Good morning Precinct 2!  Here is the latest information from your Precinct!

As part of an agreement with TXDOT, Montgomery County is adding $1.06 Million to this project to get it going.  Commissioner Riley stated, "That's one of the most congested, and most-needed, projects in Montgomery County as far as I'm concerned.  I'm glad to see it get underway." [READ MORE HERE]

Regarding the proposed Appraisal District budget increase, Commissioner Riley stated, at Tuesday's Commissioners Court, "I got a copy of this budget yesterday, for the first time, and there is no way I can approve what I'm looking at, and I won't approve [this budget proposal]". Riley went on to say that due to new technology, such as drones, the mandate for physical appraisals may no longer be necessary. He also spoke with Representative Cecil Bell, before court, and reques ted that he give attention to the mandates handed down from the State of Texas which drive up Appraisal District costs.
One of the few duties of the Appraisal Board is to approve budgets for the appraisal district (the Board does not control home appraisal outcomes). Commissioner Riley hopes that his service on the board can be a benefit to this community by rejecting bloated budget proposal increases such as this. Charlie would like to thank the citizens who showed up to Commissioners Court to protest an appraisal budget increase of 17%. This community support further communicates to him that he should continue the path he is on. To watch the video of Commissioner Riley speaking about the appraisal budget in Commissioners Court, click  here   (Choose Item 11)  and move forward to 3:30 in the video

Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley, in his office Thursday, told The Courier his crews started spraying for mosquitoes in April.
"We had an unusually warm winter so we started spraying mosquitoes early," Riley said.  Riley said his crews will continue to spray until the weather is cooler. It takes about six weeks for crews to spray all areas of the county. [ READ ARTICLE HERE]

The 249 Tollway is being built from FM 2920 to the Spring Creek Bridge at the Montgomery County line.  From there, the road will continue to road to just South of FM 149.  In a hearing in Austin last week, TXDOT confirmed that this project will have to be a tollway in order to build it now, rather than 10 years from now with traditional funding resources.  In response, the Montgomery County Toll Road Authority will construct the road in order to keep the tollway under location control. Once the road is paid off, the tollway can continue collecting profits, in order to fund local roads, or it can end completely.  Click here for answer to frequently asked questions regarding this project.

On August 1st, Forde Construction will mobilize and begin construction process.  In order to allow AT&T more time to splice cable lines, the FM 2978 widening will be completed in three phases.  Phase 1: Widen from Spring Creek up to Caraway lane on north bound side of the road.  Step 2, widen the south side of this section.  Phase 2: Widen from Carrawy to Hardin store on North bound side.  Step 2, widen South side of this section.  AT&T should have lines spliced from HS to 1488 by then.  Phase 3:  Widen from Hardin Store Road to 1488 North.  Step 2,  Step 2, widen the south side of this section.  Expected project completion is approximately August 2018.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley agreed [with Commissioner Noack] that the widening is needed on [1488 near I-45] but said the portion from FM 2978 through to the county line is "critical."
"Mostyn Manor through Magnolia is totally gridlocked today," Riley said. "I'm all for expanding roads, but I would love to get that section of 1488 done. Mostyn Manor to county line is the most critical part of 1488." [READ MORE HERE]

"The Montgomery County Attorney's Office and the District Attorney's Office are taking aim at regulations regarding sexually oriented business to help combat sex trafficking.
And county commissioners responded Tuesday by unanimously approving changes to the county ordinance that would allow law enforcement and the DA's Office to target the owners of illegally operated massage parlors." [ READ MORE HERE]

Last weekend, for the first time, Montgomery County partnered with Texas Litter Control.  Texas Litter Control (TLS) provided spay and neuter services while MISD provided the building and Ag Kids, from Magnolia and Magnolia West, to attend to the pets.  The event was a success! Deana Sellens, founder and Executive Director of TLS said, " Thank you for having us out last weekend!  The turnout was absolutely fabulous!  The students were so attentive to the animals and they worked really hard all day.  We spayed/neutered 11 dogs and 16 cats at no charge to the public thanks to funding from the Montgomery County Spay Neuter Project.  When we opened the schedule for appointments we booked all slots in under 90 minutes.  Unfortunately, we had to turn down over 200 requests for service.  I look forward to working with you guys going forward at Magnolia and Magnolia West High Schools to help accommodate the huge demand within our community!".  Commissioner Riley coordinated with TLS, and others, to get this new project going.

