Grade 8 Graduation 2018

On Thursday, June 14, eighteen young men and women received 8th Grade Diplomas from Cedar Hill Prep School. They will be moving on to both public and private high schools. Our most sincere congratulations and best wishes for future success go to Aarav, Abhinav, Arjun, Bryce, Carys, Fisayo, Heer, Kabir, Krishna, Lilyanna, Mikayla, Nitasha, Rachel, Rohan, Siddharth, Srihan, Tyler, and Vishnu. We are so proud of each of you...and will miss you!  Read More
Preschool - Kindergarten News
Pre-Kindergarten Celebration

As our school year was coming to an end, the Pre-Kindergarten students celebrated by performing for their parents. The children sang some fun songs that they had learned throughout the year. 
Kindergarten Graduation

On Graduation Day, June 13th, Cedar Hill Prep Kindergarten students donned their caps and gowns and excitedly marched down the aisle to the melody of Pomp and Circumstance .
Preschool - First Grade Spring Concert
Preschool through First Grade joined together to sing and dance in front of a packed house. They performed children's folk songs by Raffi, Woody Guthrie, Peter, Paul, and Mary, as well as traditional folk songs from across America. The great music, energy, and smiles were enjoyed by all in attendance! See More
Elementary News
First Grade Award Ceremony

The First Grade class of 2017-2018 was an exemplary class. This class demonstrated time and again the core values of Cedar Hill Prep. They were supportive of one another, worked hard in class, and played fairly on the playground. Read More
Second Grade Award Ceremony

Second Grade celebrated many accomplishments during the 2017-2018 Award Ceremony. The entire class worked very hard throughout the year, putting forth their best effort in academics, specials, and various competitions.   Read More
Second Grade Subtraction House FaceOff

Second graders have been practicing their subtraction facts all year to secure fluency. They were excited to show off their talents by participating in a Subtraction House FaceOff competition. The winning House, Cherokee Bears, earned points for the House Cup. Read More
Second Grade Writing Celebration

Second grade students celebrated the end of the school year by sharing their writing projects. In Second Grade, writing units of study include personal narratives, poetry and informational writing. This year, the children wrote an "All about Book" based on one of the fifty states. Read More
Third Grade Award Ceremony

Awards for academic subjects were chosen for each student based on their area of personal best, as well as their joy of subject matter. Grade 3 students have worked very hard and have maintained great enthusiasm for the day to day activities in school. Read More
Third Grade Mystery Reader

Third grade welcomed Mystery Reader, Mrs. Pathipaka, Maya’s mom. She read a beautiful book, Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride by Kate DiCamillo. The students enjoyed the reading by Mrs. Pathipaka. We are so glad she visited our classroom!
Third Grade Mystery Reader

T hird Grade welcomed another Mystery Reader, Mr. Lekhi, Narayan's dad. He read the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud.This book explores the different ways in which we can all be happy and be positive. 
Third Grade Final Mystery Reader

Grand Finale!!! Third Grade welcomed their last and final Mystery Reader on June 12th. Ayden Raju, Anaya’s brother and a member of the graduating fourth graders, came to visit our classroom as a Mystery Reader. He read the book Aesop’s Fables . This visit was very special because Ayden was Mrs. Kotasthane’s student last year.  Read More
Third Grade Spanish

One of the highlights for Grade 3 this marking period, was their project on their favorite Celebrities! The project helped the third graders develop confidence and fluency in speaking Spanish. They stepped up to the challenge and had fun! Bravo!
Fourth Grade Graduation

On June 13th, hushed excitement filled the hallway as Grade 4 students adjusted their graduation caps and gowns… Pomp and Circumstance began playing…and the students marched down the aisle for their final performance as CHP Elementary School students. This day would mark their transition into Middle School. Read More
Grades 2 - 4 Spring Concert

2nd -4th grade students delivered a wonderful performance in front of a standing-room-only crowd! They performed songs by Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, as well as traditional gospel music. They shared songs that reflect the experiences of being a young child, from standing up to bullies, to dancing wildly with friends.  Read More
Middle School News
Middle School Awards Ceremony

On June 11th, CHP families and friends took time to give accolades to the Middle School students. Grades 5, 6, and 7 were honored on stage for their extraordinary achievements at the end of this wonderful school year. Awards ranged from perfect attendance, year-long Honor Roll, school athletic achievements, talent show winners, and academic competitions.  Read More
Middle School Spring Concert

On June 8th, our entire Middle School shared the stage to perform in the 2018 Spring Concert. The night was highly emotional, as students sang songs about mental health, pressure, and the value of human life. Songs spanned from American folk Mumford and Ed Sheeran... and eventually the Broadway hit, Dear Evan Hansen Read More
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The CHP Players celebrated the spring with their production of Shakespeare’s classic, A Midsummer Night’s Dream . Over thirty Middle School students participated in the production that included woodland fairies and sprites and a ragtag drama troupe of “rude mechanicals” rehearsing a play for the Duke of Athen’s wedding.
National Recognition for Excellent Performance on the 2018 National Spanish Examinations

National Spanish Examinations are administered each year in grades 6 through 12, and are sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) . Students from Cedar Hill Prep School earned a total of 4 gold, 3 silver, and 13 bronze medals, along with 19 honorable mentions. Read More
S panish Language Honor Society

On June 1st, 2018 CHP inducted our first members into the Spanish Language Honor Society, Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad.

