June 2019
We are excited for our 2019 Shaping Futures grant round through our partnership with University of Virginia Health System . Proposals for the Shaping Futures grant should seek to improve health outcomes identified in the MAPP2Health Community Health Improvement Plan .

We have been meeting with grant seekers, and below are some of your frequently asked questions. The deadline for a Concept Note is July 1 . Here's how to apply. If you're unsure if your concept note is the right fit for this grant track, contact Programs Manager, Aiyana Marcus at amarcus@cacfonline.org or 434.296.1024 .
Does my organization have to be physically located in Virginia Planning District 10 in order to be eligible to apply?
No, your organization does not need to be physically located in the Virginia Planning District 10; however, the majority of the population that you engage must live in the District.
What if our project addresses more than one MAPP priority area? Do we only have to focus on one?
We understand that MAPP priority areas are interrelated. However, for the purposes of this grant, we ask that you i dentify one primary area when selecting your overall focus. You may use the narrative portion of the application to discuss how your primary MAPP area intersects with other components.
Can small organizations apply for a Shaping Futures grant? If so, what do you mean by engaging a population at scale?
Yes, we highly encourage small organizations to apply for our large grants. The purpose of scaling is to achieve the greatest possible impact. We trust your expertise to determine what "scaled impact" looks like for the people that you engage with every day. We understand there is no single, uniform number that defines "scale" across different populations with diverse contexts and histories. Making an organization’s operations bigger does not necessarily translate into impact.

The Foundation does not judge an organization's ability for impact purely on its size. We are interested to see how scale links to local community engagement, which may lead to lasting social change.
What if my organization has limited capacity to engage a population at scale, but we feel as if we have a viable strategy? Do you provide both funding and time within the grant period for us to build capacity?
Yes, our large grants allow room in the budget for capacity building (back room operations, evaluation, consultants, etc.), as appropriate, for viable strategies. We provide time within the initial stages of the grant period to allow for planning and building the necessary resources and tools in order for a project to be successful.

As long as the strategy is feasible to achieve the stated outcomes within the 5-year time period, we welcome a "phasing in" approach to your work.
How do you evaluate organizations engaging with rural versus urban populations?
The 2019 Shaping Futures grant track is open to organizations serving populations in both rural and urban areas within District 10. The Foundation strives to ensure that diverse populations are given equal consideration for our grants and we highly value the different populations across the region.

What strengthens a proposal from the Foundation's perspective is not the geographic region, but rather how well an organization has a keen understanding of their population's unique needs and adequately engages with them in the design of the project.
Do all of our partners have to be solidified before I can apply?
No, all grant partners do not need to be completely solidified in order to submit a concept note. However, a stronger proposal will have demonstrated some forward movement in finalizing partnerships through conversations and/or letters of interest/support.
I’m having trouble developing my concept note – how can I get assistance?
We highly recommend that you reach out to program staff to discuss your Concept Note. We are eager to be thought-partners with you in this important work. Our conversations with grant seekers have resulted in greater clarity in understanding the grant track, how the Foundation evaluates proposals, and subsequently, stronger Concept Note submissions.

Please contact Aiyana Marcus or Eboni Bugg for assistance - we're happy to help!
I’m not quite ready to apply for a Shaping Futures grant this cycle, but I’m interested in a future round. How can I stay engaged with the Foundation in the meantime?
The Foundation is committed to being a thought-partner with nonprofits. Regardless of whether or not an organization applies for a grant, receives a grant, or is not selected for funding this time, we want to stay abreast of how your work is developing.

Please feel free to add us to your newsletter communications, invite us to your programs/events, and reach out to us simply to talk through your goals, challenges, and questions. We will always do our best to be present in your work as we all strive to better our region for all.
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