Research Forest Contract has been awarded to Cooley Construction and construction began the first weekend of May.  Expected duration is one year.

Kennan Cutoff
Commissioner Charlie Riley has altered the project.  First, the county will add four-foot shoulders, beginning at 149.  They will also add a right and left turn in front of both schools.  This will be completed before the 2017/2018 school year begins.  Because of this work, when the county begins widening Kennan Cutoff, they will not have to close down the existing lanes and turn lanes.  This change will significantly ease traffic during the construction of additional lanes next year.  Overpass at Railroad:  The county cannot submit for the funding of the overpass of FM2854 at the railroad until next Spring.  Commissioner Riley believes this area presents a safety hazard and, therefore, is not awaiting funding to begin work on this important project.  The county office is moving forward with the design of this overpass and it is the hope of Commissioner Riley that by the time all the preliminary work is done, the funding from TXDOT will come through and, therefore, the project can begin without delay.

Notes: You can see a complete list of road bond projects here.  Numbered roads, such as FM 1488, FM 2978, etc., are handled by the State of Texas via TXDOT.

Join your neighbors and community for an evening celebrating freedom. This is a free event which will feature gospel music (from 5-6) and headliner, Lonely Road.  Watermelon provided.  Fireworks at dark. Bring a blanket, and your family, to this fun event!

Let's help Intercept Ministries make Christmas a little brighter for families in our area!  They need to start raising funds NOW to help families during Christmas.  Last year, at Christmas, they helped 2300 kids and 200 elderly... but had to turn away 200 families.  Help them make sure that doesn't happen this year!  You can watch their promotional video of this event here.  Event is Friday, July 21st, at Magnolia Bible Church, 5:30 p.m..  Dinner is DONATED by LaMagnolia. Tickets are $20, or $35 per couple.  Kids are free.  Bring a thick/warm blanket to be entered into a Grand Prize drawing.  Kids often ask for thick blankets as they are their only source of warmth at night.  Email here for more info and sponsorship opportunities.

The Texas Young Republicans Convention will be held this year in Montgomery County on August 11th and 12th.  Saturday night will feature a Gala with silent auction.  Half of the auction proceeds are being donated to the Lone Survivor Foundation and the Women's Shelter.  Website, with more info, is located here.  Need more details?  Email

May 29th was the last day of the 85th Legislative Session!
Senator Creighton had many accomplishments, including important pro-life measures, funding for education, a solution to the Texas Retirement System shortfall, and funding to support infrastructure projects. The budget appropriates an increase of .16% from the previous fiscal year. However, an important measure was not resolved during this regular session.
In May, Senator Creighton wrote a letter to Governor Abbott urging him to call a special session on property tax reform because Texans deserve a break from rising appraisals and ever-increasing property taxes. In this letter, he also stated that the financial burden property taxes are putting on families must be addr essed immediately. Senator Creighton been committed to meaningful property  tax reform throughout his tenure as a legislator and is committed to helping in any way, staying until the job is done.
On June 6th, Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference to call and discuss a legislative special session that will begin on July 18, 2017. In his announcement, Governor Abbott identified 20 items that will be included on the special session call, including property tax reform. "The first order of business will be Sunset Legislation that failed to pass during the regular session. This is necessary legislation to keep state agencies like the Texas Medical Board functioning and operatin g. As Governor, if I am going to call a special session, I intend to make it count," Governor Abbott said. 
The Texas Sovereignty Act, or HB 2338, has been voted out of committee and sent to Calendars, the final stage before the bill comes before the full Texas House of Representatives...   State Representative Bell stated , "I believe [this legislation] will pave the way for Texas, and other states, to enforce the US Constitution and restore the state and federal sovereignty our founders intended".  [ READ MORE HERE]


On June 28th, Precinct 2 Community Center hosted hundreds of senior citizens for a celebration of freedom and vets.  Commissioner Charlie Riley prepared a BBQ dinner, with all the fixings.  The National Charity League decorated and served the crowd.  Throughout the event, the Charlie Riley Band entertained all of the guests.  May vets came forward and were recognized for their service while attendees thanked them.

On June 10th, Commissioner Charlie Riley cooked for and hosted a fundraiser benefiting Friends of TX Wildlife.  Thank you to all the friends who came out to support this awesome organization!

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