News and Events for Larchmont Residents
From the Mayor

Dear Fellow Larchmonters,

To celebrate our newest reality, I've gone back to the mask-less photo! It's so wonderful to see the community come out and begin to enjoy each other and our wonderful village again in ways that have been off-limits for over a year!

Most recently, I hope you had the chance to stop into the Larchmont Music Festival in Constitution Park on May 15th. What an amazing day of music and fun! We had lots of great local bands and the Chamber Orchestra of NY playing from morning 'til night. Thanks to all the musicians and Ken Dircks, Monica Uhm, Tim Kemp, Chris Gerosa, Chris Abad and Bubba Fanelli and the Larchmont Events Team for all the work planning, organizing and running the shows! The Arts Committee has planning underway for the summer concert series - 5 Thursday evenings beginning July 8th - and they're working on a few other exciting ideas - some details can be found below.

To stay within this theme a bit longer, we will be celebrating July 4th this summer with a BBQ and music in Constitution Park - the races will be back next year! And we have also begun planning for Larchmont Day in September to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Larchmont's incorporation as a village.

Some additional village news:
  • June is tax bill time - and we're happy to announce that you may now pay your tax bill online.
  • Effective June 1, the peak (June - November) water rate for the Village was increased from $7.50/unit to $8.10/unit. This was in response to an increase by NYC in the amount they charge us to purchase water from them. The water fund is a stand-alone fund, meaning it is supported by water sales and not property tax. Therefore, when costs for water go up they must be passed along to users. The non-peak (December - May) water rate will remain unchanged.
  • Larchmont's Historic Preservation Task Force will be presenting the recently completed Reconnaissance-level Historic Resources Survey to the public at the June 21 Board Meeting at 7:15pm. Anyone interested can find viewing information on the village calendar. This HRS will provide the basis for the consideration of historic preservation legislation in Larchmont over the coming months.
  • Meter parking went live on June 1. While all of our neighboring communities have had meter parking for decades, this is new to Larchmont. The Village built the entire system from the ground up and although we endeavored to anticipate all issues, uses and problems, I'm sure we missed a few. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to make tweaks to the operation, add signage, and provide additional information to the community to help with successful navigation of this new enterprise.
  • In the downtown this past month - the Board held ribbon cuttings for The Velvet Maple, Bellasera Restaurant and The Idea Kitchen, Luna & Bebo, a lovely new candle store on the Post Road, opened and LMC made this short video about post-pandemic Larchmont. Good news all around!

Mayor Lorraine Walsh
Paid Parking Tips

Paid parking began on June 1 and is in effect Monday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm. When parking in the Village note that:

  • You can either use the Pay Stations or the Passport Parking app to pay for parking. You can pay $0.25 for 15-minute increments at the Pay Stations. The app requires a 1 hour/$1 minimum, but you can add time from your phone in 15-minute increments after the first hour.

  • The 2-hour zone for on street parking in the Village is Zone 10550. It covers both the Boston Post Road and Palmer Avenue sides of the business district. This means that if you pay for parking on the street on the Boston Post Road side of the Village, but then need to move to Palmer Avenue within your paid parking window, you can do so and don't need to pay again until your session expires.

  • Other zones, including the parking lots, have different zone numbers, so please make sure that you are inputting the correct zone number when you pay. Zone numbers are posted on signs near parking regulation signs.

  • Once you've used up all of your time in a zone, then you must wait 15 minutes before you can begin a new session in that zone. You can start a new session in another zone.

  • Most of our business districts have a 2-hour limit for on street parking, but there are several zones just outside the main business districts that allow for either 4- or 8-hour on street parking, as noted by signage.

  • Shopper’s Parking in Village Lots:
  • Municipal lots #4, 5, 6, 7 and 10: 4-hour meter parking between 8AM and 6PM.
  • CVS lot on Chatsworth Avenue: 2-hour time-limited, FREE parking.
  • Rail Station Lot #3: 2-hour meter parking between 10AM and 6PM Monday to Friday only. 
  • Railroad Station Lot #1: Parking is free from 6PM-2AM Monday to Friday and all day Saturday.
  • Railroad Station Lots #1A: Parking is free from 3PM-2AM Monday to Friday and all day Saturday.
Village Notes

Village Social Media: Please be sure to follow the Village on Facebook and Instagram. Use the links at the bottom of this Newsletter to follow us.

