Volume III | June 30, 2020
How to Help DOW During the Pandemic
Developing Our World is an organization that focuses on holistic community development. We serve the people by developing the community up from the grass-root level. Our work involves exploring communities, searching for and developing leaders, and researching on the most pressing issues of the people. We run a wide range of programs for training leaders, providing healthcare facilities, teacher training, offering loans, school refurbishment, providing seeds and fertilizers, installing latrines, housing programs, mission trips, and church projects, among others.

Founded and led by Rev. Miguel Torneire, Developing Our World works day and night in several areas of the world to create a safe, healthy and productive environment for people of different cultures and backgrounds. We believe in justice and humanity, and serve people in their own community and environment, without any prejudice or discrimination. Through our efforts to improve the lives of those in need, we challenge the status quo and change it through the applications of the teachings of the Gospel. 

As we strive to fulfill Jesus’s mission on earth, we give a humble invitation to others to join us in this noble cause. We are often asked how people can support or work with us. In this article, we are going to discuss some ways in which you can get involved with us:
Is the Nonprofit Surviving During the Coronavirus Pandemic?
Amid the current economic crisis, nonprofits organizations are finding it difficult to survive. Fortunately, DOW is working to help people combat the COVD-19 pandemic, with the help of donations. Its efforts include supporting the Christian Church in China, helping the victims of the Super-cyclone Amphan in Bangladesh and providing personal protective equipment to healthcare providers in the villages of Guatemala. 

DOW Responds to Covid-19
To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease, people need masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. DOW is raising funds to purchase these things for healthcare providers in the villages of Guatemala. 
The organization is starting another similar campaign in Nicaragua.

What Developing Our World Has Done During the Covid-19?
Campaigns and Partnership
Developing Our World is run campaigns and partnering with churches and health organizations to offer help and support to those in need.