8th Grade Students: Arjun Agrawal, Rohan Nunugonda, Vishnu Gade, Kabir Sidhu, Nitasha Gupta, Fisayo Odukoya, and Lilyanna Hopkins
7th Grade Students: Siya Angras, Janie Mallari, Vaishnavi Bhalla, Demiladeiye Osinubi, Tristan Florencio, Shyam Parikh, Nia Goodloe-Pierre, Agni Rajinikanth, Karishma Gupta, Nandini Shah, Vaani Gupta, Priyansh Shrivastava, Corinne Johnson, Satviki Vasireddy, and Aleena Kelkar
Spanish Society Advisors: Mrs. Cari Cerasa and Mrs. Arwinda Pattani See More
Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony
It was a bittersweet moment at Cedar Hill Prep's 8th Grade Graduation as students said farewell to their 'home away from home' and eagerly prepare for their new journeys in high school. It was a moving, uplifting celebration of lifelong friendships, hard work, and achievements for the 2018 Graduating Class.  See More
RoboCup International Competition

The 22nd RoboCup International Competition was held in Montreal from June 17-22. The Jazmin Jewels from Cedar Hill Prep School represented the United States in the OnStage competition.   Read More

Music Collage

On June 6th, music and drama students from 3rd-8th grade met in the gym for a night of music and fun! The B-Sharps and CHP's
A Capella Group performed, and the new GLEE Club sang their hearts out.

Junior Olympics Field Day

On June 8th, CHP culminated our Junior Olympics with some fun-filled Field Day activities for all. The Cherokee Bears ran an incredible race to bring home the 800 meter relay race championship. This was followed by a battle of Tug of War. The event ended with a Sponge Bucket Relay Race and the annualdunking of our Principal, Mr. Seeley.

Water Play Day

On Tuesday, June 12th, CHP held its annual Water Play Day. The music was blasting as the students danced around the Water Park and slid down our new Slip and Slide. A visit from the ice cream truck capped off a wonderful day!

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Mr. Ruchira Jayasuriya and Mrs. Shalini Sirisena, parents of Pre-K3 Student
Siyana Jayasuriya

"This year our daughter, Siyana, joined Cedar Hill Prep School. It was her first time ever in school as well as in an environment other than home on a consistent basis. At first, she cried about having to go to school, but after a few weeks, she got used to her new routine and now enjoys going to school.

Siyana joined CHP soon after the birth of her baby brother, Riyan, who was born with a cleft lip and palate. She went from being an only child who receive 100% of our time and attention to having a new baby brother. Normally this would have caused her to have to get used to divided attention, but due to his birth deformity, it took away quite a lot of her sense of normalcy for a few months. His issue took most of our time and attention, CHP came into our lives at a time when we were worried that Siyana would suffer from the tough new developments in our home life. CHP gave her something to be excited about and focus her attention on. Her main focus became school as opposed to the new issues that surrounded her at home. 

We have seen such growth in Siyana as an individual, a daughter, and a sister due to her positive new environment. She has learned comradery, as when she was crying in the morning during the first few weeks, some of her classmates held her hand and escorted her into the classroom saying, “Don’t cry, Siyana.” Her teachers have shown such dedication and compassion. Mrs. Holstein and Mrs. Chari were so patient with her and understanding of her transition. They have changed her into a more independent and confident child. We hold such fond memories of CHP in just a few months. We enjoyed watching her present her Black History project and Science project at the Science Fair. We gleamed with pride as we watched her write her name for the first time.

We have tried to give back to our community as much as we can, but at this time we were focused on our children and other families who are going through what we have gone through with our son. When he was born, before his lip and nose surgery at 3 months of age, we had to put in a Nasoalveolar Molding Device to shape his lip and nose prior to surgery. This device required us to make tapes to hold it onto the cheeks using steri strips and orthodontic rubber bands. When we first came home with the device, having a newborn child and having to make these tapes which had to be changed daily if not twice per day, we were overwhelmed. So, we took one day after our son’s surgery and made a supply of 210 tapes for 15 new families starting the device to try to make the experience a little easier for them. Going forward, we hope to continue doing this. We hope to instill in our children the importance of helping others in every feasible way. One quality that we love thus far about CHP is the fact that they also stress the importance of this and allow students to participate in many events and opportunities to help others.

All in all, being a part of CHP for only a few months this year has given our family another family to be a part of and a sense of hope and happiness during a time when we desperately needed something to look forward to! Thank you to our new CHP family!"

-Mr. Ruchira Jayasuriya and Mrs. Shalini Sirisena
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