The Space Between Yes & No

Traditionally, there has been a gap in our lives.

The space between yes and no.

The abyss that existed between this or that.

The void of choice.

I think that traditionally the space between yes and no is where most of us stored our fears. It was the resting place of stories we told ourselves, of goals that started and stopped. It is the space in which we got stuck.

Yet, I believe that there has been an energetic and renewed shift in this space. It is this same space, anchored between going for it or not, that in light of our 2020 altered reality, has become the sweet spot of navigating what is next now for each of us.

The space between yes and no is maybe . What if the gift of maybe is a place and a space whose time has come to life? What if we need maybe to gain traction in navigating what is possible now? How can maybe support and activate our ability to choose, to move from knowing to not knowing, from in-action to action?

If the space between yes and no needs a bridge, maybe is now that roadway, that gray area that comes to life when we connect the dots in a sea of unknown. While maybe may have been a crack in our pre-pandemic decision-making abilities, it is now the keeper of dreams, the marriage of impossible and possible, and the blend of vision, grit, and confidence that allows for us to springboard into next steps. Maybe shines a light on exploring what can be.

What is certain is that the road ahead, the road through 2020, is not a straight path or a known entity. It is peppered with questions and red flags that may in traditional times have halted our progress, deterred our choices, and dis-empowered us.

These are not traditional times.

We don’t have a guidebook of what comes next, of what, or who, will be successful. Even if we did, my guidebook would not be a one-size-fits-all manual that works for you, and your next choices may not echo mine. So, that space between yes and no, that may in a pre-pandemic world seem ominous, is now a new and extremely chic territory of opportunity. Maybe allows the red flags that stop us to shift to pink. If our red flags are pink, what is possible? What can we allow in? How do we choose differently?

June Possible is exactly that space. It is a disruption between yes and no and a brand new and re-colored look at maybe . Maybe permits practice, allows us to try things out, to discover by doing, to recalibrate by choosing. I am excited to explore with everyone in my coaching and Recalibration Network Community! One idea. One commitment. One step through at a time.

The best part? MAYBE we will discover the impossible and make it our own possible. MAYBE we will make choices and decisions closer to our hearts. MAYBE we will discover and recalibrate not from a place of knowing for sure, but from an elected mindset of taking action again and again anyway.

Recalibration Circle

Networking and conversation.

Collaboration meets content.

Tuesday 6/2 @ 4pm ET virtually via Zoom

Kicking off this month's theme we are moving from impossible to June Possible! Join me for this week's very uplifting Recalibration Circle! The agenda is yours...with a core thought about what IS POSSIBLE...June As we shift from nurture to navigate in a hybrid month of next steps...what is possible and how do we stay focused and in sync with our businesses and our lives? This is a give/get share...let's inspire and be inspired! Please register in advance!

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Journey to
a New Next

Wednesday June 10
12pm ET
via Zoom

Magnificent to collaborate with Recalibration Member and marriage educator and coach, Dr. Jackie Black for a fierce and moment-centric discussion on navigating business and life. What is June Possible?

About this Event
We are all emerging from an unprecedented time in human history. Everyone has questions. No one person has the answer. We have never been here before!

How you pivot and progress into this next mid-pandemic chapter is unique to you. Scary and exhilarating. Uncharted and filled with opportunity. Not linear, not known!

Join us for an interactive conversation and exploration of what is possible! This discussion session is designed to support you with tips and strategies and an open dialogue involving mindfulness, deliberate intention, and the choices and decisions that enforce that!

Bring your questions and an open mind as to what CAN be. We will dive into 3 pillars you need now and how to expand upon them:

  • Alignment
  • Choice
  • Change

Leave this event with more clarity and energy in regard to your own personal possibilities and growth as well as mindset tweaks that can help you navigate now.

Luminary Only Events
Open to All Luminary Members

Women, Wisdom & What's Next: DISRUPT
Thursday June 4
12pm ET
via Zoom

About this Event
Part content. Part networking. Part collaboration. A whole lot of interactive, intelligent conversation...Women, Wisdom & What's Next is a discussion series that supports the vibrancy of community and the power of a single word. The word for 6/4 at 12pm is DISRUPT. You have been disrupted...we all can you spin and use that disruption to in turn become a DISRUPT-HER? Let's discuss strategies to make the messiness in business and in life work for us now! 

Tuesday June 9
12pm ET
via Zoom

Chat & Chew: Take Action

About this Event
Teaming with career coach Tosca DiMatteo for a 30-minute, lightning round of questions and unfiltered conversations around transitions, career shifts and up-leveling your side hustle! Ask us anything! Time to shift the dialogue!

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, or sip on a glass of wine or water, and join me via phone or Zoom for conversation, connection, inspiration and kindness. Recalibration manifests as a series of conversations, ideas, pivots, and small steps. Let us ideate and motivate!