th Annual Walk A Mile event will be on

August 13th at the Lawn at the Meridian!

Registration will be opening soon, so watch our Facebook Page for updates.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please reach out to River City Domestic Violence Center. Sponsors who commit to helping RCDVC host this

great event by July 8th will secure a spot on our banner and promotional material.

Family Fun Day

Prior to Walk A Mile, River City Family Connections will host Family Fun Day. Yard games, face painting, inflatables, and other fun activities will be available for kids of all ages to enjoy! Featured at Family Fun Day, local heroes from the Police Department, Fire Department, and EMS, and Search and Rescue will be present.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please reach out to River City Family Connections. Sponsors who commit to helping RCF host this

great event by July 8th will secure a spot on our banner and promotional material.

Click below to connect with River City Family Connections on Facebook and learn more about the event as details come available!

Family Fun Day Event Page

June Issue Spotlight: PTSD

June is PTSD Awareness Month. Many survivors of interpersonal violence experience PTSD. Too often, they battle silently and alone. While we remain committed to helping survivors fly every month, we ask that you help us bring attention to the invisible wounds many survivors possess. 

When interacting with someone you believe may be experiencing PTSD, try the following things:

  • Talk with the survivor while engaging in physical activity, like going for a walk. This allows the survivor an opportunity to release energy, stay healthy, and clear the mind.
  • Let the survivor steer the conversation. They may want to talk about the traumatic event(s) they have experienced, or they may want to talk about anything but their trauma.
  • Stay calm. Individuals who experience PTSD may be startled or triggered by big expressions or emotions. Try to maintain your composure when interacting with them.
  • Don't give unsolicited advice or hover. Generally, when people are seeking advice or want company, they ask. While you are trying to be helpful, share ideas, and be supportive, the survivor may need something different.
  • Break the stigma. Mental health is health. As a society, it is important to make holistic wellness a priority. A healthy community benefits everyone.
  • Know when to seek professional help. People experiencing PTSD can benefit from having a specially trained professional to walk their journey with them. Sometimes, allies of a PTSD survivors experience secondary trauma. There is enormous strength in asking for help. 
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