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2018 Re-Surfacing Projects
The Ottawa County Road Commission opened the bids for the Township’s 2018 paving program and the low bid was about $51k below↓ the construction estimate. For 2018, the following subdivision streets will be re-surfaced:

1. Birdsong Lane – River Trail to 148th Avenue
2. Riverside Trail – Waterview Trail east to cul-de-sac
3. Waterview Trail – Riverside Trail to Woodside Trail
4. Woodside Trail – Waterview Trail to 148th Avenue
5. 160th Avenue – West to cul-de-sac
6. Mitchell Street – Robbins Road south to end
7. Hidden Creek Drive – Ferris Street to Hidden Creek Court
8. Sandy Woods Drive – Buchanan Street to cul-de-sac
9. Chickory Drive – Buchanan Street south to cul-de-sac
10. Juniper Hills Court – Garnsey Drive south to Cul-de-sac
11. Pine Dunes Court – 168th to cul-de-sac
12. Majestic Court – Lakeshore Drive East to cul-de-sac
13. Reenders Court – Lakeshore Drive East to cul-de-sac

In addition, the following local and major streets will also be re-surfaced:

1. Robbins Road – Pine Street to Mercury Drive
2. Lakeshore Drive – Rosy Mound Drive to Robbins Road

And finally, the following pathways will be re-surfaced:

1. Robbins Road – Mooreland Street to Mercury Drive
2. Comstock Street – 160th Avenue to Mercury Drive

Speed Trailer Request Forms
A link has been added to the Township’s web page to request the SMART speed trailer. The link can be found at:

Recreational Marijuana Taxes
The November General Election is expected to include a ballot measure regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana. Many people assume that this ballot measure will be approved, and the Michigan Legislature has indicated how the tax on marijuana sales would be distributed.  (The Michigan Legislature could also forego the ballot process and approve recreational marijuana use before the November elections.)

In brief, there would be a total tax of 16% assessed (i.e., 6% sales and 10% excise) on the purchase of recreational marijuana. Further, the revenues would be distributed as follows:

  • 35% - transportation fund
  • 35% - K-12 education
  • 15% - local governments that permitted dispensing facilities (i.e., opt-in)
  • 15% - county

Grand Haven Charter Township has not approved an “opt-in” marijuana ordinance – meaning that marijuana dispensaries will not be allowed in the Township.
The Sheriff’s department released their Annual Report in May:
Orphan Drains
The Township’s engineering firm (i.e., Prien and Newhof) has created a GIS map identifying “orphan drains” within the Township. (A so-called “orphan drain” is a storm drain system that is not part of the County drain system – meaning that no one is responsible for repairs or maintenance that may arise.)

About 26 drain systems have been identified as “orphans” and public hearings will be needed to allow the Ottawa County Drain Commission to assume responsibility for these drains. Many are in older subdivisions (e.g., Juniper Hills, Sandy Woods, Robinwood, etc.) . Given the number of orphan drains, it will likely take about five or more years to go through the statutory process and bring these storm drain systems into the County Drain system.

Staff will meet with Prien and Newhof and the Ottawa County Water Resources Commissioner to develop a program to bring 4 or 5 drains each year into the county system … starting with those storm drains most at risk of failure or in need of maintenance.
Summer Taxes
Grand Haven Charter Township is responsible for collection of taxes for all schools, municipalities and other agencies that levy property taxes. Summer tax bills will be mailed out on July 1st and will include taxes for Grand Haven Area Public Schools, the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, the State of Michigan and Ottawa County. 

Keep in mind that these taxes are based on the taxable value of the property as of December 31, 2017 and are typically about 30% higher ↑ than the winter tax bills.

Summer taxes are due Friday, September 14th . Past-due summer taxes are collected at the Township Offices through February 28, 2019 (pursuant to state law, interest and penalty charges are added each month).  

Payments may be made by cash, check or money order.  Credit/Debit card payments are also accepted (a 3% convenience fee applies) at the Township Office, via the Township website ( www.ght.org ) or by calling 1-844-392-3657.  

Payments can also be directly deducted from a checking or savings account. To sign up for this option please go to the Township website ( www.ght.org ) under Finance forms and select “Summer & Winter Taxes – Direct Payment”.

Summer taxes may be deferred until February 14, 2019 if your 2017 total household income did not exceed $40,000 and you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Senior Citizen, age 62 by December 1, 2018
  • Hemiplegic, Paraplegic, or Quadriplegic
  • Eligible Service person, Veteran, Widow or Widower
  • Blind
  • Totally and Permanently Disabled

Applications for deferment are available at the Township Offices or on our website and must be returned by September 15, 2018.
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