Gas Powered Leaf Blower Ban: Please note that beginning in 2022 the use of gas powered leaf blowers will be banned in the Village and the use of electric leaf blowers will be limited to the month of April and from October 15 to December 15. During 2021, before the full law goes into effect, both gas and electric leaf blowers may be used ONLY during the month of April, and from October 15 to December 15. All leaf blowers are banned during the rest of the year. For more information, please see the Larchmont Environmental Committee section below.

Dog Waste: As a reminder, Village law requires that individuals pick up after their dogs. Dog waste should be thrown either in your own trash or in Village trash bins. Please do not leave the waste on the sidewalk or throw it in other residents' bins.

Sanitation: As a reminder no material shall be placed out for collection prior to sundown of the day preceding collection.
Committee and Department Updates
Larchmont Environmental Committee

It's not too late to sign up for Community Solar! Sign up before June 30th and receive up to 10% off your electricity bills while supporting clean energy.

It's not too late to sign up for Community Solar! Sign up before June 30th and receive up to 10% off your electricity bills while supporting clean energy.

Community Solar is a free, easy, no-strings-attached program that lets you support renewable energy AND keep more money in your wallet. Available to homeowners, renters and businesses. 

Here’s how it works:  
Subscribe to a large solar installation in Westchester County
The energy produced by that solar farm is delivered to the electric grid
You receive a credit on your electricity bill, resulting in savings of up to 10%
Community Solar Signup: Save up to 10% off your electricity bills!

Solar made simple! No home panel installation, no fees or penalties for cancelling.
Larchmont Arts Committee

The Larchmont Arts Committee is proud to present a variety of free and amazing music, every Thursday in the month of July from 6:30pm - 10pm, and the first Thursday in August in Constitution Park. Bring a blanket, chair your favorite beverage, and a group of friends.
Larchmont Fire Department

Fire safety education is just one of the many tasks your Larchmont Career Firefighters conduct during their tours of duty. Pictured here is Lt. Boettcher conducting a class for the Au Pairs of Larchmont. Also, FF Ettere and FF Montemarano are hosting a class for a small home school group. No matter the age, fire safety is paramount and we are always willing to teach! Your Larchmont Career Firefighters are committed to you and your family’s safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Local Business Highlights

Every Wednesday we highlight a different local business on the Village's social media accounts. In case you missed it, here is who we celebrated in April!
mf3, located at 2106 Boston Post Rd: mf3 is a boutique megaformer studio with a maximum of 8 per class. Expect a high intensity, low impact, full body workout focusing on core stability. Our clients receive individual attention and we work with them to achieve their fitness goals. Inspiring teachers. Great beats. Community vibes ❤️
Plaster Palace, located at 2005 Palmer Ave.: Plaster Palace studio will soon celebrate its 8th anniversary!! We offer walk-in hour to paint pottery, after school classes, and most of all super fun birthday celebrations!! We offer hundreds of ceramic and plaster crafts to choose from! Families can create true keepsakes by making handprints or simply enjoy painting as a family activity!
Lauren Boutique, located at 10 Chatsworth Ave.: Lauren Boutique is a new distinctive women's fashion and accessories boutique located in the heart of Larchmont. This trend-forward boutique showcases unique seasonal items from various designers as well as custom pieces created by store owner & FIT Graduate, Lauren Tormenta, a New-York based fashion designer. There is also a selection of baby and children's clothing. follow @laurenboutiqueny on instagram!
The Idea Kitchen, located at 1940 Palmer Ave.: The Idea Kitchen was founded in 2020 by local Larchmont residents Andrea and Adam Stoltz, offering a professional alternative to the unpredictable nature of the coffee shop and the isolation of working from home. Members consist of local entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent consultants, small business owners, remote workers, and more. Alongside its transit friendly location (just steps from the Larchmont Metro-North train station in the heart of the Village), The Idea Kitchen takes a flexible and service-first approach to membership and amenities, offering a range of space types and plans for how people work today - full-time, part-time, or just on the occasional basis - enabling you to get your best work done.
In person Ribbon Cuttings are back! In May we also helped celebrate The Idea Kitchen, Bellasera. located at 1957 Palmer Ave., and The Velvet Maple, located at 1935a Palmer Ave!
Larchmont-Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force

All those Fresh Direct bags piling up? Don't throw them away! Donate them to the Larchmont Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force which distributes food weekly to struggling families in our community. If you have bags to donate, Contact the Hunger Task Force at [email protected].
Village Calendar

6/2 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
6/3 Larchmont Environmental Committee Meeting
6/7 Board of Trustees Work Session
6/8 Traffic Commission Meeting
6/15 Planning Board Meeting
6/21 Board of Trustees Meeting
6/30 Architecture Review Board Meeting

For times and locations of meetings, please visit the Village Website: