Dear Son. . . . .

My son Ron is a special man. He is by no means perfect. Both his wife and I certainly know his shortcomings and overly sensitive, creative, quick to react nature. We know when he is in a sensitive tenor and we notice when he is loving us with all his protective heart. Passionate, as an artist and loyal to his word, he is serious about being a thoughtful husband, a good friend and an exceptional father. 
Ron lives in San Diego, California and works in the film industry in Hollywood and has for almost twenty years. Working in stage design, he works directly with producers, directors, stage designers, etc. to create the perfect visual backdrop for the commercials and films in his care and direction. He also produces promotional videos for marketing purposes for private clients. 

In the past five years, Mary Beth and I have worked with Ron during the writing and publishing of our  Living Brave Series  of books. He was the artistic eyes on the book covers and created the artwork in the interior of the first two books. Ron designed the photograph on the cover of our third book,  Living Brave…Women in Business .  Most recently, Ron and I have written a book;  Dear Mom, Dear Son…Thoughts I Wanted You to Feel.  Publication to be announced soon.

Nineteen months ago, at the age of forty -six, my son became a father to his son,Finn. He and his wife, Yvonne, are expecting their second child in July. Although I thought I was prepared to become a grandmother, nothing prepared me to see my son as a father. Just as something within transforms when we become grandparents, that special something transforms in our children when they become parents. It brings me great pleasure to watch my daughter-in-law as she has transformed into a special mother. She is loving and caring, playful and attentive and she makes bath time a sweet and enjoyable event.   I could not want for a more loving and thoughtful mother for our sweet Finn. 
My son is an exceptional parent as well. Where did he learn to change a diaper, prepare a baby breakfast, give a bath, read favorite books, play baby games, listen acutely, and know when to let Finn comfort himself? During this time of distancing, several times a week, Ron and Finn skype me during breakfast. Finn now calls me by my grandmother name,  Hana,  and recognizes me even in my pajamas and no makeup in the early morning. Although I don’t think he cares how I look or what I’m wearing. But he does like my ceiling fans that draw his attention. I turn them on for him. Finn can have anything he wants!
The book Ron and I have written,  Dear Mom, Dear Son, Thoughts I Wanted You to Feel  is an adult children’s book. It’s the story of our relationship. We think it’s a compelling tale of a son and his mother growing up together. Here is a small peak, the last paragraph in the conclusion of the book: 

Dear Son,
None of us know what is around the corner of life, but we can certainly enjoy the journey we are walking. I have walked carrying you in my arms. I have walked beside you and now, with you as a parent, I walk certain of your absolute devotion to your child. You are an exceptional father. And when I am no longer on this earth, and have joined my precious mother in heaven, may you always know you were my greatest teacher, motivation, cheerleader, and the center of this mother’s unconditional love. I will walk within your heart forever.

Happy Father’s Day, Ron.


P.S. What a fun 70th birthday surprise I had this past weekend! See the video and a few pictures below!