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June  2020     
1st Edition     
Dear Church,

We will reopen. We will reopen slowly, deliberately, safely. We must reopen for the sake of our community and our congregation. We will reopen to pray, praise God and enjoy the blessings of the body of Christ. We will reopen to recommit ourselves to the Way of Christ.

Our reopening will not be a quick return to normal. That is the tough fact I have a responsibility to convey. We will have to re-imagine our life together in order that church remains a place of safety and blessing. Our initial reopening will be characterized by masks, hand washing stations and the like. It will be a hybrid of live and online offerings. It will be liturgically unique. As we reopen, singing will not be safe. But we have other senses that can both experience God's grace and show gratitude to the God of life and safety.

We will need everyone's help. First of all, I ask you to have an open mind as we try new ways to worship. I ask you to be ready to share feedback on what you have experienced and how we can improve your experience of worship. I ask you to return with gratitude and humor: gratitude that God has been with you through this time of isolation and humor as we may feel weird trying to do a good thing.

Ultimately, the Lord is with us. In this trying season, let us call upon the Lord to guide our steps.

Pastor Christopher
Our mission is to 
Love God, Love People and Serve Both!
"Orchards United Methodist Church welcomes 
and  affirms people of all sexual orientations and gender identities and supports full inclusion 
in every aspect of church life."
Adult Sunday school will resume Mid to Late September.  Please watch your Sower for details as they become available.  
From Faithful America, edited

For Pentecost is we remember that the church was founded when tongues of fire descend filling the disciples with the Holy Spirit...We envision the resurrected Jesus breathing the Spirit on his disciples, yet even as the birth of the church is celebrated, we are aware that fires blaze in our cities, and remember the last words of George Floyd, Eric Garner, and countless others... "I can't breathe."

Given Pentecost's reminder that the Holy Spirit alights on all God's children... as well as the checkered racial history of majority-white churches and denominations --  Christians have a special obligation to rise up and speak out against... police violence and white supremacy,...
Many may already be engaged, but more is clearly needed.
Different places require different steps.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all national approach,  we ask you and your church to... keep educating yourselves about white supremacy, police violence, and antiracism -- and to take additional new action for justice.  How do we do that?  To read and Study more on the Issue.  Pay attention to your local context, and Put faith into action
1. Study the issue
Next month's  online master class on antiracism, taught by the prophetic Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis. The course will be held on the evenings of June 17-18, and only costs $20.
Take time to learn more about black theology, and the history of race in America,...Resources include:   Black Theology & Black Power or  The Cross and the Lynching Tree by the Rev. Dr. James Cone,  The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander,  White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, or  How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi.

...Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III's powerful sermon film, " The Cross and the Lynching Tree: A Requiem for Ahmaud Arbery" -- as well as his message, " When is 'Someday?'" can still be viewed on line. 

2. Pay attention to your local context
Talk to local organizers of color and antiracist organizations to learn what's happening in your area.  Consider getting involved with local organizations -- (such as)  Showing up for Racial Justice (SURJ)Black Lives Matter, or  the NAACP.  Invite a speaker to your church...
Questions you might want to ask local organizers: How many complaints have been lodged against local law enforcement?  What is the process for handling complaints?  How often does your prosecutor hold officers accountable?  Is there a citizens' oversight board?...Does it have actual authority or is it just for show?

3. Put faith into action
The Minnesota Council of Churches has asked Christians to be  Present with those who grieve,  Protest, push for  Prosecution, and  Pray.

Find out if there are protests in your area -- and then show up. In the Civil Rights Movement, people of faith and clergy led the protests. Today,... we let the voices of diverse young leaders show the way...

Donate to those on the front lines. Minneapolis groups include  Black Visions CollectiveMinnesota Freedom Fund,   COPALVoices for Racial Justice,  and  the family of George Floyd.

Finally, examine your own life, workplace, schools, and church... This is how we love our neighbor, and join Jesus in responding to the injustices of our time.
In peace,
Rev. Nathan and the Faithful America team

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