June / 2018
 June Next Wave Newsletter
The City of Glendora hosted their first Water Awareness Carnival. The event was held on Saturday, May 5 th at the Glendora Civic Center Plaza. The free community event provided a unique opportunity to meet with representatives that are focused specifically on water, water usage, and products designed to help residents save water and money. The entire event consisted of entertainment for children, vendors, snacks, raffles prizes, and giveaways for all ages. 

The purpose of the Water Awareness Carnival was to encourage awareness about water usage and to provide residents with tools and educational tips for reducing their water usage. The goal was to remind people to take action to not only reduce the effects of the drought, but also keep money in their own pocket by being water efficient. 

The community was invited to come out and take part in this inaugural event to promote Water Awareness Month and do their part to preserve one of our most precious resources. WEWAC and its member agencies continue encouraging residents to be aware of their water usage and maintain the more efficient watering practices.  
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