June 2023

Understanding Post-COVID-19 Condition in Canada

Reporting on what we know, don’t know, and a framework for action: Research, Patient/Family Support & Preparedness

The health care system has been pushed beyond its limits by the pandemic.

What can we do in workplaces to recognize, assess and control the hazards that contribute to COVID-19 infection and prevent and mitigate the associated harm?

Join the conversation to learn and share experiences and ideas.

Featuring Guest Speaker Dr. Sarah Viehbeck, Chief Science Officer, Public Health Agency of Canada and Member, Chief Science Advisor of Canada’s Task Force on Post-COVID-19 Condition. Hosted by Kevin Hedges, OHCOW.

Understand the post-Covid-19 Condition in Canada

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For information about occupational brain injury, view the OHCOW webinar recorded live February 9, 2023:

RSI Day 2023 Week 1 – Concussions in the Workplace

a discussion of:

  • concussions and post-concussion symptom
  • Long term effects
  • Recovery and return to work
  • Underreporting, workplace factors, raising awareness about concussions in the workplace, and prevention of workplace hazards
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Masking in Healthcare

Jun 20, 2023 10:30 AM


Kevin Hedges, Occupational Hygienist, OHCOW

Respiratory Protective Equipment for all healthcare workers during a pandemic (and beyond) – a risk-based approach using Canadian Standard CSA 94.4 using Control Banding

Dr. Joe Vipond, Emergency Physician, Rockyview General Hospital in Alberta

For over three years, we have been fighting the virus incorrectly. Only by accepting and mitigating the dominant form of transmission, airborne, will we lower hospital-acquired infections and the resulting mortality, and in addition lower staff infection and long COVID rates. It can be done, if we only try. 

Dr. Allen Kraut, Physician, Occupational Health Centre in Manitoba

Giving the updates on the risk of COVID in healthcare, the current COVID situation and guidance, and the risk perspective changed over time in Manitoba.


The 2023 MAYDAY MAYDAY Workplace Mental Health Symposium

Did you miss any of the excellent Mayday, Mayday symposium webinars last month? Good news, they are all online for you to catch up! Listen to expert speakers on vital, current topics addressing mental health in the workplace,  including Opioid Addiction, Mental Health for Young Workers, Emergency Responder Solutions & Tools & Resources and add Survey Success. Additionally, three of the recorded sessions were presented in person as part of an international network event in Hamilton (COPSOQ).


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