June 2018
The Twain Monthly
A publication by the Shasta Library Foundation
In this issue:
  • Meet board member Eric Forsberg
  • Get a peek at SLF events
  • Hear about Jean's journey towards passing the DMV test
  • Recap of our donor appreciation Luau
  • Volunteers needed for the Adult Literacy program
Thoughts from a Board Member
Sergeant Eric Forsberg, Redding Police Department
I recently became involved with the Redding Library by joining the Shasta Library Foundation board a few months ago. I thought I had a decent understanding of what the library was all about - that it was simply a place where young and old alike would go to obtain books for school assignments or leisurely reading. I was quick to realize I was completely wrong!

After my first guided tour through the library my impressions were completely changed. First off, I was surprised on how large the building actually is and how there are several areas dedicated to different activities. There are areas specifically for teens and children, and rooms dedicated for technology that anyone can use. There are 3D printers, virtual reality simulators, and even a complete genealogical research area that are all free to use and staff members are always available to assist. I was also surprised to learn that the library offers assistance to people wishing to complete their schoolwork and obtain their GED. The library is also in the process of creating an outdoor children’s garden that will surely be a hit with both the children and their parents.

I could go on about many of the resources the library has to offer but I think to fully understand, you should take a short trip to the library so you can see first-hand many of the amazing benefits our local library has to offer to our community. One of us here at the Shasta Library Foundation is always happy to arrange a tour!

What Eric's reading: The Terminal List by Jack Carr
Upcoming Events
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Redding Civic Center

09/08/18 6:00pm - 09/08/18 9:00pm

Follow us into the enchanted forest for an evening of magic and mystery... costumes welcomed!
I'll be there!
I can't make it
Join us on an adventure next spring!
March 2019:
A Morocco Sahara Odyssey
Yes, I admit it, I am turning 70 this June. Unfortunately, it also means that I have to renew my Driver’s License by taking THE TEST! I haven’t taken THE TEST in years and years. Why now when my memory isn’t as good as it used to be? So, of course, I waited until the last minute and now it’s panic time. Do I have to go into the DMV office and get the booklet? And then memorize it?

Luckily, I’m learning to use the Shasta Libraries’ eLibrary section and guess what I found? A free series of tests to take to relearn what I thought I already knew and get updated on anything new. I took the first test. You need to get above 83% to pass, and my first test was 75%. I flunked! My worst fear… I won’t be able to pass THE TEST. 2nd test in the series I also failed, but at 80%. This time I didn’t cheat and look at any clues. Things are looking up!

Oh, oh! Bad signs ahead. I’ve only been taking the easy tests. The next are hard and then the extremes . However, I’m sure by taking these exams, I will pass THE TEST.

I wanted to share this with you all, because this is just one of the many online resources that the library provides. Please continue to support these free public resources!

-Jean King
Need to brush up on your DMV knowledge? Take the practice tests here .
Donor Appreciation Luau
Earlier this month the Shasta Library Foundation threw a fun Luau in appreciation for some of our long-time donors. Hosted by Jason & Irene Salter and Rory Greek, the evening was a treat for everyone! There was a lei-making station with fresh flowers, traditional Hawaiian cuisine, and even a hula show!
Volunteer Opportunity!
The Adult Literacy program at the library is currently low on tutors. They especially need help for adult learners who are looking to get their GED, who are non-native speakers, or who struggle with dyslexia. They'd also love to have more tutors who feel comfortable tutoring in math, science, or computers.

Do you have interest in these areas, or know someone who does? If so, contact Kimberly Ross at kimberlyr@shastalibraries.org or
Library Events
This year, the Shasta Public Libraries welcome the arrival of “Summer Blast,” their new summer reading program. It began on May 21 st  and stretches through July 31 st , but it's not to late to join the fun!

“Summer Blast” takes all of the fun of summer at the libraries and rolls it into one big program. Everything from a CrossFit obstacle course for kids, to a chance for teens to make their own video game, to family kayaking for free in Whiskeytown!

Learn more here .
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-Mark Twain