Volume 2 | Issue 6 | June 2, 2020
City of Lewiston
Dear Lewiston Community,

Like many Police Chiefs and Sheriffs that have addressed the unnecessary and tragic death of George Floyd as a result of police action, as well as the events taking place around the country in response, I too am disturbed and quite frankly ashamed by the actions and inactions that resulted in Mr. Floyd's death. It was preventable and should not have happened. With that said, the aftermath of destroying and burning down buildings and stores, many of which are small and locally owned businesses, does nothing but cripple the very dialogue this issue needs. There are many community protests or demonstrations happening throughout the country. Currently, our department is working with groups to assist them in the proper procedures to ensure the right of the people to assemble peacefully. 

I do not shy away from having courageous conversations and dialogue with my staff and members of our community. As your local law enforcement agency, we value and depend on the relationships between our community and our department. These connections allow us to engage in meaningful conversations around events that evoke such a depth of emotion. 

It is the responsibility of law enforcement leaders to take measures to prevent inappropriate actions from occurring. As part of our officers' on-going training, they will receive comprehensive instruction in constitutional policing, procedural justice, and implicit bias. 

The Lewiston Police Department partners with community groups and leaders to ensure that it continues to be a learning organization. It is important that Lewiston continues to be a safe, open, welcoming, and inclusive community for all.

Police officers have to uphold the law, period. I expect our officers, myself included, to apply the law fairly and equally to all. We must do this in a manner that prioritizes and respects the sanctity of life; this includes a duty to intervene if a fellow officer is acting outside of law or policy. Not only is that our policy, but it's also our moral imperative.

I am incredibly proud of the staff of the Lewiston Police Department. I see the high moral standards, respect, and empathy they demonstrate. Police Officers take an oath and are granted the authority to protect our community. We understand that we must do so with a balance of humanity, compassion, and fairness if we are to maintain our public’s trust. 


Chief Budd Hurd
Lewiston Police Department
In conjunction with Stage 3 of Rebound Idaho, all playgrounds are now open.

Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer before and after using playground equipment. We also want to encourage users to maintain a safe physical distance of 6+ feet from those who may not live in the same home.
During the last half of March, the Lewiston Transfer Station saw a 25% increase in the number of vehicles accessing the facility, as well as a 10% increase in total material dropped off. This is a jump from March 2019 numbers.
As of June 1, 2020, self-response to the 2020 Census in Lewiston is at 72.9%. This rate is getting close to the 2010 recording of 76.2%, which is great, but we need to keep going!

It has never been easier to respond to the census. Complete your census online.
The health and safety of our staff, patrons and visitors is our top priority. As we continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain proactive in the reopening and continuation of facilities, programs, and community events.
Lewiston Transit - EVERYONE RIDES FREE! Learn more.

The Lewiston City Library will continue curbside services indefinitely, and computer services are available by appointment only. Learn more.
Regular Meetings
  • Monday, June 8, 6PM
  • Monday, June 22, 6PM
Budget Sessions
  • Budget Session #3 Monday, June 8, 3PM
  • Budget Session #4 Monday, June 22, 3PM
  • Budget Session #5 Tuesday, June 23, 3PM
  • Budget Session #6 Wednesday, June 24, 3pm
Citizen comments can be provided by calling 208-746-3676 and leaving a voice message. Your comments will then be forwarded to the City Council.

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