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Emergency Funding is Available

On May 23, 2022, the King’s Daughter’s Organization awarded AgeLinc with a grant for $25,000 to provide assistance with certain costs not covered by Medicare. Available to citizens of Sangamon County over the age of 60, these funds can be used to assist with costs for vision care and glasses, dental care and dentures, and hearing aids. Funds are available starting June 1, 2022, and will be available for one year, or until the funds are expended (whichever comes first). If you or a loved one meets the requirements listed here, please contact our office and ask to speak with a Program Specialist for more information.

We are very grateful for the support of the King’s Daughter’s Organization and the wonderful work they do in the community. The lives of Sangamon County seniors are positively impacted by the caring individuals who are a part of this great organization!
Mardi Gras Masquerade Gala
Thank you to all sponsors and all who joined us at our first ever fundraiser!

More than $10,000 will go directly to emergency funding to cover items such at rent/mortgage assistance, utilities, groceries, home modifications for ADA accessibility, and devices to address social isolation.

We could not have done this without you! Please join us next year as the party continues. More information to follow.
20th Annual Caregiver Conference

The 20th Annual Caregiver Conference is a day of empowerment for Family Caregivers or older adult relatives or friends and Grandparents/Family members raising grandchildren. This day out will provide the caregiver with various engaging and educational topics such as how to survive caregiving, health management, caregiver burnout, and much more.  Our goal is for the Caregiver to leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and recharged.

The Keynote speaker is Dr. Cheryl Woodson along with three other inspirational speakers - Linda Miller, Amy Brennan, and Jeff Koziatek. The conference includes lunch and a resource fair. Come with your questions and leave feeling confident and refreshed!

Making Moments of JOY Caregiver Conference will be held June 18th at the Crowne Plaza starting at 8:00 am until 1:00 pm. Respite services may be arranged for caregivers who need it in order to attend this conference by reaching out to us no later than May 14. A registration fee of $20.00 must be mailed with a registration form. This fee will be refunded to attendees at the conference. For more information, call us at 217-787-9234 or 1-800-252-2918. Funded in part by the Older Americans Act through Illinois Department on Aging.
Community Education Program
Every second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm, we host a Community Education Program for the general public.
June 14th:

Become a Dementia Friend

Presented by AgeLinc

As a Dementia Friend, you learn about this worldwide movement, what it means to live with dementia, and the simple things you can do to provide support.

Join us as we discover the 5 key messages on how to foster the ability of people living with dementia to remain in their community and thrive in day to day living.

This month's presentation will be held in-person and online. Technical assistance is available if needed in order to participate. Please contact AgeLinc for more information.

Lunch and Learn
Every Third Wednesday of the month at noon, we host a Lunch & Learn open to all past, present and future caregivers.
June 15th:

Maintaining Independence Using Devices for Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

Presented by: Illinois Assistive Technology Program

Participants will learn about Activities of Daily Living (ADL) devices that can help maintain independence.

Basic ADL's include eating, dressing, bathing, and getting in or out of a chair or bed. IATP will also demonstrate some of the newer assistive technology devices that are available.

This month's presentation will be held in-person and online. Technical assistance is available if needed in order to participate. Please contact AgeLinc for more information.

Happy Pride Month!
June Meal Program Schedule
For LGBT seniors, caregivers and allies. Every Thursday at 11:30 am. Must make reservations by Tuesday of the same week by contacting Audie at 217.787.9234.
June 2: Phoenix Center
June 9: AgeLinc
June 16: Illinois Public Health Association
June 23: Alzheimer's Association IL Chapter
June 30: Edwards Group LLC Estate Planning & Elder Law
June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month
Six Things People Living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementia Want You to Know

CHICAGO, June 1, 2022 — This June, during Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, the Alzheimer’s Association is revealing insights from people living with early-stage dementia and what they wish others knew about living with Alzheimer's and other dementia.

Many Americans struggle with what to say and do when a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. The shock of someone revealing a dementia diagnosis can leave many at a loss for how to engage. Efforts to be supportive can be dampened by concerns of saying or doing the wrong thing. Worse, not knowing what to say or do, some individuals distance themselves from diagnosed individuals, further deepening the sadness, stigma and isolation people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia can experience in the wake of a diagnosis. Read more.
Medicare Fraud Prevention Week Starting June 5th
Medicare Fraud Prevention Week Teaches Everyone How to Prevent Fraud
Fraud costs Medicare an estimated $60 billion per year. It costs Medicare beneficiaries in time, stress, their medical identities, and potentially their health. It costs families, friends, and caregivers in worry and lost work when helping their loved ones recover from falling victim to Medicare fraud.

“Medicare fraud has a devastating impact on both beneficiaries and the Medicare program,” said Jennifer Hopper, Senior Program Specialist and Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP). “We teach people how to avoid experiencing Medicare fraud. By preventing fraud from happening, this program helps individuals and protects the Medicare program for generations to come.”
Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones by joining the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) and their partners for the first -ever Medicare Fraud Prevention Week, held June 5-11, 2022. We will kick off this observance on June 5, or “6-5,” because most people become eligible for Medicare when they turn 65 years old.

“Medicare Fraud Prevention Week was created in conjunction with the SMP program turning 25 years old in June 2022. We’re excited to teach people both about how to protect themselves from Medicare fraud and about the services that the Senior Medicare Patrol program offers. We hope that people will remember the numbers ‘6-5’ to help us celebrate Medicare Fraud Prevention Week,” said Jennifer.

Everyone plays a part in the fight against fraud. During Medicare Fraud Prevention Week:
·        Medicare beneficiaries can monitor their insurance statements to make sure products and services received match what is on the statements. They can request free My Health Care Trackers from their local SMP.
·        Caregivers can help by being on the lookout for items such as durable medical equipment (like boxes of knee braces) lying around the house that may have been shipped to the beneficiary without their or their doctor’s approval. They can remind their client or loved one to never give out their Medicare number or other personal information over the phone.
·        Families can help by talking to their loved ones about protecting their Medicare number just as they would a credit card number. They can help their loved ones create a account to access their Medicare statements online or remind them to open and review them when they come in the mail. They can also register their phone number on “do not call” lists and go to to opt out of mailings.
·        Partners and professionals can help by sharing SMP information on social media, referring clients and consumers to the SMP, and inviting the SMP to speak during a shared event.
·        Health care providers can help by talking to patients about health care-related scams such as those related to durable medical equipment and genetic testing schemes. They can remind them that products and services should only be ordered by physicians they regularly see. Needed medical items should never be ordered through TV ads or unsolicited calls.
·        Community members can help by looking out for older neighbors. When in public, they can be aware of older individuals purchasing gift cards in large amounts. They can encourage those they know to talk to a trusted source about their Medicare questions and tell neighbors about the most recent Medicare scams. They can even consider volunteering with the local SMP!
The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) is ready to provide you with the information you need to PROTECT yourself from Medicare fraud, errors, and abuse; DETECT potential fraud, errors, and abuse; and REPORT your concerns. SMPs help educate and empower Medicare beneficiaries in the fight against health care fraud. Your SMP can help you with your questions, concerns, or complaints about potential fraud and abuse issues. It also provides information and educational presentations.
June 19th
Father's Day
June 19th
Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland, Inc. (AgeLinc)

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