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Welcome to our June Solstice Newsletter.

We trust that this email brings you warmth and inspiration and a feeling of connectedness as you read and look at the pictures. The pictures of circles around the world are beautiful and give a real sense of the sisterhood that we find at Gather the Women.

In this newsletter:
INSPIRATION ~ Summer Solstice by Starhawk taken from The Spiral Dance
HERSTORY ~ GTW circles from all over the world, details of the upcoming GTW Annual Gathering in Colorado, USA (Early Bird rate ends 30th June) and a note for our Regional Coordinators about an upcoming anthology called "Recipes for Wholehearted Circles." 
RESOURCES ~ Information on your nearest GTW circle, how to become a Regional Coordinator and guidelines in calling a circle.

With love to each of you

We would like to take a moment... as you all read this... to send our love an thoughts to our dear sister and Treasurer Donna Ahlstrand and her loved ones... we recently lost our dear sister Donna to a very aggressive cancer and she is deeply missed by many and we will always carry her beautiful energy in our hearts. Donna was on the Board of Conveners for many years and held much wisdom into the workings of Gather the Women and contributed In many numerous ways.
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Suzan Nolan
GTW Matrix Convener

Donna Ahlstrand 

Summer Solstice
- Starhawk, The Spiral Dance

This is the time of the rose, blossom and thorn, fragrance and blood. Now on this longest day, light triumphs, and yet begins the decline into the dark. The Sun King grown embraces the Queen of Summer in the love that is death because it is so complete that all dissolves into the single song of ecstasy that moves the worlds. So the Lord of Light dies to Himself, and sets sail across the dark seas of time, searching for the isle of light that is rebirth. We turn the Wheel and share his fate, for we have planted the seeds of our own changes and to grow we must accept even the passing of the sun. 

Gather the Women Around the World...

Mary Ann Conlin
~ Ontario, Canada
~ May 2017

"Rising, leading, and soaring in Canada with our first RC retreat! A wonderful weekend of Gather The Women Canada's first Leadership Retreat."

Carolyn Parze Rizzo
~ Montecchia, Italy
~ April 2017

" Hosted my first women's circle on Earth Day in Montecchia, Italy. Beautiful, powerful heart and spirit are overflowing..."

Mary Morrill Cunningham
~ Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA
~ May 2017

" Our local GTW circle goes away every year for a 48 hour retreat that is filled with circle, food, laughing, circle, hiking, hot tubbing, circle and always a creative project. This weekend we went to the Painted Pony resort property out in the desert near Rodeo, New Mexico. Our craft project was the creating of Crone Crowns! Together we rise!"

Ionna Margaroni
~ Athens, Greece
~ June 2017

"My very first Gather The Women circle!!!! Movement and meditation in nature. Such a blessing!!!
Knowing that what we offer makes a difference in the world is so important. Thank you all for your support. You are a true inspiration!"


Nancy Gearheart Nolin
~ Portland, Oregon, USA
~ May 2017 

"Gather the Women Portland, Oregon. Held their local circle on April 30th with sharing a meal and then celebrating in "The Rite of the Womb - the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki.""

Soni Cox
~ Cumbria, UK
~ March 2017


Sarai Perez Cowlin
~ Orlando, Florida
~ April 2017

"Greetings from Orlando, Florida! Soul Sisters of Central Florida held our first circle gathering as part of GTW global matrix. We celebrated the beginning of Spring so the attendees brought Spring items to display in the center. Everyone had a wonderful time so we are scheduled to hold gatherings the first Tuesday of every month. I am so blessed to have two ladies volunteer to help with the running and scheduling of the gatherings. Here is a picture of the group. It's small but mighty!"

Jane Clappison
~ Pocklington, UK
~ June 2017

"Our third session was last week and we did a mandala with flowers and leaves from our gardens. It was such an awesome evening. We have been meeting in the old courthouse, and so we used this huge table to put the flowers on and gently, in silence, made this wonderful mandala, talked about our experience and what some of the plants did. Ate a few (some were edible) and then coloured in a mandala to take home!"

The 2017 GTW Annual Gathering
~ Peaceful Valley Retreat Centre, Colorado, USA
~ 28 September - 01 October

Because the Feminine is rising all over the world, we have chosen our theme as TOGETHER WE RISE! And we ask, If not now, when? And if not us, who? Please join us in heart-connecting circles of Sisterhood!
It seems that women all over the globe are feeling the calling to spend more time in circle, this yearning to come back to center, to be in circle, to listen and to be heard. We, too, look forward to that experience with you. So, based on what you've told us, this Gathering will be a deep dive into conversations from the heart and a time to build and nurture our sisterhood.

The Early Bird rate is $395 for a double, and $450 for a single, until June 30th.  After July 1st, the rates will increase to $420 for a double room and $475 for a single room. This includes beautiful rooms with stunning views and bathrooms in every room, delicious meals from Thursday evening through Sunday noon, and all the programs, from early morning circles and ceremonies to evening rituals, dancing, drumming and celebration!
We have reserved a limited number of rooms and registration will end on Wednesday, September 13th.

For full details please click here.

A Note to Regional Coordinators ~ Call for Submissions
Recipes for Wholehearted Circles
~ Deadline is 30th June 

Dear Regional Coordinators,

We certainly appreciate each one of you and the wonderful circle work that you do in your areas.  GTW is in the process of creating an anthology called "Recipes for Wholehearted Circles."  We are gathering poetry about our sisters' experience of circle and recipes for circle snacks.  Below is a copy of our Call for Submissions.  We know there are many writing sisters among our collective circle and would love to hear from all of them.  Please, share this flyer and invite your local sisters to submit their writings.

Thank you,
With love in Circle,
Tu Bears

Recipes for Wholehearted Circles
An Anthology of Poetry and Recipes for Going Deeper in Circle
Deadline for Submissions Date - June 30, 2017
We invite you to join us in a Gather the Women collection of poetry and easy recipes for and about circles. We are creating an anthology of poetry inspired by your personal experience of circles.  We would like women to be able to refer to GTW's poetry collection for possible choices of readings to begin a circle or end a circle and to be inspired by your words.  We welcome writings by women of all nationalities and cultures.  Please, be wild crones, outrageous maidens, dazzling damsels, tomboyish beauties, or sparkling chicks!  Write circle poetry as if your life depends on circle, and let your authentic circle truth be the poem you submit!  We want the very best of you!

GUIDELINES:  We are seeking diverse free form and traditional poetry of length up to 70 lines that is inspired by your experience in circle. We also invite you to submit a favorite recipe you have enjoyed with your circle sisters.  Recipes should be short, simple and easy to prepare.
Please place your name, email address, and title of your work at the top right side of each page of your submission.  

Please provide the following information in an email with your submission attached to
Name, Email Address, the location of the Circles you are a part of, and the Language and/or Cultural Tradition of your submission.  

If you choose to submit your work in a language other than English, please also submit your writing with an English translation.

Chosen submissions for publication in Recipes for Wholehearted Circles may be grammatically edited before publication, with the approval of the poet.

There is no fee for your submission. We are certainly open to receive If you or your circle sisters would like to contribute to the publishing cost of GTW's 2017 annual anthology, "Recipes for Wholehearted Circles" your donation would be greatly appreciated. 
Please click here  and Support Our Sacred Sisterhood with a donation or you can send a check to Angie Lux, 18175 Old Coach Way, Grass Valley, CA 95945 with GTW Anthology Project noted.

Recipes for Wholehearted Circles is a fund-raising project created by a group of GTW sisters. We call ourselves A Magical Band of Editors. It is our hope to encourage all of GTW creative writing women with an annual anthology. We are excited to read your submissions and believe they will motivate all women along their own circle journeys. 

Send your submissions in a Microsoft Word File attachment to:
On or Before June 30, 2017

Is a GTW circle near you? 
Please check our list of Regional Coordinators who are located around the world: 

We have a growing list of local Facebook groups that can be found here: 

We invite you to create a circle in your area if there isn't already one! 
To find out more information about our Regional Coordinator Program please see 

Gather the Women has created a set of guidelines in how to form a circle that you can view here: 

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This newsletter was prepared by Deborah Zaher, Communications Convener for Gather the Women.  

Deborah is from the UK and may spell some words in British English, some members are from the USA and may spell some words in American English and some members are from non-English speaking countries and may use a mixture! We embrace the diversity that our sisters bring!

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